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What is Difference Between Removing And Blocking On Snapchat

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can remove or block someone on Snapchat by accessing your profile, going to the Friends section, and choosing “Remove Friend” or “Block” after tapping on their profile.
» You should know the differences between blocking and removing someone on Snapchat: blocking prevents the person from seeing you again while removing allows them to send another friend request.
» If you block someone, they won’t see your public stories; however, if you remove them, they can still view your public stories, highlighting the differences in visibility.

Difference Between Removing And Blocking On Snapchat:

There is a difference between the two. If you remove someone, they may still be indirectly connected to you, but this will not happen in the case of blocking.

1. Everything Will be Restricted

Restrictions are very minor for friends who have been removed. Because they can see your story and you can search for them and add them at any time. But when you block a person on Snapchat, they won’t see your story or group charm. They will no longer be able to send you messages and their old messages are removed.

Blocked contacts are full of limitations. Anyone can block you, it’s not mandatory that you have to be on their friend’s list. You can connect with them with a new Snapchat account but this person will no longer be with you on this account.

If they are not connected to you on any other social media network, then, unfortunately, this feature disconnects all communication between you and them.

2. Public Story would be Visible if you Remove

Snapchat has the feature to share your story with your friends. You can see the stories of others, even those who are not on your friend list. Similarly, if you remove someone, they will still see your stories as you would see others. To check if this is happening or not, open the Snapchat app; search for the person, and tap on the circle profile to see the stories.

snapchat story section

◘ Here you can view their stories or you can manually search for their names and open their profiles. Then tap on their profile photo and you will see their story if they share anything.

◘ But if you block someone, you can not see their story and they can’t see yours.

3. He Can be Found on Search

The Snapchat home screen has a search button in the upper left corner. Here you can find the names of your friends or others to add to your list and subscribe to.

◘ Now if you remove some friends from your list, you can find them here again. Then you can add them to your friends list one more time.

◘ But if you have blocked someone, you will not find them in the search option here.

Because they have been permanently blocked from your account. You won’t find them with different accounts, but you can’t do that with the same account.

4. Add button Shows Up

If someone removes you, you can find them again. Open the Snapchat app and go to the “Add friends” section in the top right corner.

◘ Search for their names and you will see the “+ Add” button on the right. By pressing this, you can add them to your list once more and start chatting with them.

◘ But if someone blocks you, your username will not be shown there and that applies to you as same.

◘ You/he will see the “+ Add” button if you unblock him from “Settings”. For that you have to go to the settings in the profile and press “Blocked” and from that, you have to unblock the blocked friend.

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