How To Remove Gmail Account From Phone

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If you just connected your Gmail account to any other mobile then you should know that Android operates with a Gmail account that you can use a single one for multiple devices.

If you’ve your Gmail account on any other mobile that you want to remove it from then there are certain methods for it.

If you have just only one Gmail account that holds sensitive information or you don’t want to share then besides changing the password, you have to make sure that the person could not recover it again to have access to it.

In the process, if recovery steps ask you for the creation date of Gmail, you can easily know the creation date of your Gmail Account.

Now, let’s get into some step-by-step guide where you can find these options and how to make it happen completely to remove the Gmail account from Android or iOS devices.

How To Remove Gmail Account From Phone:

If your Gmail is registered on another phone then you can remove that one from your mobile phone. In order to do that, you have a few steps, either you can do this from your mobile or from your PC.

1. From Your Mobile

If you are on your mobile and want to remove the linked Gmail account from a different mobile or someone else then you have to either remove the device from Google logged-in device settings or just change the password.

Let’s understand what are the processes,

1. First, you have to sign in to your Gmail account on your mobile.

2. Now, upon signing in just go to account settings and check recent login where all devices with the account connected, will be displayed.

3. Next, just remove that login device by identifying the login with time and browser.

So that the person would not be able to log in again with that account either you can reset the password or place a two-step login method.


2. Using a Known PC

If you have forgotten your password and have a recovery option present with you, you can reset the password which will help to log out of the account from another device and recover the account for you.

If you have such a PC that you were logged in with a Gmail account previously can make these steps really easy.

Step 1: First, just open the Gmail account, and from the top right section tap on the name and go to the account settings of your Google Account.

Step 2: Now the same you have to do by removing the Google account device that is logged in with that account.

Step 3: Next, either reset the password or set a Two-Step verification for login to the device.

By using the PC that is logged in already or was, you can recover the password from the old password if that was changed by someone else.

This step is required and marked as helpful while you are in this type of trouble.

How To Remove Gmail Account From Android Phone:

If you have the access to that other device you can remove the Gmail account either by turning off the account sync or just directly removing the Gooogle account from that device.

Let’s discuss both methods:

If you want to turn off Gmail Sync just go to Settings > Accounts > Google.

Now if you want to remove the account from that device you have to follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Account and select Google account.

2. Now select the account and just tap on the three-dots icon and tap on remove.


The account will be removed from the device if you do have not an additional account linked to that mobile just add one in order to use other Google services.

How To Remove Gmail Account From iOS:

If you’re on an iOS device then in order to remove the Google account from the device, you have many options to do.

Either you can remove the Gmail account from the Gmail app or you can delete the Google Account from your iPhone’s Account settings.

Let’s know the steps:

1. Remove Gmail Account from Gmail App

Step 1: First of all, you have to go to the Gmail app.

Step 2: Just Tap on the Three dots icon and tap on EDIT then tap on Manage Accounts.

Step 3: Once the ‘Account remove’ option appears just tap on it and the account will be removed from that device.

2. Deleting Gmail Accounts from iPhone

On the iPhone, you can add a Gmail account to use for multi-purposes like calendar, Gmail, and contacts, and that same you can remove from the account settings on iPhone.

Step 1: Just go to Settings on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Now tap on the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ option to find all accounts.

Step 3: Now on the list, you will see Gmail accounts added to your iPhone along with other accounts. Just tap on that Gmail account you want to remove.

Step 4: Just tap on the ‘Delete account’ button to remove that from your iOS device. Note all the associated services with that account will not be accessible or missing upon removal of that Google account.


If Unsuccessful: Reasons and How to Fix:

If you are successful in removing the Gmail account from another’s phone then you have a few reasons and some easy setup to get it fixed.

1. Forgot the Password

If you have just forgotten the password of your Gmail account you would not able to access the account in order to remove it from account settings. You have to restore the account before you can make any changes to it.

If you don’t know the password this is impossible to recover it, the method of seeing the saved password on a PC would help you.

2. Unable to Reset Password

If you are stuck to the password you can reset this, having issues while trying to recover this by resetting the password is another poll to fix at first. If you are unable to reset that means you have no access to the recovery email or mobile. On recovery, the mobile number is considered to be used mostly.

Let’s take the mobile number recovery as another issue when someone has changed your recovery number. Google still has an option for you even you no longer have access to that mobile.

If you are having trouble removing an account from another device while the account is not logged in on your mobile then this is because the person changed the password or recovery mobile to steal your account. 


🔯How to Fix It:

In order to overcome this situation, you have also a few tips if you want that account to be removed from other phones. And you can do this either by recovering your account password or recovering your mobile number. 

i) First of all, you have to recover the mobile by identifying the exact mobile that you have set on that account.

ii) Now, if you have lost the recovery phone you can regain this by replacing it with your nearby telecom company or you can enter a few details so that Google can help recover the account.

iii) Additional details like account creation date, date of birth, and mobile recovery number is required in order to access the account.

These are the simple and easiest methods to fix the Gmail account if this is stolen and needs to be removed from someone else’s phone.

🔯 On Which Conditions You Can Remove Gmail Account:

If you just have logged in through someone else’s mobile always remember to use the incognito mode to access and always log out before your leave that phone. If you just have logged in and forgot to log out still you can manage to delink that Gmail account from that mobile.

In that case, you have to change the password or you can just reset the password if you have the recovery mobile added to your account using the OTP received on that number. Now, once you reset your password to a new one the account on other devices automatically will be removed.

If you have the access to the recovery details or additional details like account creation date, etc then you can reset the password.

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