How to Remove Red Line in Word on iPhone or Mac?

You would see red underlines on your text documents if that does not meet with the spell checking features, although it is recommended settings for the English language, there are a few languages where it does not work with those languages and show up underlines below the texts.

If you’re using any devices (i.e. Android, Windows OS, iOS, macOS) and typing different languages than English, you can disable the red wavy underlines below the texts and this tries to correct the word-spelling assuming it as the English language.

To stop showing the red underlines in any devices, you have to go to the keyboard settings at first and then turn off the auto-suggestions and auto spell-checking features both and the colored underlines below texts will no longer be shown.

To disable the red wavy underlines on your computer,

  • First of all, go to the File >> Options.
  • From there select the ‘Poofing‘ option and untick the spell checking and grammar checking feature.
  • Now, click on the ‘OK‘ button to save the settings, and the underlines with be gone away.
 disable the red wavy underlines

In this article, I will explain the detailed steps for all types of devices to disable the red underlines for your texts and a tool that will help you out in order to fix the underlines issue by replacing the words fit there.

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What Do the Red underlines Mean?

While typing a document on Word, you can find some words underlined with wavy red lines. Many people become confused – what this red color underlines means.

They start to think that due to these red underlines the document seems messy, so they wonder how to remove the underlines from the document. Read through the article and learn how to get rid of red lines from various devices.

You can remove these colored underlines from various devices like iPhone, Android, Mac, and from your desktop. Just follow the instructions and you will get the results.

How to Remove the Red line in Word on Android?

In Android also and if while typing red underline comes then it becomes frustrating. Want to remove these irritating red lines?

Follow these below steps to get rid of the red lines on your Android while typing:

  • Firstly, head towards the section of the Android settings.
  • Under the settings bar, click Language and keyboard on Gboard. gboard settings
  • Then, tap on the spell correction option under this section.
  • Finally, turn the spell Auto-correction option off. turn off spell check

But, if you want to apply to the current word document, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Firstly, open the word app on your Android.
  2. Type the document, then after completing the document search for underlined words. Click on the underlined word.
  3. When you click on the word, three options come – rectification, add to the dictionary, and ignore all. If the correct word flashes on the screen, go with that word.
  4. If the word you entered is shown wrong, but you want your typed word only then go ahead with the ‘ignore all‘ or ‘add to dictionary‘ option.
  5. Then click on the ‘holder‘ option, in that select ‘More‘ option, in that go with ‘plus‘ option. Your corrected words appear on the screen without red lines.

How to Remove Red lines in Word Windows 10?

Every desktop and laptop user requires MS Word, as it makes the task easy and simplified, during writing, some red lines come under the words. With the help of steps, the red lines can disappear forever.

If you want to remove red lines from all your word documents,

  1. Firstly, open the word document on your computer.
  2. Then, select the whole document by pressing the Ctrl+A key.
  3. Once you open the word document, then tap on the ‘File‘ option then on the ‘Options‘ option.
  4. From the ‘Options‘ tab, choose the ‘Proofing‘ option. red lines off word windows
  5. Under this option comes the ‘when correcting spelling and grammar in word’ area, uncheck various options that include checking of spelling when you type, marking of grammar errors, and checking of grammar along with spelling.
  6. After doing all the changes, tap on the ‘OK’ button to save changes.

But, if you want to remove red lines from the current document which is opened at that particular time, then you need to abide by the instructions.

To disable red underlines in Word on Windows 7, 8:

  • At the first step, open your word document on the computer.
  • When opened with a word document, tap on the ‘Files‘ option, then choose the ‘options’ option.
  • On the Options window, tap on the ‘Proofing‘ option and change the following options – hiding spelling and grammatical errors in the current document: Untick all.
  • After making all changes, click the ‘OK’ option.

Applying these methods will help in removing red lines from the current as well as from all word documents.

Use Grammarly Tools for on Any Device

Grammarly would be the best tool to try in order to ignore the red lines in your other documents. Suppose you write a document and that seems inaccurate while you send just turning off the red line feature would not solve the issue in your context. You have to make changes to it.


Grammarly is now available for all devices:

  • Windows OS.
  • macOS.
  • Android.
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad).

You can use the Grammarly free version that is useful too for removing the red lines from your documents and this works well with your Google Docs or MS Word.

If you need more additional features, like changing lines completely and modifying with synonyms then you can go with the Grammarly premium plan that gives a free trial also.

How to Remove Red underline in Word on Macbook?

If you’re on your Macbook you might see there are a few texts showing red lines below it and if you want to not see this again while you’re typing then just follow the simple steps.

To remove the red underline in Word on your Mac:

  1. Open the word document, and select the ‘Preferences‘ option on the word document.
  2. Tap on the ‘Keyboard‘ icon under the ‘Preferences’ option. red underline in Word Mac
  3. In the grammar section, disable checking grammar during typing. Just untick the ‘Correct spelling automatically‘ option on your Mac. remove red underline in Word Mac

Once applied the changes, all red lines under the words of your document will go away and your document will look great.

How to Remove Red underline in Word on iPhone?

iPhone has a special feature of underlining a word with red color that is not present in the dictionary. The feature proves to be beneficial, but sometimes it becomes irritating. And now, you want to get rid of this feature, so go with the steps which help in removing the red underline. It’s easy to track your iPhone’s spell-checking feature by abiding by the points.

To turn off the settings to disable the red underline on your iPhone:

  1. First of all, click on the ‘Settings‘ section then click on the ‘General‘ option. iphone red underline
  2. Then, select the ‘Keyboard‘ section to see the settings of the keyboard.
  3. Under the Keyboard section, look for the ‘Auto-correction‘ option. iphone red underline disable
  4. Then just turn off the option by swiping to left.

Now, your iPhone will not underline any word, as the words are added to its dictionary.

The Bottom Lines:

If you are new to this feature and don’t know what red lines mean. No worry, red lines mean spelling errors, and green lines mean grammatical errors. Another cause of removing these colored lines from the document can be its inaccuracy. The easiest way for removing red underlines from any document, just to switch off the spell check option.

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