How to Reset Snapchat Password without Email?

If you want to reset your Snapchat password but you don’t have your phone number or email with you, then you need to recover your email ID or phone number then reset it with the steps provided.

Resetting passwords generally, needs you to have a functional email and phone number. But losing the email or phone number associated with the account can make it difficult to reset the password. That’s why you need to perform some steps for recovering the mobile number or the mail ID.

You can even replace your phone number from the operator if you’ve lost it. If you’ve lost the previous number or it has become none functional you need to replace it and add a new one in order to reset your Snapchat password. 

But if you’re unable to recover your email or phone number, you can contact the customer support help of Snapchat. They would get back to you with links and methods to help you out with the situation.

Using Snapchat++ can help you log in to your account without a password and reset it without any verification.

In this article, you’ll get to know about all the methods that you can use to reset your Snapchat password when you don’t have your phone number or email.

Infographic_Reset snapchat password without phone number or email

1. Recover Email ID Access:

If you’re willing to reset your Snapchat password you need to have a functional email to do that. If you don’t have the email that is linked with your account, you need to get it back to recover it to reset the password. You can recover your email id or password in various ways.

To recover your mail id, you can use the recovery mail. The recovery mail will help you get back your username of the email account that’s associated with the account.

You can also recover the password of the account by trying to log in using the previous password to restore your account.

You can even get back the password by using the recovery mail to get the link of resetting the password.

Once you’re able to log in to your Snapchat account using the Gmail that was linked to your account, you can reset and change the password of your Snapchat account.

Therefore, it’s established that if you can recover your mail id that’s linked to the account you’ll be able to log in and then reset the Snapchat password.

But if you don’t have your email id or phone number it’s difficult to get into the account. Therefore, recovery of the email id is necessary to reset the password to the existing Snapchat account password.

2. Replace The Phone Number

If you don’t have hold of your previous phone number which was linked to your account, you can always change the phone number to a new one from the operator.

When your previous number associated with your accounts gets lost or doesn’t function anymore, you need to first replace it with the new one. Therefore when any code is sent to a phone number for verification, the new one is used, not the old one.

  • Just take the documents as proof of SIM card owner and go to the SIM card operator’s office.
  • Next ask the operator to replace the number with a new SIM card that you can use with the same number.

You can change your phone number that’s linked with your account later by first getting into your Snapchat profile by clicking on the profile icon and heading on the Settings section by clicking on the gear icon.

There you’ll be able to see your Mobile Number option, erase the previous one and enter the new number then verify it with the code they’ll send you, and you’re done with replacing the previous number with the new one.

You can reset your password using your new phone number without any hiccups. As of now while resetting you need to choose the verifying method with the phone number, you’ll receive the verification code as SMS on your phone number to verify it for resetting the password of your Snapchat account.

3. Contact Snapchat

Contacting Snapchat support can help you reset your password when you don’t have the phone number or the email linked with your account.

You need to open their support page using the browser to carry on with this process. If you’ve lost both the email and the phone and you’re unable to recover it, contacting support, is the best option.

The following steps will let you know all the details about how you can contact Snapchat support.

You need to proceed ahead following the mentioned steps:

STEP 1: First open your browser and go to site.

Snapchat support site

STEP 2: Next you need to scroll down the page to find the orange Contact Us option. Then click on it to proceed ahead.

  Snapchat Contact Us

STEP 3: Next you’ll be directed to the Snapchat form to fill up the appeal and reach the support.

snapchat form to fill up

STEP 4: You need to choose the options as shown here to successfully inform Snapchat about the issue.

shown here to successful inform

STE 5: From the first set of options click on My account login and from the second set of options, choose the I forgot my password option.

I forgot my password

STEP 6: You can also select the one with “I can’t verify my email or mobile number”.

I can’t verify my email or mobile number

STEP 7: Next you need to fill up the rest of the form by first clicking on Yes.

I can’t verify my email or mobile number

STEP 8: Then fill the next blanks with information about username without space, then enter your email address linked with your account.

STE 9: Next, enter your phone number with the correct country code.

STEP 10: Lastly, put the information that you forgot (i.e. email ID and phone number associated with the account) in the What information should we know box.

STEP 11: Finally, tap on the send button to deliver it.

4. Using snapchat ++

This super useful application called Snapchat ++ has a unique and advanced feature that lets the user log in without using passwords.

STEP 1: First, you need to make sure that your Background App Refresh is turned on in iPhone and the unknown sources are allowed to have this application on your phone.

STEP 2: Next, turn your low power mode off to install this application successfully. Install and download the application.

STEP 3: You’ll find two options to log in. One using a password and another using no password.

STEP 4: You need to click on login without a password.

STEP 5: This application allows you to set your password without using the email address or phone for verification.

STEP 6: You need to open your Snapchat application. Click on the option to Log In Without Password.

STEP 7: Then get into your profile by clicking on the profile bitmoji. Click on the gear icon to get into the settings of the application.

STEP 8: As you see the Password option, click on it. You need to enter the previous password first to change it to a new one.

It doesn’t require you to verify it using your phone number.

The Bottom Lines:

This article provides you with all the necessary guidelines and techniques that you need to know and follow if you’re resetting your Snapchat password. These techniques will help you to recover your email details as well as enable you to reset the password of your Snapchat account.

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