How To Revive Laptop Battery Li-ion

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It is very irritating when your laptop battery is draining so fast but if you are wondering whether your battery is dead, then don’t be upset.

Before purchasing a new one you must try a few methods to restore a damaged laptop battery, most of the cases are solved just by doing some steps.

Now read this content as it’s shown in a step-by-step process to repair a dead laptop battery at home.

How to Revive Old Laptop Battery Cell:

Let’s find the methods to restore back damaged battery:

1. Basic Check-Point for your Laptop Battery (Li-ion):

Always your battery is not the main problem for a sudden shutdown, failure may also occur in your laptop. So, before chasing the battery you must check your laptop’s other parts.

Basic Check-Point for your Laptop Battery

Just plug in the charge and look for the battery icon on a laptop if it is charging, if not then the problem might be either with the adapter or the battery.

2. Charging Battery Overnight:

This is one of the proven methods. Basically, the problem occurs when you left your laptop open without charging the battery (2-3 months) and if you don’t charge during this period then you may face this issue.

Charging Battery Overnight

Just open your laptop after this period normally the battery would show ‘charging’.

Charging Battery

This may be a problem with your OS from detecting this and also a problem happened with your battery. Just shut down the laptop and charge it overnight. In the morning, expect your battery life to get back!

Keep in mind when you don’t need it, let it cool and shut it down. By this method, you can restore a damaged laptop battery.

3. Freeze Battery for 20 Hours:

If you find all steps do not work for you, then this might work finally. Just freeze your battery, but be cautious when you put your battery into freeze. Firstly cover it in a cotton bag then put that in a plastic bag. Next, keep it in the freezer and leave it for 20 hours. After that, take it out and let it dry then insert it into your laptop and charge it for 5 hours until 100% filled. Then start your laptop.

 Freeze Battery for 20 Hours

Your laptop may run out in 1 h or 30 mins but charge, again and again, it will be fine on the third day. It is a very powerful method to fix a laptop battery quickly, this method worked very well to revive a laptop battery.


4. Use Cooling Pad for Laptop:

Most of the cases of “battery getting dead” are happened in the hot summer season, when the laptop produces too much heat and this affects the battery directly.

Use Cooling Pad for Laptop

Always (especially in summer) use a laptop cooling pad or use it in AC rooms as much as possible. Always keep your laptop battery cool to extend its life.

5. Always Charge Battery 100% Fully:

Some people do a mistake by completely not charging it, they normally charge till 50% or 60% and start using it.

Always Charge Battery 100% Fully

The battery should be charged 100% full. Then start using it or continue charging when working. Don’t unplug until it reaches 100% as this is best to get the maximum backup.


6. Instantly Charge When Remaining 20%-25%:

It is the Best Care for your laptop battery. When your battery is draining, must charge it, actually, when the battery is low it gives too much stress on the battery. This is why the battery starts weakening. The more it hit the lower the percentage, and the more the risk arises.

 Instantly Charge When Remaining 20%-25%

Before it reaches a low level of 10%, just plugin. Also, charging at a high Wattage charger does not let the battery work best, it may damage battery cells also if you charge it too much. So, let it reach your charging limit of 20%-25%.

Remember these steps bring a short-term solution, sometimes it gives long-term. You can also repair your laptop battery easily by changing the battery cells.

How to Repair Laptop Battery [Changing Battery Cells]:

If you are thinking that your battery is dead, then don’t be upset so soon.

You can replace laptop battery cells, most laptops are using Li-ion battery cells which can be easily changed at home. Before purchasing a new one you must follow this guide step-by-step by which you can repair damaged Laptop Batteries easily.

Here is the easy-to-fix method below:

You don’t need to buy a new laptop battery, but you have to replace the battery cells. Replace those damaged cells with new batteries, and it will work as new. But you need to have some experience to work with it. Otherwise, you will ruin your new cells by misplacing them and also may damage your laptop battery circuit board.

Let’s follow these steps to replace the battery cells & learn how you can repair laptop batteries at home:

1. Shut Down Your Laptop:

Before starting first shut down your laptop. Closing Down your Notebook will protect the electronics from damage.

Shut Down Your Laptop

Now remove your battery.


2. Check If Your Battery Has No Power Left:

Before replacing your battery check if your battery has lost all the power.

Check If Your Battery Has No Power Left

It will secure you from electrical shock.

3. Now Open the Battery Case to Replace Cells:

Now to open the battery case first gather some tools like a screwdriver, knife, etc. You must be aware of twisting out of shape.

 Open the Battery Case to Replace Cells

If it bends, then it would not fit back in the laptop, and this process will become useless.


4. Take A Picture Of The System:

After Removing the upper case, you will see the system of a circuit board with battery cells fit that.

Now, at first, before doing anything take a picture or more of the system so that you can see or follow the system to set the new cells.

Take A Picture Of The System

This might help you from doing any mistakes. Keep this method in mind when you are going to Repair an Old Laptop Battery.

5. Removing the Old Cells:

Before touching, use a voltmeter to check if all power is drained. Now use a tool to carefully remove the wires from those cells.

Removing the Old Cells

Then remove the old cells from the case circuit board.


6. Replace with New Cells:

This is the time to insert new cells in. Check the pictures you captured before, and follow that system, carefully set as on your image.

Replace with New Cells

After finishing, close the case carefully, and make it in the previous shape so that it can fit on your laptop.


7. Insert Battery & Charge For 12 Hours:

Now, Insert your battery into the laptop and start it. Don’t forget to charge it for 10-12 hours for the first time.

Insert Battery & Charge For 12 Hours

Next, you can reduce your timing according to the OS alert.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the best ways that you can take in order to revive an old laptop battery, you can also replace the cells to make it work like a new one.

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