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By default, Snapchat will save the photos that you take to your memories until you change the settings. It does not matter if you already posted the images or about going to do that, in both cases, you can save the photos on your gallery from your Snapchat app automatically following a few simple steps.

But you would not be able to restore the previously snapped images to your gallery as all that it will do the next images that you take or on your ‘My Story’ section.

Normally, if you’ve just taken any snap before you can see it on the ‘Memories’ section on your Snapchat. Now, in order to save the images to your gallery, you just have to take a few steps by changing the settings and you can set it to be automatically saved also.

To save the Snapchat pictures in the gallery, you just have to go to Settings>>Memories, and from there just edit the settings and select the Save button to save to Camera Roll, and now all Snapchat pics that you take will be saved to the camera roll and you can also automate the process to auto-save that picture to the memories.

In this article, I will describe the methods to save the pics to your phone gallery under a folder called ‘Snapchat‘, and also your saved stories will be there on your mobile gallery.

Is it possible to save the Snapchat photos to Gallery?

Yes, it will automatically be saved on your gallery but you have to tap on the ‘Save’ button in order to initiate this every time.

save to gallery

You can surely go for it in order to save Snapchat photos to your phone. But you need to change a few settings of the Snapchat account.

  • Firstly, from your profile option then settings, you need to select the Memories option.
  • Make sure it is set up to save to ‘Memories & Camera Roll‘.
  • Also, you have to go to the ‘Apps Settings’ option and for Snapchat, apps make sure you allowed the permissions for ‘Camera‘.

Once these two settings are active you can save the Snapchat pictures to the mobile gallery.

How to save Snapchat Pictures in Gallery Automatically?

After a few changes on your Snapchat account, will allow you to save the photos to the Gallery automatically. You need to consider the following steps for it.

You need to firstly login into your Snapchat account.

To save the Snapchat Pics to the gallery automatically,

  • Step 1: Click on the bitmoji option. It might be positioned on the left-most corner of your screen.
  • Step 2: You need to go to your ‘Settings‘ section. go to settings
  • Step 3: Find the ‘Memories‘ option. It allows saving pictures of your Snapchat app. memories option
  • Step 4: Touch on the Save button. You will find the save button under the section of the save destination. One can find it somewhere in the rightmost corner of the snap app. You can also find personal information on this page.
  • Step 5: Choose the ‘Memories & Camera Roll‘ option. You will find it under the save button option. save to camera roll

It can allow you to choose the place to save your pics. Now once you click the save icon below the camera screen, it will be saved on the gallery.

Save pics to gallery

You can undoubtedly observe three options as memories, memories, and camera roll and camera roll. The Snapchat with default selects for memories option. It would help if you changed it to memories and camera roll or camera roll. Both options will enable you to save pics in your gallery.

Option for memories and camera roll seems highly recommended. It proves the save photos to your gallery and memories too. It might appear in the lower right corner of your screen. After this, you can select the save option.

You will now find all your Snapchat pictures saved in the phone gallery automatically.

Save the Snapchat Pictures Automatically to the Camera Roll

Either you’re on your Android or iOS device the method is almost the same to save the pics to the gallery and if you want to make it automatically save then just as an additional feature you have to enable the Auto-save option from the Memories settings on your Snapchat.

You may have seen that the pics get saved in the Memories while your snap those and now it’s time to understand the steps with the camera roll option.

To save the Snapchat Pics to the Camera Roll automatically,

  • Step 1: Tap on the bitmoji option. You need to select the menu option firstly. It will land you on the discover page. After this, you can find the bitmoji options.
  • Step 2: Touch on the Settings option. You will also find your information on this page. If you wish, you can modify it from here side.
  • Step 3: Select the memories option. Scroll down to find ‘Memories‘ from the settings choose the ‘Camera Roll‘ option as Save Button. save to camera roll auto
  • Step 4: Tap on the Auto-save my story snaps from the saving destination option. The Memories section can help you to observe the save destination option. In it, you can select for the Auto-save my story snaps, which will be on the Memories in this case.

That’s all you’ve to follow.

How to save Snapchat story images to the Gallery?

If you’re wondering about an option to save the stories on your gallery directly from your Snapchat then you can do it after setting up a few steps on your Snapchat settings.

If you want to save the story posted on your Snapchat or you have just snapped a picture, in both ways the picture gets saved with the same settings on your gallery by enabling the Save Button to the ‘Camera Roll‘ option.

Once your settings are set up as saving the Snapchat pics to the camera roll then proceed with the following steps.

To save the story that is already posted on your Snapchat to the gallery,

  1. First of all, open Snapchat and go to the profile section and from there tap on the ‘My Story‘ section.
  2. After that, it will display the story, now just tap on the three-dots icon. my story save
  3. Just tap on the ‘Save‘ option to save that story to your gallery. save to gallery story

That’s all you’ve to do in order to save the images to the gallery.

What to Do if storage is full for Snapchat Folder?

Almost all android or iOS devices will save your snap pics in the Snapchat folder. Now, if the internal SD storage is about to get full then you can choose the cloud storage to save your images. The iPhone users can just use iCloud or increase the storage limit in a few clicks.

On your Android, you can save the files or images to your dropbox where you get limited free storage to store the data on the cloud.

  1. Firstly, locate the ‘Snapchat‘ folder on your mobile.
  2. Then you find an option in Dropbox for uploading data.
  3. You need to send your photos to this folder from your android mobile.
  4. Under the option, select the file manager option of your choice.

It will automatically save the photos to the cloud gallery and you can access it anytime.

The Bottom Lines:

As it is described that by changing a few settings you can make the save button to save all of your taken snap pictures directly to your gallery. Even that is on your story, you can save it to get that onto your mobile gallery.

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