How To Save TikTok Draft Video In Gallery

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To save the TikTok draft video in the gallery, first, open the TikTok app and go to your profile page. There you will get all the videos that you have posted earlier or have added to the draft. Tap on “Me” on the home screen to go to a profile page.

On the profile page, tap on the ‘Draft’ folder placed in the middle-left section. Select the video from the draft that you want to save.

With this, you would have reached the ‘Post’ tab. Over there, first, click on ‘Who can view the video’ and choose “Private”, and then, enable the “Save to device” option.

After making these settings, click on the “Post” button, in the bottom right.
Now, your video will get posted under private mode and the option to save the video will also become available.

Next, on the profile page, click on the ‘Lock’ icon and open the video that you have uploaded now.

Click on the “Three-dots” icon on the right side of the screen and tap on “Save Video”. This will save your video in the gallery.

🔯 Can you save TikTok Video in the gallery?

Yes, you can save the TikTok video in your device gallery, by enabling certain settings on your TikTok account, such as the ‘save to device’ option, etc.

Along with that, there is one more major requirement to save the video to the gallery, that is, you need to upload the video. Without uploading, it is nearly impossible to save a video. However, with this problem as well, there is a trick. Upload the video under “Private” mode.

In private mode, only the owner (creator) of the video can see it, even after the upload on TikTok.

Thus, you can save the video in your gallery, by making certain changes under the posting section in your TikTok account. That too just has to turn ON the ‘save to device’ option and upload the video in private. And, after the upload, you will get an option to save the video.

How To Save TikTok Draft Video In Gallery:

Now, let us discuss the steps to save a TikTok draft video in the gallery. The steps are the same for both – Android as well as iOS. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Open TikTok & Tap to Create a video

The first step is, to open the TikTok app on your device and log in to your account if haven’t yet logged in. After logging in, you have to create a video, to add it to the draft folder. And then, upload it in private to save in the gallery.

Well, on log-in to your account, you will land on the home screen, where you will see all videos uploaded by users you follow on TikTok. On the same page, at the bottom, there are some options, placed in a row, such as home, discover, +, info, etc.


To create a new video, tap on the “+” icon, or tap on the “Tap to create video” pop-up, available just above the + icon, on the screen. Next, start recording the video.
However, if you already have saved a video in a draft folder then you can skip this step.

Step 2: Then record the video & tap on ‘Tick’

When you will click on “Tap to create a video”, the video recording screen will come up. To start recording the video, slightly press and hold the big red circle button in the bottom center of the screen. Record the video, as per your requirement.

record the video & tap on

There are different options given on the right side of the video recording screen. You can use those options to add filters, and texts, and edit the recorded video. After recording the video, do the editing and last, click on the red “Tick” on the bottom right side.

On the next, screen, if you want to add songs, there is an option, you can add, and then last, hit the “Next” button, to go to the ‘Post’ tab.

Step 3: Enable the > ‘Save to device’

Now, you will be on the “Post” tab, where in the top right corner would be the recorded video and below that, will be several options to change the settings, if you want. Hence, to save the video after uploading, you need to enable the “Save to device” option, given in the last. Tap on the toggle and turn ON the “Save to device” option.

Enable the

With this, the video that you have recorded now will automatically get saved into your gallery after uploading it to your account.

Save to device

This step is mandatory, for the people who have already added the video in the draft, tap on the video, and it will get open in the post tab, and then, enable the “Save to device” option.

From here, you have to follow all the steps, if your video is already in the draft section.

Step 4: Set ‘Who can view the video’ > ‘Private’

Next, on the ‘Post’ tab, click on “Who can view the video”. This option gives you the power to choose who can see the video that you are going to upload. Here, basically, you get three options – Followers (Visible to Followers – who follow you), Friends (Followers that you follow back), and Private (Visible to me only).

Who can view the video Private

Now, in your case, where you wish to save the video without uploading it, you have to choose, “Private”. In private mode, even after posting/uploading it, only you will be able to see it.

Hence, tap on > “Who can view the video” and select > “Private”.

Step 5: Then tap on > ‘Post’

After making all the settings necessary to save the video, that is, enable the ‘save to device’ and viewing to ‘Private’, in the end, hit the red > “Post” button in the bottom right corner of the post tab.

Then tap on Post on tiktok

The video is now uploaded on TikTok under private mode. Only you can watch this uploaded video. You will also get a notification saying, ‘Private video uploaded’ on the screen.

Step 6: Then open the video

The video is successfully uploaded in private. Next, be on your profile page, where all the posted video is placed, and click on the “Lock” icon in the middle. Under this ‘Lock’ section, is are the videos, which you have uploaded in private mode and only you can watch the video, anytime you want.

open the video on tiktok

So, click on the ‘lock’ icon, and the video which has been uploaded recently in private mode, will show up. Tap on that video and open it.

Step 7: Tap on ‘three-dots’ > then ‘Save video’

On the video, on the right side of the screen, near to end, is a ‘Three-dot’ icon, where you will get the option to save the video.

open the video

Click on “Three-dot” and from the options menu, tap on “Save Video” and the video will get saved into your gallery.

Save Video on tiktok

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