How To Save TikTok Video Without Posting

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To save the TikTok video without Posting, open the video you want to save and click on the “arrow”. On the list of options, select the “Copy link”.

With the copied link, go to a web browser and open “” and paste the link over in the space. Hit the download button and the video will be saved in the gallery without a watermark.

Secondly, record the video from the camera. To record, on the home page of TikTok, in the middle bottom hit the “+” icon and then tap on the “Red” button.

After recording, click on “Next” and come to the posting section. Here, under the “Who can view my video”, change the setting from ‘Friends to Private’ and hit ‘Post’.

You can keep it as it would not be shared with anyone else.

How To Save TikTok Video Without Posting:

You can do this in two parts:

🔯 Part 1:

Step 1: Open TikTok

First of all, you have to visit your menu section and open the “TikTok” app. Secondly, make sure your TikTok is updated with the latest version and your device has a good internet connection.

Step 2: Tap the “Add Video” icon

After opening the app, at the bottom of the screen you will see many different options. Over there, select the “+” icon, which is “New Video”. The new video menu has the option to record a new video.

Tap “New Video”

Step 3: Choose Video & tap Next

Now, here you have to record a video you want to save. To start recording, hit the “Red Button” with an icon of a video cam. You can add effects, and filters and do editing as per your choice.

 Choose Video Next

Once done with recording and editing, click on > the “Next” button.

Step 4: Who can view my video > Only Me.

After selecting, “Next”, you will land on the posting page, where you have to make some changes and selections.

Under the “Who can View my videos” section, select the option that is ‘Private‘ [Only Me]. Enabling this option means, no one other than you will be able to see this posted video.

Who can view my video

Step 5: Post

Now, hit the “Post” button and move towards the second part of the process.


🔯 Part 2:

Step 1: Go to Profile

After posting, come back to the home page. Again, open the ‘TikTok app and go to your “Profile Page”.

go to profile

On the bottom, you will see a ‘head-shoulder’ icon, click on it to go to your profile page.

Step 2: Open & Tap on the Share button

Over there, open your video, which you just posted. There will be so many options on the right border of the video, from there, click on the “Arrow” icon. The arrow icon is for sharing the video.


Step 3: Tap on “Save”.

This is the last step. Here, you just have to tap on the “Save video” option.

Tap on Save

Check your gallery to view the saved video.

How to Save TikTok Video without Watermark:

Following are the steps to save a TikTok video without a watermark:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your TikTok account and go to the video you want to save.

Step 2: Now, roll your eyes to the right corner of the screen and click on “Arrow Icon”, just above the three dots.

Arrow Icon

Step 3: Over there you will see many different options. Click on the first one, which says “Copy Link”.

Copy Link

Step 4: Next, close the TikTok app and go to your device’s web browser.

Step 5: On the browser, Google Chrome, type in ‘Snaptik. app’ and open the website.

You can also install the SnapTik app on your android phone.

Step 6: Paste in the link on the space given and click on the “Download” button.


Step 7: Under the download section, choose “Download Server 1 (SnapTik)”.

Download Sever 1

Step 8: It will take a few seconds to complete the process. Once it’s done, just saved it to your gallery.

That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Share the TikTok Video on WhatsApp without Posting it?

To share a TikTok video on WhatsApp, simply, go to the video you want to share and click on the “Curved Arrow”, share button. Over there, select the “WhatsApp” icon and send.

Or if you want to share the video without a watermark, then you have to download the video. For that, on the video, click on the > “Curved Arrow” and then > “Copy Link”.
Next, go to google chrome and search for > “”. Open the website and paste the copied link and hit > “Download”. Go for the “download server 1”.

After a few seconds go to WhatsApp and share the video from the gallery.

2. How to Save a TikTok to Camera Roll before Posting?

To save the video before posting, you have to make some changes to the posting section. On the posting section, under the “who can view my video”, enable > the “Private” option and then hit the post button.

Once posted, go to your TikTok profile page and open the same video. Now, on the video, click on > “curved arrow” that is ‘the share button’ and next, on the list, select > “Downward Arrow” to save to camera roll.

3. How to Download the TikTok Draft Video without a Watermark?

To download a video from the draft, you need to first post it on TikTok. But worry not, simply change your “who can view my video” setting to “Private”, so no one can see that posted video.

Then, next, go to your profile page and open the same video. Click on the “curved arrow” and select the “Copy Link” option.

Thereafter, come to Google chrome, search for a website called “” and paste in the link over there. Next, hit the download button and go with download server 1. And there you go; the draft video is in a gallery without any watermark. You can now delete that posted video.

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