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If you are having too many unknown calls and can’t even know whom you should trust or not then there are some tools available that enable you to check details for the phone numbers.

If any spam is on the number then these apps can pop up while the person or anyone who calls you from unknown numbers.

With the help of this scam Phone number lookup apps like Hiya, Truecaller, TruepeopleSearch, TruthFinder, and Num Looker can find out the details of the number proving it to be a scam.

There are several effective scam Phone number lookup apps. These tools work to identify the details of any number to make you aware of the fraud.

You can directly also look up any scammer’s number for its details.

Spam Number Checker Lookup:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First, open the ‘Spam Number Checker Lookup’ tool.

Step 2: Then, enter the phone number that you want to check for spam. Make sure you enter the correct number including the country code and area code.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Check If Spam’ button on the tool. This will initiate the process of checking whether the phone number is associated with spam or not.

Step 4: If the tool detects that the phone number is associated with spam, it will show you details about the number, such as the type of spam, and the source of the spam.

If the tool does not detect any spam associated with the phone number, it will inform you that the number is clean and not associated with any spam.

Scammer Number Lookup Apps:

You can try the following apps:

1. TrapCall

⭐️ Features of TrapCall:

◘ It can unmask the blocked callers meaning when you will get calls from someone who doesn’t have caller ID; then you can simply decline the call.

◘ You can block unwanted callers, it can automatically block spam calls, and you will get a live caller ID of unwanted callers.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Install the app, activate it and purchase your subscription on your App Store.


Step 2: After purchasing their subscription explore their features and set it up based on your needs.

After purchasing their subscription

Step 3: Now you can identify the numbers when you receive calls from them and also search their numbers on the app to check who is behind the number.

2. Eyecon Phone +

⭐️ Features of Eyecon Phone +:

◘ It provides all-in-one communication, meaning connecting by calling and using other social media platforms.

◘ You can find the full name and photos behind a mystery number shown on your caller ID.

◘ You can see whether a person is available before making a call.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the Eyecon Phone + app from the App Store, and set it up for your device.

Eyecon Phone + app

Step 2: Purchase their premium subscription and start checking who is behind the number.

 subscription and start checking

Step 3: You can search for a number, or it will show up when you get calls from unknown numbers.

3. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

⭐️ Features of Whoscall – Caller ID & Block:

◘ Whoscall provides the feature to identify incoming and outgoing calls and also detect unknown calls and block them.

◘ You can talk to anyone via chat on the Whoscall conversation page.

◘ You can quickly identify spam numbers if you are up to date with the latest database.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Use this link or search it on your App Store to download the Whoscall app.

Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

Step 2: After installing the app, you can use its features; the Whoscall verified user’s call comes with a green badge, whereas the spam calls come with a red badge.

comes with a green badge

You can also search for unknown numbers to check who is the owner of this number.

4. Mr. Number

⭐️ Features of Mr. Number:

◘ It is easy to set up, needs very little space to run, and is extremely fast and reliable for the Caller ID.

◘ You can intercept calls from private/unknown numbers and send them to voicemail, and it’s available on iOS and Android devices.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the app from iOS/Android, enter your phone number, and set up the app.

Mr. Number

Step 2: After that, when you receive calls from unknown numbers, it will show the person’s name, and you can search with the number on the app.

you receive calls

5. Showcaller

⭐️ Features of Showcaller:

◘ It will automatically detect incoming calls that are not in your contacts. It shows you the real caller id name and region.

◘ It detects and blocks phone numbers of known spammers or unwanted callers.

◘ It can automatically record any incoming and outgoing calls.

◘ It can do a quick T9 search on your recent calls and contacts, so you can make it a free default calling app.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the App Store, and on the search bar, type “Showcaller”, and tap on the Get button.


Step 2: Launch the app after installing and press the Allow button to give permissions; sign up for an account with your credentials and verify it by entering the OTP.

Step 3: When the set-up is done, you can search for a number to check if it is a spam number or not, and also, when you get a call from an unknown number, their name will be shown as a pop-up.

Best Spam Phone Number Lookup Tools:

Below you’ll find the top applications that you can use to identify a scam Phone number:

1. Hiya

Hiya application is one of the best applications that you can use to know the caller id of any unknown number. It has several advanced features that help users to block numbers and applications to reclaim and protect privacy. It helps in detecting fraud and blocking fraud numbers and spoof calls.

⭐️ Features:

◘ Hiya offers several user-friendly features to protect and help users stay alert of spam calls by providing caller IDs. It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

◘ It offers the auto-block feature that automatically blocks the number after identifying it as a scammer.

◘ Hiya application provides a real-time update of who’s calling- friend, fraud number, etc.

◘ It also has a security protection feature that helps in protecting the phone from phishing.

◘ The spam alert feature provides the user with alerts and warm about spam calls.

◘ It automatically manages context and adds names to the phone book.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, install the Hiya app on your mobile.


Step 2: Grant the app permission to manage calls and have access to call logs and then click on the blue Continue option.

Step 3: For the next step choose your plan, you can opt for the free or the premium ones.

Step 4: Next click on the Keypad option at the bottom section of the screen.

Step 5: Search for or copy & paste the number and then click on Lookup to see the caller ID and the additional details.

2. TrueCaller

TrueCaller is another application that helps users to detect the caller ID of all unknown numbers. This presents the user with tons of advanced features to identify and block scam numbers.

It helps to manage all calls and block unwanted spam numbers. It notifies you in advance about who’s calling next.

⭐️ Features:

Here’s a list of features the TrueCaller application provides to its users. It filters out spam numbers, numbers of telemarketers and companies, and other unwanted callers, and its user-friendly interface is easy to use.

◘ The application has the needed caller identification feature that lets you know about the ID of the owner of the number who’s calling.

◘ Their smart feature of video caller ID records short videos that start to play when the user calls friends and family.

◘ Most importantly it has a backup option that creates a safe backup of all your data, contacts, and calls history to Google Drive.

◘ It offers a free voice-calling feature.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: First of all, install the TrueCaller app on your mobile.


Step 2: Grant permission to the application so that it can have access to your contacts and storage.

Step 3: Fill up your profile with First name, last name, and address, and then proceed further by clicking on Continue.

Step 4: As you’re in the application, you’ll be able to see the recent call list.

Step 5: Click on the blue Keypad option sighted as blue keypad in the bottom right section.

Step 6: Dial or paste the number and the application will automatically provide you with the ID of the number.

3. TruePeople Search

Another useful and effective application is TruePeopleSearch. This app needs the user to add the unknown number whose caller ID the user wants to know. It’s very effective to provide all the informational details that include the name of the owner of the number, along with the name of the city, state, and zip code.

⭐️ Features:

◘ It has the returned feature of identifying the Caller ID of any number that the user input.

◘ It can be used to know about the owner of any number of in-depth details.

◘ Its feature can also detect the past address of the owners of the number.

◘ It can filter phone calls that are spam.

◘ It can identify if an incoming call is an emergency one.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Open the TruePeopleSearch website.

 TruePeople Search

Step 2: You’ll be able to see two different options People Search and Phone Lookup.

Step 3: Click on the right one, i.e the Phone Lookup option.

Step 4: Enter the number in the search box by pasting it after copying the number.

Step 5: Next click on Start Search to start searching for the ID of the owner of the number.

4. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is another scammer lookup application that is designed with advanced features to help users identify unknown numbers. It offers a unique data check keeping the records and data confidential from the public eye.

This application not only identifies the caller ID but helps the user with other information like email addresses, Social media accounts, city, etc. It’s the best option to conduct a smooth and safe search of any number.

⭐️ Features:

◘ It can not only identify the caller id, but it supports the search for people too.

◘ The search report can show various detailed information like date of birth, astrological sign, related pictures, etc.

◘ You can check if someone has any criminal records. Search the owner ID using an email address.

◘ It also provides details about the educational background of any person you search for, his or her relatives, etc

◘ It sends warnings and alerts when you’re being called by any scam number.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Open the People Records Search tool on your browser.


Step 2: Now that you are on the home page you will be able to see several options in the bottom section of the screen.

Step 3: Click on the third option i.e Search.

Step 5: Now the screen will present you with four different options.

Step 6: You’ve to select the option Phone.

Step 7: Enter the phone number and click on Search.

After searching, the tool will present you with the search report of the State it belongs to and the ID of the owner.

5. NumLooker:

One of the best number lookup applications is NumLooker. It has a user-friendly interface that can help you track someone’s phone number as well as get all the information about the caller ID. The application has a very wide-ranging database from multiple aspects of information.

⭐️ Features:

◘ The NumLooker website works to search for a full caller ID of any unknown number.

◘ It sends alerts for spam numbers. It can reveal various contact information of the owner of the phone number like email address, existing online dating accounts, social media accounts, etc.

◘ It has a feature that can reveal the past as well as the present address of the owner of any phone number.

◘ The search reports also contain information on the criminal records of the person (if any).

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: First, you’ve to go to the NumLooker website.

NumLooker website

Step 2: On the home page, you’ll be able to see a white search box.

Step 3: Enter the number whose caller ID you want to search for.

Step 4: Next click on the orange Search Now button to proceed.

Step 5: After the search is completed, they’ll provide you with the search report that contains all the details of the owner of the number.

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