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There are several tricky methods to identify a scammer. If any unknown number calls to trick you to find some information then you must look up the number and check it on the official website to get verified with it.

Although, there are a few apps to look up scammer phone numbers that you can try for yourself.

Maybe there is no such information but you still have some other ways to find it out.

There are a few sites that disclose who is calling you and you can find it out.

You can even get confirmed if the caller is a spammer by searching on Google or using a third-party tool like TrueCaller you can find out any spam reports on the number.

There are also other third-party websites to perform the reverse phone check technique from which you’ll get to know all the necessary information about any unknown numbers.

Useful applications like Truecaller can also provide you with all the details about a number as well as make you aware if it’s a scammer.

You can also try the address reverse lookup tool to find a phone number by address.

Scammer Phone Number Lookup:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: Open browser and go to the Scammer Phone Number Lookup tool.

Step 2: Enter the phone number you want to check for possible scams and make sure to enter the number with the area code.

Step 3: After you’ve entered the phone number, click on the “Lookup” button.

The tool will now start searching for any information on the phone number you entered that could indicate it belongs to a scammer. If the phone number is associated with scam activity, the tool will show you details on the scam, such as the type of scam and any reported incidents associated with that number.

Best Scammer Phone Number Lookup Tools:

You can try the following tools below:

1. Reverse Phone Check Online

Another effective way to find out if a number is spam is by using the reverse phone check technique to check if the number is online using a third-party online tool.

These reverse phone checker websites provide you with all the details that you search for.

You can use many third-party online websites to perform reverse phone checkups. These websites will provide you with all the details about the owner of the number, address, and city.

Using this technique will help you get aware of unknown numbers that aren’t claiming to be someone but are frauds.

Here are the steps you need to follow to perform the Reverse phone check technique:

Step 1: Open the website: NumLookUp Online Tool.

numlookup tool

Step 2: You’ll be able to locate a search box that asks you to Enter your Phone Number.

Step 3: You need to enter the phone number in the search box whose informational details you’re looking for.

Step 4: You can simply copy the number from your call list and then paste it.

Step 5: Click on the Search option to proceed further with the process.

Step 6: It’ll ask you to confirm your identification and human verification. Fill up the necessary details and then agree with the terms and conditions to get the report of the search.

Step 7: You’ll be shown the search report with all the details that include the name of the owner of the phone number, the address, and the city he or she belongs to.

2. Use the Truecaller App

There are different third-party applications too that provide the details and let you know if a number is a scammer. You can use the Truecaller application which identifies the caller ID of any phone number that you search for.

Truecaller Caller ID

These applications not only provide you with informational details about the owner but makes you aware that the number is spam.

If someone calls you, if the app is installed you will get his name, and details are shown on the caller ID, also you can search any number to find its details and check if any spam reports.

This application of Truecaller can be installed using the play store or you can get it from any other app store as well. You’ll be able to copy the number from your call list and then paste it into the search box of the Truecaller application to find the details of the number. The application will provide you with all the necessary information about the owner of the number. It will notify you whether the number is spam or not.

How to Lookup a Scammer Phone Number:

You can take many ways to verify a caller if it’s a scam mobile number or not, you have to try many ways below:

1. Google the Number

The best and most effective technique to know if the number is a spammer is by searching it on Google. You’ll get to know the caller’s location or if it’s a spam number by searching it on Google, which will provide you with details of the number.

Spam calls are common and they’re done to defraud people. These spam calls ask for money or bank account details in indirect ways and trick you into it by talking fancy. Therefore you must be aware while you’re getting spam calls and you can make sure of it by searching it on Google.

search number on google

Use Google search to paste the number after copying it from the recent calls section.

If there are any details available those will pop up in your search results. After you paste the number, search for its details like location, etc, and immediately you’ll be able to get the required information about the phone number (if there is any).

2. Search on Social Media

Another great way to find out if the caller is a fraud is by searching the number on social media. Some social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook can provide informational details on unknown numbers.

Search Social Media

Therefore if you’re receiving calls from an unknown number you can check that out by searching it in social media apps. By searching you can know if the number belongs to an actual individual or actual business or if it’s just another spammer.

You can be sure if the unknown number that’s calling you is a fraud or not by copying the number from the call list and then pasting it into the search box of each social media app.

The result will inform you if the number belongs to an actual person/website/company or if it’s a spam number.

How to Know If The Caller is a Spammer:

Getting trapped by a spammer and losing money is the worst thing. Therefore when you’re getting called by an unknown number you should try to look out if the caller is a spammer.

There are a lot of ways by which you’ll be able to easily find out if the caller is a fraud and wants to scam you.

You will surely be able to identify if the call is to scam you by knowing the intention of the caller.

You’ll be able to detect if the call is spam to defraud you if the caller wants to know about your bank account details, credit/debit card details, or any other confidential bank account information.

The Bottom Lines:

There are websites and third-party apps that can help you find out the details of any number. Even you can search on Social media platforms and use Google search to know more about the phone number.

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