How to Search Facebook Profiles without Logging? (Best Way)

Even if your Facebook is not accessible or you don’t have a Facebook account but you want to find someone there, you can. Some Facebook users hide their photos and profiles from others, but the secret is, you can avail the info from Facebook if you want just by using a few simple things which anyone can do.

In this article, we listed the step-by-step methods by which you can search Facebook profile without signing in.

You can use any search engine tool which always crawls, finds out the data from sites. As the system is fully automatic and continuous the chances are higher to get the most relevant and even the oldest profiles so easily.

However, other methods can be used for finding the Facebook profile by search such as third-party tools and advantage of the Facebook dictionary.

Is that really possible to search Facebook profiles without logging in?…

The answer is YES for those photos which are not public, you can browse the other info for that profile like school, college and employment details as well.

Facebook users also often upload images and set the privacy to ‘only me’. In those cases, to be honest no one can access the photos neither any apps unless a victim of social engineering.

But, if the photos of private Facebook profile uploaded and tagged with a group of people then the process becomes really easy to see all of those using a super method.

However, finding the photos of a person one by one is very hardworking and time-consuming. So, we also have listed the apps which gather all photos of a particular person in one place.

Let’s describe deep into these methods-

1. Google Search: View Facebook Profiles without logging in

Google has an algorithm that doesn’t want to hide anything from its users. We have that use of the algorithm as it also indexes the links of all related Facebook profiles even the photos which no longer exist.

We have a command that you must put in the search bar and do the web search to find out each and every person who hides their identity or profile from other Facebook users.

Just type:-

site: Firstname Lastname

(ex. Pranab Sen)

Google Search: View Facebook Profile

Once you hit the search button, you will see the list of Facebook profile links. For more results, you can move to the next page where more profiles waiting for your clicks.

This is the simplest and easiest method that one can use to find Facebook Profiles. However, this method can be used in other search engines also as per your country but the Google search engine is always the best tool for this game.

2. Facebook Directory to See Profiles (without logging in)

The Facebook directory is another useful tool. This is actually the list of people active on Facebook. This includes all hidden or public profiles in the list as these are the people who opened a Facebook account. There is nothing to do with any privacy type of activity.

Follow the steps below-

i) Open and scroll down to the below to find ‘People’ option.

ii) Just click on that and verify the captcha to see the list.

iii) Now a list will appear where you can browse the profiles by the alphabet letters.

This is the total list of people on Facebook. You can find your targetted person there but the process is really time-consuming but works. The best part is you can do the search without a login or even not having a Facebook account.

3. Facebook People Search without Logging in

Facebook people search is another method can one can use to find hidden Facebook profiles. However, this method has a limited advantage still we have listed this because of a few reasons like if someone blocked you by finding your profile even if you are not in his friend list.

This also blocks you to see the profile from People search while you are logged in. But, when this method is used and you’re logged out, the game is changed totally. Here you have the limit of search results up to 10 people at a time.

To search while you are not logged in, follow the methods below-

i) Go to and scroll down below to look for ‘Profiles’ option.

ii) Just perform the security check and enter into the list. There you will see the option to search people by name.

iii) Just put any name and hit the search button. This will list up the results related to keywords (name).

By this method, you can easily identify who has hidden his Facebook profile from you.

4. Search Facebook Profiles using Online Tools

Another way to view Facebook profiles is by using Social Search Engines. These are the free & paid tools to view any photos over social media sites, but you can try the trial version of these tools to receive the best use.


We have listed the top 3 popular social search engines might help you.

i) Pipl:

Pipl is the most popular social search engine that is used to search social media profiles including Facebook. If you have a phone number or email address of the people, you can search it on Pipl. But, only common Facebook names are searchable using this tool. You can use this tool to give a try to search for your target person. This app is completely free to use and best fit if you don’t want to spend any budget.

ii) Social Searcher:

Social Searcher is another free tool to search USERS on Facebook. Which Pipl can’t do, Social Searcher can execute that thing easily. This tool searches all five social media sites including Instagram, Facebook and shows up the most relevant & more accurate results in seconds.

iii) Talkwalker:

There is another tool called Talkwalker. Still, Talkwalker is not relevant for this topic but this can search for any info and updates made during the last seven days of usage if you’re using the free version of it. If you to browse the older info of anyone’s Facebook account then you have to purchase the premium plan there.

From the above discussion, you already have learnt which method can do a more accurate job for your concern to search for a particular person on Facebook while you are logged out.

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