How To See Sent Follow Requests On Instagram

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You can see sent follow requests on Instagram by downloading your Instagram data and from the Access Data settings.

You may not see this feature if it is unavailable after an update or if you use a brand account.

By downloading your Instagram data, check the list to which you sent the following requests, and to cancel the request, go to their profile one by one and cancel it.

Open the person’s profile to whom you sent the request and check if he accepted it.

If the person deleted or deactivated his account or blocked you on Instagram, you can not see the follow requests tag.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram:

You have different methods to do this:

1. By Downloading Data

Step 1: Open app & Go to Your activity

By downloading your account data, you can easily say who the users did not accept your Follow request till now.

click on your profile photo

To do that, open the app, log in to your Instagram account, and click on your profile photo from the bottom right corner to enter your profile.

Three parallel lines from

Tap on the Three parallel lines from the top right corner, then from the pop-up, select the “Your activity” option.

Your activity

Step 2: Tap Download your information

You will be navigated to a new screen there; tap the “Download your information” option and enter your email address, where Instagram will send you the data download link

Download your information

Tap the “Request download” option, enter your Instagram password, and tap Done.

Tap the Request download

You will receive mail that has the data download option. They may take a maximum of 48 hours to send you the mail.

enter your Instagram password

Step 3: Download account information

Click on the Download information button, and you will be navigated to your browser; log in to your Instagram account there.

Download information button
log in to your Instagram

Then tap the Download information option, and your file will start downloading.

 tap the Download information option

Step 4: Open the Downloaded folder

When your file is downloaded, go to your Files folder, and open it from the Download folder.

You can also open your browser and, from the Three dots.

, from the Three dots

Open the Download section.

 Download section

Then open the downloaded file.

open the downloaded file

Step 5: Open the pending_follow_requests.html file

After opening the folder, extract it to the “followers_and_follwing” folder.


Open the “pending_follow_requests.html” file.


You will see all the usernames whom you sent the Follow request recently.

2. From The Settings

From your Instagram Settings, you can also see your sent follow requests. To see it:

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your Profile

Open the Instagram app, log in to your account using your credentials, and click on your profile icon from the bottom right corner.

click on your profile photo

Step 2: Instagram Settings

On your Profile page, tap on the Three parallel line icons from the top right corner; a pop-up will appear from the bottom, there select Settings.

Three parallel lines from

Then tap on Security option.

there select Settings

Step 3: Open the Current follow requests section

Click the Access Data option under the Data and History section, and on the next screen.

Click the Access Data option

Tap on “View All” for Current follow requests.
(If you can not see the option follow the next steps.)

click View All for Current follow requests

Step 4: Open Instagram on the browser

Log in to your Instagram account on your Chrome browser and click on the address bar from the top.

You must see the address “” you have to add the “accounts/access_tool” text at the end of the link, and it will redirect you to the Access Data page directly; the final link should look like “”.

Step 5: Open your account on Instagram web on a laptop or PC

For Instagram web, log in to your account and go to your Instagram Settings, and from the Privacy and Security section, you can get the Access Data option.

Why Can’t I See Sent Follow Requests On Instagram:

There might be these reasons for this:

1. Option Not Available After Update

After updating the app, the Instagram Sent Follow Requests option may not be available on the platform. It often happens with social media platforms that, after an update, they either remove any feature or change its place. If the feature’s place is changed, you must find some places where you can find the Sent Follow Requests option.

2. You Have a Brand Account (not a personal Account)

If you have a brand account, you are using your account for business; in that case, you might not see the Sent Follow Requests option. Many features are not available on a business account, and these features are one of them. Switch your business account to a standard account to get the feature back.

How to cancel all sent follow requests on Instagram:

You must first download your account data to cancel all sent follow requests on Instagram. For that, open “Your activity” on Instagram, and from here, download your Instagram account information.

Open the downloaded folder and go to the “followers_and_follwing” folder and the “pending_follow_requests.html” file, and from the list of the people, you can see whom you send follow requests. Now go to their account on Instagram, and you have to unfollow them one by one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to see rejected follow requests on Instagram?

By checking their profiles, you can tell who rejected your follow request on Instagram. Instagram does not have any feature that will show who rejected your follow request. You have to remember their names, or by downloading account data, you can get their names, and by opening their profiles, you can check whether they rejected your follow request.

2. How to know who sent a friend request first on Instagram?

By downloading your account data, you can check to whom you send the first friend request on Instagram. All the data related to your account will be there, go to the “followers_and_follwing” folder and find out to whom you sent the first friend request on Instagram.

3. Why does Instagram follow requests disappear?

Sometimes you may see that the follow request tag is not showing in the profile to whom you sent the following request. It may happen if the targeted person deactivated or deleted their Instagram account or if you withdrew your follow request earlier, the tag will also disappear.

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