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To see the hidden friends of someone on Facebook, first, you have to get the profile ID of that person.

If you just look at anyone’s profile on Facebook then you would notice that either that profile shows Mutual friends or there is no Friends section.

If your friends are on his profile then you will see them as mutual ones on his Facebook profile but in case nobody is there and the friends list is private then all of the friends will be hidden from his profile. Facebook allows its users to do this in order to protect their friend’s privacy as well as theirs.

You will see that Facebook only shows the 6 friends on the profile tab. If you’re wondering to view the hidden friends on Facebook then there are some ways that you can use to view the full list of friends that comes under mutual friends or others.

How Can I See Hidden Mutual Friends On Facebook:

If you want to view the hidden friends on Facebook, you have to look at them using the Friends viewer link which is common for all users and you can do it from any device.

Let’s look at the below steps and this will help you see the hidden friends on Facebook.

1. Facebook Hidden Friends Finder

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First of all, open the “Facebook Hidden Friends Finder” tool on your browser.

Step 2: Then, enter the username or ID of the Facebook profile that you want to search for hidden friends.

Step 3: After that, click on the “Find Hidden Friends” button to proceed.

Step 4: Now, you will see a list of the person’s hidden friends that you can view and save on your device.

Actually, you can view someone’s hidden friends on Facebook which is not displayed on the profile tab as it is limited to 6 friends only, and to view that you have to follow the below steps that only work for this purpose. But, if someone just made his friends list private then you cannot view those friends, it’s true. Rather you can add more friends and see if he is added as that person’s mutual friend.

2. Look for Profile ID

First, you should look for the profile links of the person whom you want to check for hidden friends. If the mutual friends and the total friends count on the profile tab only show a few friends, you can just view all of that person’s friends.

To view the Profile ID of that Facebook profile,

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, open the Facebook message link:

finding the ID on facebook

Step 2: Then you can search for the person to chat with on Messenger and tap on the name.

Step 3: Now, it will display the ID in the URL section.

profile ID on facebook

Above method, you have to try it on a PC and you will get it.

🙋 Note: In this process, firstly, you must visit the Facebook user’s profile and look at the URL if that is showing the custom username ID or numeric ID. If that is showing the numeric ID then you can just directly copy that and move to the next method, but if that is showing a custom username then you have to follow the above steps to find out the profile ID (that is provided by Facebook).

3. Go to the Facebook Hidden Friends URL

The next thing you’ve to do is by opening the friend viewer link and see the hidden friends of someone on Facebook using that link.

To check the friends of someone on Facebook,

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, open the friend viewer link on Facebook:

Step 2: Now, the ID you have got from the first step, just replace it in the above link.

view hidden friends on facebook

Step 3: Now, the friends of that person will show up in front of you.

That’s all you’ve to do.

Note: If you can view the mutual friends on that person’s friends tab and it’s more than 6 shows, then you can try this method in order to see the rest of the hidden friends. But, in case the person is not in your friends and no friends tab, then by using this method it will show a message like ‘No friends to show’ as this person made the privacy private. So, this will not be helpful for private profiles.

How To See Someone’s Friend List On Facebook If It’s Private:

You have these three following ways:

1. Get the Login Info and Log into their Account

If you want to see your friend’s complete list of friends after you have logged in to Facebook, you have to go to the person’s account. This is because if you use your account, you will only be able to see the friends you have in common.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and DM your friend asking for their account details.
Step 2: Sign in to their account using their email ID and password once you get it.

Click on Log in

Step 3: Go to “See your profile” under the three lines icon and click on “Friends” and then on “All” to view all the names of the friends that include the private ones.

Click on friend

2. Try from Friend’s Mobile

If someone’s friend list is private, but you still want to see their list of friends, you can ask the friend for their mobile and ask them permission to look through their Facebook friends list.

If they allow you, you can look through their profile; this way, you can see their private and public friends.

3. Wait till it is Public

Wait till it is Public

Often people make their account private when they post something confidential or personal and delete the post after a while and make their account public. Thus, if you want to see your friend’s private friends, you have to wait till they change the account settings and make their account public for friends.

Why can’t I See my Friends on my Facebook Friends list:

You have these reasons:

1. They unfriended You

If you cannot see someone on your Facebook friends list, it is likely that they unfriended you, perhaps because they just didn’t want to remain in contact with you or because of some untoward activity from your end.

They unfriended You1

As soon as someone unfriends a Facebook account, they are removed from the friend list according to community guidelines.

2. They might have Blocked You

Click on block

Another likely and highly probable reason for a friend’s account not being visible in the Facebook friends list is that for some reason or another, which may be serious or personal, the friend has blocked you without letting you know of the same; consequently, you can’t search for them or find them in your friend’s list.

3. You unfriended them or blocked them

A reason for not being able to see your friend in the Facebook friends list that is usually ignored and forgotten is that you may have removed that account or even blocked them yourself because of some or the other reason, and completely forgotten about the same.

How to Find Friends of Someone from the Friends Tab:

If you want to view someone’s friends on Facebook and if the person is not on your friend list then you would not be able to see all the friends rather than only mutual friends.

Now, if the person made the profile list hidden then you can just add the person on Facebook and then if the person accepts your request, you will be added to his friends.

To view all friends of someone on Facebook,

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, open the profile of that person on Facebook.

Step 2: Now, look at the ‘Friends‘ tab on the profile or go to the link:

Now, look at the 'Friends' tab on the profile

Step 3: Add the ID of the profile of the person whom you want to spy on the link replacing the ‘NUMERIC_ID’.

Add the ID of the profile of that person whom you want

Once the link opens in a new tab, it will display all of the friends that the person added to his Facebook profile.

That’s all you’ve to do.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Hiding Friends on Facebook?

You have to go to her profile on Facebook and look at her friend list. If you realize that you can only see the friends that both of you have in common while the rest of the friend list remains concealed, it is obvious that your girlfriend is hiding friends.

2. How to see Invisible Friends on Facebook?

If you notice that when you open a friend’s profile on Facebook, you can only see the friends that are mutual but not the whole list, you have to ask your friend for their account credentials so that you can log in to it and check the complete friend list.

3. Why can’t I see friends on Facebook when not blocked?

If you can’t see friends on Facebook though you are not blocked, the only option is to search for them using the Search bar. If you end up finding their account, it means they have unfriended you. But if you are not able to find them, they may have deactivated or deleted their account, which is why you can’t see their friends.

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