How to See Someone’s Profile who Blocked Me on Facebook?

It had been a long time I did not look over the person’s Facebook profile to see the updated stuff and when I found myself blocked by him, I got upset. I had a question on my mind if I could the profile and its stuff on Facebook. As you know Facebook added the new feature to lock your profile from non-friends that hide stuff from his but this does not hide the display picture or the entire Facebook profile.
I looked over many things to view his Facebook profile even he has blocked me I had some techniques that helped me to reveal his profile and view that Facebook profile. You have three ways that actually work to find someone’s Facebook profile who has blocked and I will share the detailed guide in this context.
To view someone Facebook profile even if you’re blocked, you have to find out the profile link of that Facebook account. You can get the profile link from your Facebook messenger or the chat inbox on Facebook desktop, however, you can perform the action on both mobile or desktop.
Once you got the link just open the incognito window and open the URL, you’ll be able to view the profile. Also, you can search the people on Facebook or get help from mutual friends to see his profile stuff if it’s locked.
Now, in this article, I will add a few approaches to see the person’s profile who has blocked your profile on Facebook and to see his profile picture or blocked posts afterall.

🅘 What happens to the Profile Picture of the person who blocked me?

If you’re wondering to know either you can view the profile of someone else who has blocked then answer is yes, but not from your account. You’ll still be able to the message inbox and conversation on Messenger if you’re blocked. However, you’ll see the blank image on the profile picture that can’t be replaced until the person unblocks you.
While you’re out of your profile or using your friend’s mobile you will be able to see the current profile picture and the entire profile info of that person. If your friend is his Facebook friend list, you can see the all tagged and posted images from his timeline. Just to find out in case you forgot the profile link you can use the Facebook search to open the profile from the Facebook app, the same you can find out from your desktop browser also.
If you’re wondering what happens to the profile picture after the person blocks you, this gets blank once someone just blocked you. But if just your messages are blocked, you can still see the profile picture of that person. Now, if you just try checking the person’s profile from another profile or by logging out of your account, you can see the profile picture and the uploaded stuff (public profile) as well.

How to View Someone’s Profile who Blocked you on Facebook?

If you want to view someone’s Facebook profile who blocked you then you will get the exact guide from this article where I have described the three effective ways to view the profile of a person who just has blocked you on Facebook. To do this you can view the profile of the person by logging out of your Facebook profile and going to the link of his profile that you will get from the Messenger or from your Facebook messages section. I will guide you–how to extract profile URL from the Messenger on your Facebook and apply the methods to view his profile.

 Inbox – FB Profile Link EXTRACT

If you are on your Facebook inbox message section then you can get the profile link from the Messenger on your desktop or you can see the same profile directly from your messenger also by tapping onto the profile icon and this will open up the profile of that person.
see profile from fb chat link
Now, if you see the error message just copy the URL (when you’re on a desktop) and just log out of your Facebook and then reopen the profile URL or you can do this from the incognito window when you are not logged in with any Facebook account.
If the profile opens up then you can see the profile picture along with all the stuff uploaded onto that profile of the person who blocked you.

 Find Profile with Tagged Photos

Another method that you can take to view the profile of the person by looking at the tagged photos of the person to find this out profile link with the latest username, photos can be found by search and all the tagged photos will show up on the result.
But, remember that the person who has blocked you would not show up on from your profile rather you have to try this from your friend’s mobile if he is not blocked by that person.
tagged photos
Now, you will see the profile of that person and this method would help you find out the profile link just take the link out of the persons’ list and then open it directly from the Facebook app or desktop version whatever you are using.
The same method will show up the profile picture around with the active profile link and you will be able to view all of the pictures of the person if this profile is not locked.

 Through FB Search [Logged or not logged]

The best method to find out any people who blocked you on Facebook and view his profile to see all of the pictures and stuff he shared on his timeline.
You just have to search his name on Facebook, it Facebook will display all of the results of such people who just with the same name and you have to find out the exact person from the search results to view the profile, this is the same method to view the profile picture and uploaded posts on Facebook.
You have to search the person on your Facebook while you are logged in and if you are not blocked, you will view the profile of that person or when you are logged out of your profile just copy the profile URL and open that FB profile URL to see the profile and its stuff.

⦿ Find the list of people you blocked on Facebook

If you are looking for the list of people you have blocked on Facebook those profiles will not be openable on your Facebook account as well and to recheck such situation you have to find the block list and check whether the person is present on your Facebook block list or not. If anyone is there in that list, his profile will not be accessible from your Facebook account it will show ‘Sorry, the page isn’t available’. Now if you want to fix this issue you have to unblock the person from your block list otherwise there is no way to get the person’s profile open on your Facebook app.
To open the blocked list of your Facebook profile you have to find it out through the Facebook settings, why you have to go to the settings option on Facebook from there open the blocked-list. If the person is present just unblock the person from there and the same profile will be accessible from your Facebook profile but the person will no longer be on your list unless you add him again.
find block list on facebook
Now to see all staff of that Facebook profile you have to unblock a person at first and then readd the person on your friend list. After that, you can see all of the private stuff of the profile, just in case the profile is locked or private from others (rather than the friends) you will not be able to see the posted staff on his profile.
Problem to find profile:
As I have already told that you would not be able to find the profile unless you unblock the person if he is blocked on your Facebook profile. If the person has blocked you, you can view the profile by logging out of your Facebook on.
Now if you can’t open the profile of that person without by logging out of your account that can be due to two reasons either the person has deactivated his Facebook profile or just changed his username on Facebook. On both cases, you will see this type of error and this is why you have to apply another filter to find out the profile.
Find from the TAG:
If you have remembered any post that the person was tagged to then you have to open the post and find out the profile link and once you find the name, you can view the profile if the person has not deactivated his profile.
Now if you are not blocked by the person rather he changed his username then to find out his profile you have to use another fake Facebook account or you can do it through the incognito mode of your browser.

⦿ How to See Blocked Facebook Posts of a Person?

If you are willing to view all of the posts of the person who has just blocked you on Facebook, first of all, you have to check whether the profile is private or public. In case this profile is private and locked, you have to add the person by getting unblocked from the person at first and then add the person on your friend list, this will definitely unblock your access to all of the post for that Facebook profile.
Now here let’s discuss the process and some restrictions that can be applied to you and how to recover such situation.

Which posts are blocked?

Even a public Facebook profile can have private posts with his friends as Facebook provides such feature where the ‘web icon’ means this post is public but once the person set his posts to share only with friends those will not be visible on his timeline if you are not a friend of that person.
While you are blocked by the person the total profile will not be accessible from your account and to get to see all of the posts he posted on Facebook, you have to make another Facebook account and make a request to him to unblock you from his account or just add from the new account and when the person accepts your request you will be able to see the private posts that shared with friends.

If a person unblocks, can you see the stuff?

You will need three things to see the staff posted on Facebook by that person who has blocked you:
i. Fake Facebook account
ii. Find photos the person is tagged
iii. Opening the Incognito Browser
Now, if the person just has blocked you from his account and you’re wondering whether you will be able to see all of the stuff instantly on his profile then don’t be so fast. Once the person unblocks, you will not be on his friend list rather you have to repeat the friend request process again.
In my case what happened is the person who has just blocked me and changed his username so that I can not send him a friend request again. So, I played a trick to find his username from the tagged photos already of my mutual friend.
Once I found, I just got into looking at his profile and I found the profile was locked using the latest Facebook feature that offered for all Facebook users to protect privacy. Now, my aim was to see the post he published with friends on that case I just made a fake Facebook account and just added him and all of the posts were visible to me.
P.S. The same method you can also follow for yourself and if possible send a request to unblock yourself and add as a friend. Most probably the person will add you again if you apologize to him explaining yourself.
The Bottom Lines:
While you need to view someone’s profile on Facebook you can try the methods that I have described in this article. Later on, if you want to see the stuff of that profile you must take help from a mutual friend between you and the person. In addition, I have included the steps to view your blocked list on Facebook as well. However, if the person just blocked you and changed his username on that case you have to know the username at first and then open it from the Incognito mode of browser and you will get his current username from any older photos where he was tagged before.

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