How To See Someone’s Latest Followers On Instagram

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To see someone’s latest Followers, you can just sort the list of followers chronologically so that the recent followers are displayed at the top of the list. You’ve to click on ‘Date Followed: Latest’ to sort it.

There are different third-party online tools that are used for tracking the account activities of an Instagram user. One such useful tool is the Snoopreport tool which can trace the gain and loss of followers of a user. From the weekly report, you’ll be able to find out the recent followers of any Instagram account.

Even the tool named Swydo can help you track the recent followers of someone on Instagram too. It can also show the recently gained followers in numbers.

You have a few steps if you can’t find someone’s followers after following him on Instagram.

How To See Someone’s Latest Followers On Instagram:

The following tools and methods will help you check and see someone’s recent followers on Instagram:

1. Open the Followers List

Instagram has a feature where you can see a user’s followers by heading to the followers’ list. The followers’ list can be viewed from the profile page of a user. To check the recent followers you can open the followers’ list and then compare it with the last time you saw it, comparing it in such a way you’ll be able to know who are the recent followers of the user.

There are some other ways to see someone’s followers without an account.

The following steps will guide you to check and compare the follower’s list of a user:

Step 1: Open the Instagram application on your mobile.

Step 2: Click on the search icon and in the search box enter the name of the user whose recent followers you want to check.

search on instagram

Step 3: From the result, click on the profile name and get into the profile page.

Step 4: Next to the DP of the user, you’ll find the different options of Post, Followers, Following.

option Followers

Step 4: Click on the Followers option and it will display the full list of followers the user.

followers instagram

Compare the list with the previous time you saw it and at once, you’ll be able to see who are the most recent followers of the user.

2. Choose Chronological order

You can check the recent followers of a user by sorting those in chronological order. You need to open your Instagram account from your PC to do that. The PC version has an additional feature where the users can sort the followers’ list so that the recent followers are displayed at the top of the list.

The mobile application of Instagram doesn’t display the followers in chronological order but in a random manner. But when you’re using the web version of Instagram from the computer it will allow you to sort the list in a defined order. You’ve to sort the list by date so that the latest followers are displayed at the top of the list. By doing that, you’ll, at once, be able to find which accounts have followed the user recently.

The steps below will guide you to sort the followers’ list in chronological order:

1. From your computer, open Google Chrome.

2. You need to get into the official website of Instagram and log in to your account.

3. On the top of the homepage, you’ll be able to search for the user whose recent followers you want to check and get into the profile. 

4. Click on the option Followers and then you’ll be displayed with the list of followers.

5. On the screen, you’ll be able to find the sort option which is sighted as an upward and downward arrow in a circle.

sort by

6. Click on the Sort icon, and you’ll be displayed with a few options.

7. Click on the option Date Followed: Latest and you’ll find the list is sorted with the recent followers at the top.

date followed

Instagram Recent Followers Viewer:

You can also use tools that can monitor followers’ gains or losses and show you the most recent followers or following list of someone:

1. Snoopreport Tool

You can check the recent gain in someone’s followers by using the Snoopreport tool. It’s an Instagram activity tracker tool using which you’ll be able to track who has followed a user recently on Instagram. The tool is designed with some advanced features that can help you check a user’s account activities.

⭐️ Features:

◘ The tool Snoopreport has some evolved features that help you track the recent gain in someone’s followers while at the same time protecting your anonymity.

◘ In the list, you’ll be able to find out the useful features of Snoopreport.

◘ It provides you with a professional dashboard where you can track and monitor the account activities of a user.

◘ You’ll get weekly reports of activity tracked.

◘ This online activity tracker tool not only tracks the recent gain and loss of followers, but it will also trace other activities like Likes, Comments, Follows, etc.

◘ It doesn’t disclose your identity to the user whose activity you’re tracking, you don’t even have to enter your account details to track the activities of other users. 

🔴 Steps To Use:

The mentioned steps will guide you on how to use Snoopreport to track recent followers of a user:

Step 1: You’ve to get into the official website of Snoopreport and click on Get Started.

Snoopreport tool

Step 2: You’ll be taken to the sign-up page where you need to fill up the details to successfully sign up. Agree to all the terms and conditions to proceed forward.

Snoopreport tool 2

Step 3: Next, you’ll be presented with the dashboard where you need to click on Add Account and then click on Buy Subscription.

Snoopreport tool 3

Step 4: Choose and select a plan and then buy it by paying the required amount of price.

Snoopreport tool Our plans

Step 5: Next, click on Add Account and then enter the username of that Instagram user whose activities you want to track.

Step 6: It will immediately start tracking the account activities of the user.

2. Swydo tool

Swydo tool is another online third-party tool that you can use to track the recent followers of an Instagram user. This tool has an exclusive feature where it can track and show the number of recent gains in followers.

It’s an activity tracker tool that is designed with some of the best features. The all-in-one customizable dashboard of the tool can monitor as well as report the time-to-time gain in followers of a user.

It uses graphs and charts to display the account insights which include the number of followers gained recently.

⭐️ Features:

Some of the best features of the Swydo tool are:

◘ It provides you with predefined templates to create your reports too.

◘ You can schedule and share your reports using the tool in the form of PDF, HTML, etc.

◘ The interface is easy and user-friendly which brings together your Google analytics and Social media data together.

◘ You can create customizable and multi-language reports using it.

◘ You can use it for free for the first fifteen days.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: From your browser, get into the official website of the Swydo tool.

Step 2: You’ll find a green Get Started button at the top of the page. 

Swydo tool

Step 3: Next, you’ll be taken to the Signup page, where you need to enter your details and create your account.

Swydo Signup page

Step 4: You’ve to select and choose the plan you want to buy and then pay for it.

Step 5: On the homepage, you’ll be able to see your dashboards.

Step 6: You’ve to add the account of the user whose recent followers you want to check.

Step 7: Under the heading Followers, you’ll find the recent increase or decrease in followers of the person. It will show you the number of recent gains in the ‘followers’ section where all recent followings or followers are displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I see someone’s Instagram followers in order?

Instagram offers you an option to view a list of followers in chronological order. You can take the steps mentioned in this article to set a chronological view to see followers in order.

2. How can I check who my girlfriend recently followed on Instagram?

If the account is private then you have to send him a follow request, well if you don’t want to do that then you can just use another fake account or mutual friend’s profile to see the profile. However, for a public profile, you can follow the steps from this article.

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