See Hidden WhatsApp Status or if you’re Blocked – 2021

WhatsApp no doubt is the most popular chatting app, like other social media sites, WhatsApp also offers its users to share status.

There are certain things you can confirm with that if you’re blocked on WhatsApp.

But, if someone just blocked you then there are only a few possibilities that you can see the status of the person. Either you can unblock yourself or make a new ID to request the person to unblock you.

Mark from the WhatsApp team answered me with a few details, let’s talk about this.

whatsapp replied on blocked accounts

As you see, he confirmed that if the person’s number is not saved in your phonebook the status is not visible to them. However, in my experience, you can see someone’s status after you’ve added his number on your phonebook.

Mark also suggested the settings to apply to manage your status visibility on WhatsApp Messenger.

Also added, if you change the settings, your previous status will have no effect on this change only the next ones.

Although, you can use any of these WhatsApp status viewer apps to view that status without being seen or download it on your phone with a click.

What happened that morning when I was excluded on WhatsApp by a close friend, was ridiculous. I was used to checking her status every day but that day I was on someone’s target who blocked me from seeing her WhatsApp status.


And I checked the status also today even if I was blocked. How?


I will discuss here the conditions by which you can see the status even if you’re blocked by the person. 

To see blocked WhatsApp status, you have to turn on your new WhatsApp account & add that person to your contact list. Then check the status section on your WhatsApp messenger, it will appear.

This guide will help you to know the ways to see the blocked status of someone else and everything that you will face after getting blocked on WhatsApp, explained also.

See Hidden or muted WhatsApp status: [NEW]

So simple to find the hidden status if the statuses are muted by yourself then those will be hidden on your WhatsApp and to view these statuses.

To see WhatsApp status that is muted and hidden:

  1. Open your WhatsApp and tap on the ‘STATUS’ tab.
  2. Now, rather it appears on recent, it will be under the ‘Muted Updates’ section.
  3. Just tap onto the down-arrow button and all hidden status will appear there.

That’s all you have to do to find the hidden or muted status on WhatsApp.

This guide will definitely fill your desire, that is why read this article till the end. The best part. Now, You can exclude anyone from seeing your status without deleting your contacts from the phone.

Install any WhatsApp Status Viewer:

Someone blocks you when they encounter that someone unknown who views their story. You will be surprised to know that an alternative to WhatsApp can work as a status viewer app by showing other’s status without letting them know even while you’re blocked.

Follow this:

Just open your GBWhatsApp and from the top icon just tap on ‘Hide View Status’.


After that option is activated, you will see other’s WhatsApp status even being blocked hiding yourself.

How to know if the person hides the status?

If you see the person you are following may set privacy that enables him to hide from only a particular contact or from all except someone. WhatsApp has such a feature that someone can use to show and control over their status to an extent.

You cannot see unless the person unblocks you from his WhatsApp account.

But, there are few simple and easy tricks that you can use to see those WhatsApp statuses.

In this article, we will share some tips which can be used to see WhatsApp status of someone who blocked you.

View someone’s WhatsApp Status without them Knowing:

WhatsApp has the feature to see who has spied your status and also offer you choose people to share your private status with or to exclude some particular people. But, you now have the solution to trick WhatsApp and not get recorded.In this way, you can see WhatsApp status even if he has blocked you.

How can you see the blocked WhatsApp status if it is already expired!

But, what you can do is, if you were missing the ways that unlock the status, revealed now. Just, you need to check the status tab only as a preview but do not tap on the status as it may record your name as a viewer. So, to exclude this situation and view the posts on status updates just turn off the internet. Now, again go to the status tab and the same preview still will be there, just tap on those to view.

Note that, while you’re tapping or viewing status in offline mode, your activity is not recorded, thus the person will never know if you viewed his/her status update.

See WhatsApp Status even you’ve Blocked him

When someone has posted a status on WhatsApp before you block him, his status will still be available on your status section. Don’t be confused about seeing this, as this status will stay there for 24 hours from the time the uploader posted.

But, the new status is not going to come in your way. That’s all.

If you want to see WhatsApp status of someone who blocked you here you go with these methods below:

Note that, you can see the WhatsApp status even if the person restricted you from seeing WhatsApp status or blocked you. But, for this, you have to perform the methods that are mandatory.

See WhatsApp Status if You’re Blocked: [using Apps]

If you have any other mobile which is not known to that person use that now to create another WhatsApp with it. You don’t need to erase the current WhatsApp, instead create a clone on MoChat and register there. Now, once you go to the status tab from the new WhatsApp account, you will see the update. Now, the blank profile picture issue will also go away and you’ll see the original recent DP there.

Note: Now, this method will work on the basis of the previous method. Once it is done, follow the steps:

Step 1

Install ‘MoChat’ and clone WhatsApp on it.

Step 2

Register there with a new mobile number.

Step 3

Once you set, go to the ‘STATUS’ tab and see the Recent updates.

unblock whatsapp status

That’s all you’ve to do. The person will know who viewed his/her status and the exact timing of that.

Please Note: This method works in case the person excluded you from seeing his/her WhatsApp status. But, if the person sharing the status only with few people then only by adding your number to the list, it is possible.

There is an additional step you have to take:

Ask the Person to Save new Number:

As soon as you see notice showing status is stopped on WhatsApp of that person don’t react to this. Just simply wait for 1-2 days and ask the person to save a new number, but never tell her you wanna create a new WhatsApp with that number.

Once the number gets saved in your friend’s mobile the next method comes to act.

Let’s understand what actually happens when someone blocks you:

What Happens if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp?

There are few indications that you meet if someone blocks you on WhatsApp, here is the list:

1. WhatsApp Status Hidden
2. WhatsApp DP Invisible
3. Your Messages are Blocked
4. They can’t Call You
5. Last Seen Status goes Hidden

⦿ WhatsApp Status Hidden:

Let’s start with the most irritating phase that will face, the status will be hidden. This definitely does not mean that the person made himself private from you or someone else. This is because you are blocked, the status will not be visible to you.

Don’t worry, this will do not mark your account as a penalty on WhatsApp. You don’t have to worry about it, this thing actually points to that person only who has blocked you on WhatsApp. There may not be any reason actually, sometimes a novice does it to hide from a particular contact and end up blocking all incoming messages.

What I’m trying to say is: WhatsApp status normally being visible if you have saved someone’s contact info on your mobile. But, if a person blocks you, in that case, the status message will not be visible to you anymore or will be vanished.

But, if you inspect the contact on WhatsApp list you can see his/her profile is still available with a blank profile picture. But, if you are in any group chat with the person, it will not be affected.

⦿ WhatsApp DP Invisible:

You will see many sudden changes to his profile and getting a blank WhatsApp DP is the primary concern that you will face. WhatsApp DP tells if you’re blocked & when someone is updating their DP regularly that also talks of their life that some people check on a regular basis.

Rather some people do changes a lot to their DP than they do for status. The one-line answer to this: Yes, the DP of that person will be invisible to you when the person blocks you. The upcoming DP updates, you will not be able to view at all.

The answer in two sentences: DP of that WhatsApp profile will be hidden from you if he blocked you. You will see a blank image on his profile name and you will not get any updates of the new profile picture of that person again.

⦿ Your Messages are Blocked:

The most thing that you must understand, when someone blocks you on WhatsApp your messages will be blocked from sending to that person. Like, if you send images or any picsart to the person, all of the incoming facilities from you to that person will be permanently blocked.

⦿ They can’t Call You:

The most used feature on WhatsApp is calling a friend will be blocked to the person who has blocked you. This is totally impossible to make a call or send a message to that person. As you can see, you will only be able to view the status will be set to ‘Calling’ and will not be turned into ‘Ringing’. That means, you are blocked by that person and until she does not unblock you, no calls can be made with her. So, it’s better to check with some unlocking tips that you can take in your use to make a call.

Actually, the thing about calling is, If you block someone it’s normal that you are not gonna see the call option until you unblock him. But, the person will still have the call option. Likewise, if someone blocks you, you will get to call the person but the call will never be reached to the person. Even the messages which are sent by you will never be delivered to that person.

⦿ ‘Last Seen’ Status Hidden:

Do you see the last seen status for someone on WhatsApp chat? If yes then you will miss this feature form now when you have been blocked. Last seen is an important status the people used to track the record of availability of a person on WhatsApp and thus deciding the best time to chat with on the next day.WhatsApp is having such an algorithm that applies when someone blocks you, will automatically be kicked off from all of the info from that person.

If I tell you more about the last seen: Chat comes with a timestamp of last seen of the person. This is actually the last active timestamp for the person. But, if someone blocks you, then you are no longer going to see the last seen timestamp. It will show as a blank space below his name or number.

How do I check if the person Excluded me from viewing the status?

Ideally, this is possible and quite easy if you have a mutual friend on WhatsApp. Definitely, we will not find the mutual friend list like Facebook has, hope you know someone who is common between you and that person, checking regularly his status. Look through his phone and you will understand if the status is visible to that person. This is how you can see status when you are the only one who is blocked by that person. However, you can try a virtual WhatsApp and follow the same method.


How can I see WhatsApp DP of a person who has blocked me?

Seeing the DP of a person on WhatsApp is very easy if the DP is made public. The easiest option is, just to take another WhatsApp-enabled mobile and add the person to contacts to see the DP.

Can Someone See my Status if he Blocks Me?

You cannot. To stop him from seeing your WhatsApp status?……it’s simple. Just by tapping the block option. Yes, just block the person asap and your status will be invisible to the person. That’s all you have to do.

How do you know if someone hides his WhatsApp Status?

If someone hides his status it is really easy to tell if you check for just three main signs. First of all, if the person blocked you on WhatsApp to restrict you from seeing his WhatsApp status, you will notice the profile picture will get vanished. Second thing, if you will notice the last seen was recent while just excluded your number from showing you his status, but recent updates are missing before 24 hours passed.

The third sign, you must look for his recent status on another friend’s phone who is mutual between you and that person.

The Bottom Lines:

It is clear now that the person will still be able to see your status if he blocks you unless you block him back. But, normally you will not be able to see the WhatsApp status of that person if he has blocked you. Just go with the above trick to see the WhatsApp status of that blocker.

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  1. My crush is able to view my status even after I’ve only shared it with my friends (it shows he has viewed it). He is also able to view my status without it being visible to me. He once responded my status, and that’s what made me aware he saw it. And no he did not remove his read receipts because we were messaging and all my messages got the blue tick. He also seems to know what I’m doing at times. This part could be paranoia. Just some thing seems strange. How? He’s also a detective. Is it possible he is hacking my phone??

    • I understand that You don’t want to block the person on WhatsApp. But, to hide your status from a specific person just go to Settings>Account>Privacy and under ‘Status’ section just choose ‘My contacts except…’ and input the contacts. Now, in your case, remove the person whom you don’t want to show the status from your contact list to solve this issue.

  2. Hi it’s harmy here, I just noticed on my WhatsApp status viewer, I saw a contact whose number is not saved on my phone……. I’m using whatsapp plus what could be the cause?

  3. This is so helpful. The statuses are visible just in case the person saved the number but blocked. The trick works for me, thanks P.S.

  4. Thanks, I just added his number on my contacts and I can see the hidden status. Now, I also made another WhatsApp on Parallel Space.

  5. I am surprised that this method still works. And the chat you had with the WP team really cleared my doubt. I just ‘ll give a try.

  6. I just tried the app cloner to clone my WhatsApp and from a different account, I can see the status of someone who had excluded me.

  7. Can I see the status on WhatsApp plus when I am hidden or restricted when the next person only made a ‘share with’ only on his WhatsApp account?

    • If you’ve posted a status before you block someone, the status already in his/her section (so he viewed it). But, if you’ve removed the person from the contacts make sure your Privacy settings have set to ‘My contacts’ for the status.

  8. How is it possible that status is visible in the Statutes folder of Whatsapp and invisible in the standard list of visible statuses?


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