Can You See Who Someone Is Snapchatting?

Your Quick Answer: 

To know who someone is Snapchatting with, you have to ask them; otherwise, it is impossible without spying on the chat where the chats on Snapchat are deleted after 24 hours of viewing. 

You can restrict people on Snapchat from seeing your stories by changing the story Settings to Custom.

To turn off active status and use Snapchat without updating your location, you must turn off Ghost Mode.

Go to your Snapchat Settings, and there from the See My Location section, turn off Ghost Mode. 

There is no way by which you can say two people are Snapchatting with each other.

You can check their online status; if both of them are online, then you can make an assumption that they are following. 

There you have a few ways to see a private Snapchat profile.

How to See Who Someone is Snapchatting:

There are some ways that can be applied indirectly to know with whom someone is chatting on Snapchat:

1. Assuming Online Status of Both Persons

Assuming is the first key that you can use to unlock this question. You have to assume cleverly, so first, you can check their online status, and if their online status matches, then there is a chance that they are Snapchatting.

To see their online status go to your Message section and check if both of them are online or if their last is matching or not.

If these details match, then there is a high chance that they are Snapchatting, but there is the same probability that they are online but not Snapchatting with each other, they are Snapchatting with someone else, or they are watching Snapchat stories; anything could happen. So finally, ask them individually to get a 100 percent correct answer.

2. Ask the Person to Confirm

As mentioned, after seeing both of them are online, try to speak with them separately. Message them simultaneously; if you see, they are replying lately or feeling irritated, the chance of their Snapchatting increases. Finally, to get a 100 percent correct answer, you have to ask them individually if they are busy with each other or not.

Ask the Person to Confirm

Because that’s the only way you can become sure otherwise, it is impossible without spying on the chat, which is not a correct way of confirmation.

Even if you are trying to spy on their chats, you can’t be sure if they were chatting or not because, on Snapchat, the chats are automatically deleted after viewing or after 24 hours of viewing. Unless the chats are saved, no chats will remain in the chat box. You can spy on others’ chats on other social media platforms, but on Snapchat, you can’t do so.

The Bottom Lines:

Not only on Snapchat but also on any social media platform, it is very tough to say who someone is chatting with whom. But you can assume who someone is Snapchatting because sometimes it can be true. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can identify if two people are Snapchatting with each other or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you restrict someone on Snapchat?

Yes, you can restrict someone on Snapchat from seeing your stories. Snapchat has a story feature; by default, all your friends can see your story when you post it. But sometimes, you may not want to see your story to a group of friends.

In that case, Snapchat allows you to hide your story from someone. To do that, go to your Snapchat profile page by clicking the profile icon from the top left corner of the screen. You can see an option ‘Add to My Story’ beside it is a Three dots icon. Tap on it and then click ‘Story Settings’, select ‘Custom’ and identify and mark these friends you want to restrict. 

2. How to turn off active status on Snapchat?

Your location on Snapchat determines your active status on Snapchat. Snapchat has a feature by which you can share your location and see others’ current location if they share it with you.

Snapchat determines the location when you open the app, meaning if you have left your previous location and don’t open the Snapchat app in the new location, Snapchat will not update your location; it still shows the previous location.

Now, if you want to turn it off permanently, open your Snapchat amount and click on the Location icon from the bottom left corner. Then after entering the Snap map, click on the Settings icon from the top right corner, and turn off the ‘Ghost Mode’ option. 

3. How to open Snapchat without updating your location?

Usually, if you enable location on Snapchat, then after opening Snapchat on a new location, it will update your location. That means every time you open your Snapchat application, it will update your location.

If you don’t want to update your location, you have to turn off the ‘Ghost Mode’ feature. You can either go to the Location section, turn it off from Location Settings, or go to your general Snapchat Settings.

Open the app, log in to your account, and tap on your profile icon from the top left corner; then, click on the Settings icon from the top right corner. Now scroll down the page, and under the ‘PRIVACY CONTROL’ section, you can see the option ‘See My Location’. Click on it and the ‘Ghost Mode’ option.

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