Check Out who viewed your Facebook Profile – Not Friends

If you want to look for the people to find out who viewed your Facebook profile then you must use the Facebook notifications in a smart way. Facebook wants you to connect to people whom you know and this is how Facebook’s algorithm works.

There are many ways to find out who viewed your Facebook profile seeing at the other activities i.e. comments, likes, and shares from unknown people or the friend request. Because if someone just sends you the friend request then this might be possible that the person checked your profile.

To see who viewed your Facebook profile who are not friends,
See the Friends Suggestions on Facebook: If you’re getting friend suggestions automatically from Facebook then this might be a clue that those people just looked at your profile or stalked you on Facebook.
Look at Facebook Timeline Recommendations: You might notice a few people came on your Facebook timeline and these people might possibly see your profile as well on their timeline and the Facebook algorithm works in that way where you can be sure that these are the people who viewed your Facebook Profile.

Should we use Third-party tools?

There are some third-party tools that claim to show the people’s name list who have viewed your Facebook profile.

These tools actually ask for your account credentials that may lead to the ban of your Facebook account.

Still, you will find some tools that work and are safe. You have to determine such a tool by seeing the reviews for those tools.

Don’t worry. Here you have the safest ways to see the frequent Facebook profile viewers of your profile.

You can now check the private Facebook profile and its stuff.

You may ask: Is it the ‘InitialChatFriendsList’ method?

If you don’t know what is InitialChatFriendsList, this is actually a method, to view the Facebook profile viewers list using the view page source method on Facebook.

The reality?…

This does not work.

This is actually nothing but the source HTML code of that Facebook page and the list reveals nothing but your Facebook chat friends list in a certain order.

You can see the change in the list as the active chat changes every time when a new friend comes online.

You can turn off the chat and see the list matching with the HTML reveals. That’s all.

This method reveals your chat friend list again instead of showing the real Facebook profile visitors.

In this article, there are some methods that can be helpful in your need to see your Facebook profile viewers.


Find Out Who Viewed your Facebook Profile

If you are looking for those profiles who visit your profiles, you will normally see their profile in front of you as per the new algorithm. Facebook knows it all and that is why want you to connect to those frequent visitors. Sometimes the viewers can view your profile but don’t send you the friend request.

This may be due to such settings on your Facebook profile which is why the other person will not get the ‘Add Friend’ button on your profile. If they send the message those also will be going to the filtered messages list. So, if you did such things, go and change this at first.

Normally, there are two indications that may be helpful to find out the profile viewers:

1. Facebook Timeline Recommendation

Like already said Facebook turns out to do anything to connect two people fast.

Here is the outcome of that in this method.

Whenever you open or the Facebook app, you might see a crawlable list of people with the ‘Add friend’ button. These are the people you might know.

Do you know how it is ordered?

Well, you will see one fact that is common, is the mutual friend. The list here is made from mutual friends. But, the unknown fact is there are people who don’t even have common mutual friends.


Yes, you get the person who might have visited your Facebook profile recently.

If you see someone unknown in all ways possible (like not matching colleges, mutual friends, etc), then this method can be helpful to find the Facebook profile stalkers easily.

The only flaw of this method is, it cannot reveal the friend’s name who is already on your friend list. You hardly can find a way that can do this.

If you want to find totally a new person who is viewing your profile for the last few days then the next method will reveal this.

2. Profile Visitors List from Friend Suggestion

This is an amazing solution that should be considered at the topmost priority. When the other algorithms don’t work in this case, Facebook just introduced this feature so that you can reach totally an unknown person who is looking for you on Facebook or did not ever search for.

Whenever a person looks at your profile daily to see your personal stuff and updates, Facebook records this automatically and within 48 hours you get a notification like ‘You have a new friend suggestion: NAME’.

Once you tap on the notification you will be redirected to the profile page of that person. This is perfect for finding Facebook profile viewers.

The best part about this is, it’s automatic, you don’t have to do anything.


One more thing to note, the friend suggestion also comes even on Messenger if the person has recently saved your contact number in his/her mobile, linked to your Facebook account.

The method has answered your question here, this is the super amazing method that works great till now and obviously, this is done by Facebook automatically. You don’t have to do anything to find the list.

The best part.

This method not only reveals the profile viewers who frequently visit your profile but also discloses the people like you the most.

What is this method misses out on is, it cannot show the people from your friend list. But, this definitely works on people not in your friend zone.

Find Facebook Page Stalkers from the Non-Friends

So, now what would you do if you want to see the visitors from your Facebook friend list. In that case, these two easiest ways may help you with finding the guess. These strategies are not demonstrated still you can give them a try because it is worth reading. 

NOTE: From the Post Likers list you will see the person who has not liked your page by seeing the invite button beside their name. There are a couple of explanations for the reality which is the reason, explained here.

1. Find using Facebook Page Invite List

To get the upside of this technique you need to make a Facebook page at first. If you have a huge friend list, this strategy is getting down to work in all respects effectively. As you probably are aware, when you make a Facebook page you get the choice to invite your friends to like that page.

The fact is, the people listed at the top, are the ones who mostly like your posts. Facebook orders the list in a way that you have more chance from top to bottom friends in that list. 


The list changes all the more often, truly, that may be the indication of individuals at the top are having the most noteworthy enthusiasm for your posts or pages and Facebook decides this from few components like viewing your posts, sharing, liking, and commenting, as well as looking at your profile for new posts. That is revealed in that page invite list, which is far more advanced and different than what the chat list shows. 

2. Friend List order in the Profile page

If you notice there might be a significant difference between friends and followers. Facebook normally shows up all of your friends’ stuff on the timeline. But, if you see the followers are less than the number of friends then it is due to the person having unfollowed you and kept you on the friend list.

Well, now both you and the person will not see each other’s stuff on Facebook timeline. In that case, if that person needs to see your shared stuff, need to go to your profile and see their all stuff shared.

If you open your friend list you will see the friends list in order. This list is made depending upon the chat timing and liking and sharing posts of your friend. If you can exclude those people from the first, you will see other people whom you don’t contact too much or rarely.


These people may be your profile viewers.

Also, the HTML mode of that page tells actually this thing. So, without making this complicated, just explore the main thing in an easy way.

Another normal and easy way to figure out who follows or checks your profile on a daily basis among your friends and followers, just to share your status and wait for the reaction. The frequent profile views should react to this for sure.

The Bottom Lines:

If you want to see your Facebook profile viewer you can guess it by using the above-mentioned methods. The fact here included is not an official way to find out but yes you can make a guess with 99% accuracy if you inspect with these tips. Just one thing to add is if you have saved someone’s mobile number just open your Messenger app and you will see add friends list displayed with your contacts checklist from your phone.

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