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Why Can’t I See My Featured Viewers On Facebook

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✎ Key Takes:

» To see featured viewers on Facebook, open your Facebook account and click on “Profile Picture” then go to the profile page. 
»Tap on any collection, and go to the photo you want to see the viewers. On the photo itself, there is an “Arrow” icon, in the lower-left corner, click on that icon, and a whole list of the people who viewed your photo will come on the screen. 
» Now, scroll the list, and see who viewed your featured photos. 

Why Can’t I See My Featured Viewers On Facebook:

There are the following reasons for this:

1. For Privacy Settings

If you see that you can’t view who has seen your featured photos on Facebook, it’s because of privacy settings. This means that the person who viewed your photos has chosen to keep their identity private.

So, if you’re wondering why you can’t see their name or profile, it’s because they have set their privacy preferences accordingly. You should respect their decision and understand that not everyone wants their actions on Facebook to be visible to others.

2. For User Control

Due to the importance of user control and privacy protection, Facebook does not provide the option to see who viewed your featured photos.

This can help prevent unwanted invasions of privacy and maintain a safe and respectful environment for users. You must understand that everyone should have the freedom to view content without being tracked or monitored.

How To See Who Viewed Your Featured Photos On Facebook:

Featured photos on Facebook are nothing but a section where you can pin your previously uploaded photos and videos. These are some methods below:

One more amazing feature of “Featured” photos on Facebook is that you can check the name and the number of viewers on each photo or video, whenever you wish to. 

Now let’s check who viewed the featured photos on your Facebook account:

Step 1: Open Facebook & Go to Profile

Facebook & Go to Profile

First thing, on your device, open the Facebook app and log in to it. 

After logging in, on the first interface, that is, the ‘home page’, in the upper left corner, you will see your current “Profile Picture” in a circle. 

Tap on it. And you will reach your Facebook profile page. On this page, you will find many sections, such as first your cover photo, below your profile picture, options – ‘add to story’ & ‘Edit profile’, then your ‘bio’ and at last ‘Intro”. 

Step 2: Scroll through your Intro Section

 your Intro Section

Next, on the profile page, consciously come to the “Intro” section, where your job title, school name, from, and joined on _, etc, is displayed. 

Scroll through your Intro section till the end and stop at > “See more about yourself”.  Just below that, you will find the “Featured” photos section. 

Over there, the first part will be “+ New” and after that will be the collection of all the pinned, ‘Featured’ photos and videos under different titles. 

Step 3: Tap on Any featured collections

featured collections

 Tap on any one of the featured collections or the collection you wish to check the viewers and open it. 

Each collection will have a different number of photos and videos, as you have saved. 

When you open any of the featured collections, one by one, photos will appear on the screen. On each photo, you will notice many options and icons, and on the bottom left, you will see an “arrow” icon. 

On selecting this icon, you will get a list of viewers of this particular photo. 

Note: If you are using the “Facebook Lite” version, then, instead of the “arrow” icon you will find an “eye” icon at the same location on the photo. 

Step 4: Tap on the Arrow icon to see viewers

Tap on the Arrow icon1

Now, go to the collection and open the photo whose viewers list you want to scroll and tap on the ‘arrow’ or ‘eye’ icon to see the list. 

Step 5: See the list of people who viewed

See the list of people who viewed

Once you will hit the ‘arrow’ icon, a screen full of a list of names will appear in front of you. Scroll down, you will see all the names of the people who viewed your photo.

However, if your Facebook account is locked, then it won’t happen. No others can see your profile page except the users who are connected to you on Facebook, i.e., your Facebook friends. 

One more point to note is that, unfortunately, you cannot see the names of the “Others” list. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Can’t I see who viewed my featured photos on Facebook?

The people to whom you have blocked or have unfriended on Facebook, won’t appear on the list of viewers. Even though before blocking or removing them as a friend, they have seen your featured photos, still their names won’t appear and you cannot see them on the list. 

Also, it might be due to some Facebook privacy policies, that you cannot see who viewed your featured photos. However, this generally does not happen.

2. What are the ‘Others’ viewers on the Facebook Collections Viewers list?

“Others” viewers on the viewer’s list are the people who have viewed your photo and videos but are not your friends on Facebook. 

Now, you might think, how can some other user who is not even your friend on Facebook see your collection photos?

So, the thing is, ‘featured’ collections are available on your Facebook profile page. And since your Facebook profile is not locked, i.e., public, any other Facebook user can visit and view your collection of photos. 

However, if your Facebook profile is locked, then, no “others” can view your Facebook collection of photos and videos. 

3. Can Non-friends see Your Features Collections on Facebook?

Yes, only if your Facebook profile is public. If your Facebook account is not locked, i.e., public, then anyone on Facebook can see your featured collections on Facebook. 

However, if you have kept your Facebook profile locked, i.e., private, then no other user than your Facebook friend can see your featured collections. 

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