How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

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To see who views your Facebook profile, you can check who reacts and comments on your post.

You can see the suggested people on Facebook, and also, by seeing your story’s viewers, you can determine who views your profile.

You can check who views your profile using third-party apps like Who Viewed My Profile and WProfile-Who Viewed My Profile.

By creating a shortened link using Grabify, you can do the same.

If you stalk any profile or see their photos, you will not be suggested.

How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile:

Look at these things to tell:

1. Suggested People on Facebook

To know who viewed your Facebook profile, you can check for the suggested people on Facebook. On Facebook, when you scroll down on the Homepage, you may sometimes see the suggested people section, and you can find a lot of Facebook profiles.

Suggested People on Facebook

There is a high chance that the profiles showing there have already viewed your Facebook profile page. If they viewed your profile page or are any of your friend’s mutual friends, their account will be shown in the suggestion section.

2. People Who Reacted to Your Posts

Suppose you post something on Facebook, then you will get reactions and comments from others. After getting reactions from others, check out the list of the people who react. People who are not on your friend list may see your profile picture.

People Who Reacted to Your Posts

3. Random People Who Commented on your Posts

In the comments section of your post, you may find many unknown people commenting on your post. There is a chance that these random people may see your Facebook profile.

Random People Who Commented

4. Post a Story and See Viewers

To check out who viewed your profile, you can post a story on your Facebook account. Open your account, go to the Stories section and post a story whatever you want. After that, see the viewers list of that story from the bottom left corner; you can see the number of viewers and some of their profiles.

Post a Story and See Viewers

If you publicly share your story, anyone can see it, whether he is your friend or not. There is a chance that those who have seen your story might see your profile, also. Those who are not your friend but see your story will only be counted as a number.

Apps To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile:

Try the following apps:

1. Who Viewed My Profile: App

⭐️ Features of Who Viewed My Profile

◘ Very easy to use, and no login to Facebook is required (for a premium subscription).

◘ You can easily check who visited your profile recently.

◘ There is an AI tool that will help you to read the visitor’s personality.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Play Store and download the app, and launch it.

Who Viewed My Profile

Step 2: Log in to your Facebook account, or you can buy a subscription to use this app without login into your account.

Login to your Facebook account
 you can buy a subscription

Step 3: After logging in to your account in the PROFILE TRACKER section, paste the profile link you want to track, and you will get your results.

2. Reports: Who Viewed My Profile

⭐️ Features of Reports: Who Viewed My Profile

◘ It will tell you who visited your profile and also check the increase and decrease of your followers.

◘ You can see who blocked you and watch and download secret stories and photos.

◘ You can do a Profile analysis of anyone.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: After installing the app, launch it, and you have to log in to your Instagram account and log in through Facebook here.

Reports Who Viewed My Profile

Step 2: As Instagram and Facebook both come under META and are linked, there is a chance that the same person also viewed your Facebook profile.

Facebook both come under META

Step 3: After logging in, you will be landed on the Homepage, and there, you can see the Eye button at the bottom to check the stalker.

Profile stalker section

3. WProfile-Who Viewed My Profile

⭐️ Features of WProfile-Who Viewed My Profile:

◘ Helpful to find out who stalked your account.

◘ If anyone shows your photos, visit your profile, and you can see it with this app.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the app, install and launch it and then you will be landed on the app’s main page.


Step 2: Now login with your account using your Instagram or Facebook, and you can see the Profile stalker section and the people who stalked your profile.

 Now log in with your
Now log in with your account
you can see the Profile12

How To Track Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile:

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Create the shortened link

To track who viewed your profile, use tool, create a link on Grabify, and paste a URL in the particular field in the given box; start the process, and they will provide you with a shortened URL with strings and a tracking code.

Create the shortened link
shortened URL

Step 2: Send Link on Message

After creating this link, open your Facebook account and post this link on your timeline. People must click on the link, so your chosen link has to be something interesting, like a YouTube link, meme, or video link.

Send link on Message

Step 3: Wait till they Click

Do not post the shortened link as your first post; post some more YouTube and meme links, and then post this shortened link you created.

Wait till they Click

Step 4: Check the Access link to find the IP and Track Location

Those who click on the link can track him. To do that, go back to Grabify, enter the Tracking code you got earlier, and tap the ‘Tracking Code’ option. After that, you can track the person’s location.

Check the Access link

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I stalk someone on Facebook, will I be suggested?

No, stalking means you are viewing someone’s profile; Facebook has a strong algorithm, but they do not have base friend suggestions on profile viewing history. You have to do a specific performance that will be considered as a Facebook suggested friend, but only viewing anyone’s profile will not do that.

2. Can someone tell if you look at their pictures on Facebook?

No, Facebook never informs you if someone looks at your picture; no third-party tools can do this. You must ensure that you do not like or comment on his picture; otherwise, he will be notified.

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