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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

✎ Key Points:

» You can identify who views your Instagram profile by making your account public, ensuring no one is hidden from your story list, and uploading a story. Click the eye icon to see the list of viewers, with the highest number just before the story expires.
» If you want to know who has viewed your Instagram profile, turn off the Private account switch, make your story viewable to everyone, and promptly check the list of viewers by clicking the eye icon before the 24-hour expiration period.

How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile:

There’s no direct way using which you’ll be able to find out who has viewed or stalked your Instagram profile. Therefore, the only way out is to take help from the indirect method of uploading a story to find out who viewed it. From the viewers’ list, you’ll be able to see the list of viewers that includes both followers and non-followers who have seen your story.

These people who are on the viewer’s list are the ones who have looked up your profile. However, some of the followers might have viewed it from the story section, but there’s a pretty good chance that many of these viewers have stalked your profile and viewed your story.

The details steps that you need to perform to find out who viewed your profile are jotted down below:

1. First, open your Instagram and log in


You need to open Instagram on your device. For this method, it’s very much recommended that you use the app version of Instagram and not the web Instagram as it would be easier. After you open the Instagram application, you need to recall your correct username and password to log in to your account. Then enter the correct username and password and log into your account

2. Make Profile & Story Settings Public

You need to make your profile viewable to all for this process. Only if your profile is in the public mode, you’ll be able to be stalked or looked up to by everyone, i.e both followers and non-followers.

Therefore, you need to change your profile mode to public and then remove all the followers from the Hidden list so that your profile becomes publicly available to view.

🔴 Steps To Do:

Step 1: Open Instagram.

Step 2: Head on to the profile page, and then click on the three lines icon.


Step 3: Click on Settings and then click on Privacy.

 Click on Settings

Step 4: Turn off the Private account switch by swiping it left.

Turn off the Private account

Step 5: Next, come back to the previous page and click on Story.

click on Story

Step 6: Then click on the number of people from whom the story is hidden.

click on the number of people

Step 7: Uncheck the circles next to the marked names.

Uncheck the circles

3. Now Upload a New Story

You need to upload your Instagram story. After your Instagram story goes live, the public on Instagram will be able to view it. Your story would be shown on the story section of Instagram, and can also be viewed from your profile itself.

Therefore, if someone searches and gets into your profile to stalk you and then clicks on the red circle to see your story, their name would be recorded and listed. So, to know who stalked or viewed your profile, you’ll need to upload a story from your profile first and then check for the ones who viewed it.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Instagram.

Step 2: Next, swipe to the right to enter the Camera screen.

Step 3: Make sure you’re in the Story section of the camera screen and then capture a picture or a video to post on Story.

 the Story section

Step 4: You can even use one picture from your Gallery instead of clicking it right there.

clicking it right there

Step 5: Next, click on Your Story to upload it.

click on Your Story

4. Look at the Viewers List

After you upload a story on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the viewers’ list. The viewers’ list contains all the names of the users along with their profile pictures who have viewed your story.

As soon as someone clicks on your profile picture to see your story from your profile, their name immediately gets added to the viewer’s list. The names at the top of the list are the ones who have viewed it recently and the names at the end are the ones who viewed your story just after you uploaded it. The story stays there ‘live’ for twenty-four hours and the names keep on getting added until it expires.

Look at the Viewers List

Therefore, to know all the names of the users who viewed your story, you’ll need to click and open the story and then click on the eye icon to see the viewers’ list. You need to do this just some minutes before the story expires.

5. Now, see the Viewers

As you open the viewer’s list, you’ll be able to see both the names of the followers and the non-followers of your account. As your account is in public mode, your story can be watched by anyone and so is your profile. Your profile stories, reels, pictures, and videos can be stalked and seen by anybody too which is why this method is used for finding your profile’s stalker. Therefore, if someone has searched for you to look or stalk your account, their names will be on the viewers’ list.

See the viewers' names

Initially, after you upload a story, the list of viewers starts to grow as others view the story. Therefore, if you want to know the whole list of names who viewed your story, you need to check the list before the story expires and vanishes. You can even check it frequently every hour to see the newly added names.

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