Can I Set a Password to Google Drive Files or Folders?

If you wondering to set a password for Google Drive files then this is not a feature present in Google drive. All you have to do just pre-set the password on your Google Drive file and then save the file on Google Drive.

If you want to know the process of doing this then it’s simple and you can do it on macOS or Windows OS both types of devices.

You can also use the online tools in order to set the file-password lock uploading the same and in case it is a huge file then you can go for the manual process on your PC.

There are many tools available but I would recommend going with the PC’s internal tools or software that do the job offline and works faster.

To set the password to Google drive files, you just have to make a password-protected file and then upload the same on your Google Drive. In another way, if you have uploaded a file on Google Drive and that file has access to many people then you can change the permission settings with a few clicks.

In this article, I will describe all of the ways in order to changes settings or to make a password-protected document & uploading that to Google drive.

The process is simple and this can be completed from both Windows OS or macOS.

However, if you ever forgot the password, try this to recover your Google Drive password.

In order to set a password for the Google Drive files or folders,

  1. First. open your Word text editor on your PC and ready a document.
  2. Now, just go to File>>Set password and set a password to the document.
  3. Next, go to File>>Export To>>Word… and convert the text file to Word .docx file.
  4. Finally, upload the file on your Google drive and your password-protected file is ready on your Google Drive account.

Let’s dive into more detailed steps with images.

Password protect a folder in Google Drive

If you’re trying to password protect a folder on Google Drive then it’s possible by zipping it.

To password protect a folder if you’re on your PC:

  1. First of all, tap on the folder you want to set a password for and click on the ‘Add to archive‘ option from the list. add to archive google drive folder
  2. Next, it will pop up again to save as ‘ZIP’ (.rar format) and click on the ‘Set password‘ option. set password folder
  3. Now, to set just type the password (any) in the password field and click on the ‘OK’ button to save.
  4. After that, go to your Google Drive on PC or App (whichever you want) and upload the folder clicking on the ‘+NEW‘ button.

Once uploaded you have successfully password protected the folder on your Google Drive. But, for an existing file, you can download that from Google Drive first then follow the above process and upload it again.

Can I set a password for Google Drive files or folders?

As everyone uses google drive to safeguard all the memories as well as important files So, the question of setting a password to this is a really common one that every 3rd person may get in their mind.

The answer to this is: You can set a password for some specific files and images or can upload password-protected files that would need a password to open them as well as set some build-in security that can be assessable to selective ones only.

Other than these password-protected files, one can’t set a password on google drive folders.

Set up the Google drive file password lock – macOS

If you want to set a password-protected file that must ask for a password while you want to open that on Google drive or in any other cloud drive then you can use this method to proceed.

I just found this process really simple and easy with which you can easily set a password in your documents that can be viewed live just after putting in the exact password.

Now, the best part…if you just shared the file with many people they still would not be able to view that unless they know the password and this works great.

I just created the .docx file on Macbook that is a word document, and the process is so simple that the same I have described below:

To answer this question one has to know the steps of making a password-protected file which include:

  1. Before saving any file that is to be password protected one has to select the ‘Set password’ option from the file menu.
  2. Type a password that you want and then verify the password and click on set a password. Set password on file
  3. Go back to File > Export To > Word
  4. “Export your document” dialog box will be opened, choose Advance options and .docx format, click on next and save it by giving it a name as you want. Save to Word
  5. As soon as the file is being exported to the desktop.
  6. Upload that same password-protected file on the drive by dragging it to the drive from the desktop and try to open it, it will ask for the password before opening. Type the password and then you may be able to get access to your file. passwprd protected file google drive
  7. Thus, only the one with the password will be able to view that file.

The above process of setting a password lock on the drive is shown according to MacBook settings but it is exactly the same process for Microsoft application too.

💡 Note: With the .docx file you would be able to view the file live with the password, the old .doc file is only viewable after downloading that if uploaded as a password-protected file.

How to set a Password for any Files on Windows PC?

This is the quickest way if your Windows PC having the software or tools that can do the setup like converting a normal document file into a password-protected file. After that, you can upload the same to Google drive so that when you try to open that will pop up for password.

There are several steps included in the password setting process on windows PC which include:

  1. Open that specific folder from Windows Explorer that includes a password-protected file you wanted.
  2. Then, right-click on that file.
  3. Select properties from the dialog box that appears at the bottom.
  4. Then click on the General tab after that click on the advanced option at the bottom of the dialog box.
  5. A dialog box named “Advanced attributes” will be opened, after that select “Encrypt contents to secure data” and press Apply button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Ensure access to the password-protected file by double-clicking the file.

How to Change Permission for Google Drive Files?

If your file is uploaded by self and many people are having access to the file then the quick way to deal with that to restrict people from seeing is changing the permission to limited (to whom you want it to be viewed).

To change the sharing permissions for the files that are already been assessable to others one has to do a simple small process.

  1. First of all, open Google Drive.
  2. Now select the folder you want to change permission. Select Drive folder
  3. Now, tap on the three-dots icon and choose to open ‘Details & activity’. google Drive folder
  4. Click on the share option where you select the files whose permissions are to be modified and owners are to be changed. who can access select
  5. Then go to details and the activity option.
  6. A dialog box of details and activity will be opened where you can scroll down and go to “Who has access” click on the arrow which is being given on the side. Google drive manage permissions
  7. You can select the ‘Share (file) with others’ if no previous setup and enter the email addresses of people who can view that.

Remove all the ones which were already selected before and were having access to and make changes by clicking on the remove button.

The Bottom Lines:

That’s all explained how you can make a password to the files on Google drive. It would not matter to you a lot as the file can be opened on Google Drive directly after entering the password even it was set previously or a password-protected file that was uploaded in that condition.

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