How To Set Status On Snapchat

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You can always set your status on Snapchat by which you can enable your friends to know your location and status. The Snapchat application has always been different from other social media networking apps.

To set the status on Snapchat, you just need to do that using the Snap map of Snapchat.

You need to choose a bitmoji to show the Status you’re engaged with.

After you set your status in the Snap map, it would be seen by your friends as your current status. 

There is another option called: ‘Explore’ you can read about this.

Over here, you’ll get to know everything about how you can post or set a status on Snapchat and how it works. If you’re unable to understand how to upload your status on Snapchat as its feature is a little distinct from other apps, this is for you to know and learn about the technique.

How To Set Status On Snapchat:

Setting or updating a status on Snapchat is an easy peasy method and you can do it if you’re familiar with its feature and the way to update your status.

Note that you need to keep your location on to update your current situation in the snap map. It would also help you to be more specific with your whereabouts and let your Snapchat friends view your exact location and activity. 

To set the status on the Snap map,

◘ First, you need to open the Snapchat application on your device.

◘ Now after opening you’ll find the camera screen, from now swipe down from your iPhone to go to Snap Map.

◘ You’ll find your two options, one is Status and another one is Explore.

one is Status and other one is Explore

◘ On the snap map, just tap on the Status>Choose a Bitmoji option.

Choose a Bitmoji option

◘ Next after Choosing a Bitmoji from the list and tap ‘Set Status‘.

Next after Choosing a Bitmoji

As the page flashes you with different kinds of activity, choose the one you’re engaged in. You can tap on status to see who viewed it and then also delete the status from the delete icon on the viewer’s list page.

Now you’ll see that your current status has got updated on the snap map and would be visible to all your Snapchat friends.

🔯 Snapchat Map Status – How To Change:

If you want to change the map in status, you need to go to the Snapchat settings. To change it you need to first head onto the Snapchat setting, then go for the option Set my location. 

But after the recent update, you may not find the option, so you can update your status after you’ve changed your location. 

For that, you need to update your location by clicking on the at location icon on the snap map to change the map status. You can also add your activity from the My Bitmoji option. 

Snapchat won’t be updating your location in the background. It would disappear after you leave the place and show it as your last status. Even after four hours, the status won’t show your activity as it would expire.

After you change your location, you can head on to the snap map and update your current location and the activity in your status if you want to change the map.

What Does Status Mean On Snapchat Data:

You can surely set your status on Snapchat. It’s not the usual way of clicking a picture and posting it to update the status, but it’s a lot more fun. You can set and put up your current status by setting your location on the snap map after tapping the at location icon which you’ll find just above the Places icon. 

Here you have to use a bitmoji that resembles just your picture and choose the one activity you’re engaged in at the current location. It would be visible to your friends. You’ll be able to set the status in no time after you open the camera screen. You’ll be able to see the snap map icon appearing at the extreme left corner. You need to click on that to get into the snap map. 

Now you’ll be able to see your current location on the snap map after tapping the at location icon. At the bottom left corner of your screen tap on the My Bitmoji to select the one which resembles your current activity. As soon as you tap the bitmoji you’ll find the previous bitmoji got changed with a new one on the snap map. 

Where is the Status button on Snapchat:

When updating your status on Snapchat you’ll be able to find the status button straight at the lower left side of your screen. That’s the status switch that you need to tap on to select the activity you’re doing to put that on your status update. 

Its status button works differently to let the user choose the activity he or she’s engaged in and then allow people to know about it from his or her status. 

Now if you’re unable to find the status button, you must look for it by following the guide.

◘ After you open the Snapchat application, on the camera screen you’ll find the snap map button at the extreme lower-left corner of the screen. Tap on the option.

◘ Now that you’re in your snap map, you’ll be able to see your location on it. 

Note: To let snap maps update your location, you need to keep your mobile GPS on this whole time. 

◘ In the lower-left corner, you’ll find the status button named My Bitmoji. Click on it to update your activity on the snap map. 

Hence, after choosing the activity you’ll be able to let people know about your new status.

Why Can’t you See the Status on Snapchat:

Now with the recent update, seeing someone’s status on Snapchat is a little bit different than it used to be pre-update. Now viewing someone’s status is possible but you need to do that on the snap map page. So it falls under the snap map opinion which lets the user know about their friend’s status.  When you’re on the snap map page, you’ll be able to see an option for Friends at the lower right corner of the screen. You need to tap on that to see your friend’s status.

Under the  Friends option, you’ll see the present status of your friends. You can even see the time ago the status has been updated. It would help you to be updated with their location. 

You’ll be able to see your friend’s current location and status. But that’s not all, after the recent update, the snap map shows the current location along with the recently visited location. So you’ll be able to see where your friend was before and from where she traveled to the present location. 

If she has posted about her recent activity in the status her bitmoji will show you the activity in the status. 

So all the statuses are shown in the Snap map section and you won’t be able to see it anywhere else but directly visit the snap map to view someone’s status.

The Bottom Lines:

The way to update or post a status on Snapchat about the current activity or location is also different. But it also enables you to post status in a different and cooler way.

You can show your activity using bitmoji and can set your location to update people about your status.  All these can be done using a Snap map and location has to be kept on to detect your present location to set your status.

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