Set WhatsApp DP without Cropping – without Losing Quality

WhatsApp doesn’t have anything to do about it manually, the cropping of the image to bring it in the 1:1 ratio to fit the square is a requirement that the picture needs to fulfill before it can be uploaded.

When you crop such an image in order to fit in for your DP then you would probably lose the quality of the profile picture.

There are some simple and indirect techniques that can help the user to get rid of this issue of losing the quality. If the photo can be clicked in a square shape, the user would not have to crop and can upload it as the original.

Even if the photo is not cropped heavily and from a very large picture, the quality won’t be ruined much.

There are even applications like SquareDroid that can help the user upload images of quality. This app resizes the image without ruining the quality which lets the user use good quality images in their display picture.

In this article, you would have the ways for setting the WhatsApp profile picture without losing quality are explained in detail with all the steps.

Why does WhatsApp Ask to Crop Images?

WhatsApp asks the users to crop the image while you’re uploading it onto the profile picture. WhatsApp has this condition of cropping the image to make it fit in the square before it can allow the user to place it in the profile. This cropping often ruins the picture quality and users often wonder why this cropping needs to be done.

  • WhatsApp asks the user to crop the picture to size it perfectly to fit in the DP.
  • The WhatsApp display picture has to be in the square size which is why the user needs to fit it to the square to set it as their display picture.
  • The square appears to be in the ratio of 1:1 which is the required standard you need to fulfill to set it as the DP.
  • Therefore to meet the required standard which is the perfect fit of the image in the square of 1:1 ratio you’re required to crop every picture before uploading it. 

How to Set WhatsApp DP without Losing Quality?

When you’re setting a profile picture, then cropping of the picture makes the quality poor. WhatsApp has some standards that the selected picture needs to fulfill before it can be uploaded as a display picture.

Therefore, every time you are about to set a picture on your DP, WhatsApp needs you to make it fit in the square so that it can be in the ratio of 1:1 which is the ideal standard that the picture needs to fulfill.

WhatsApp doesn’t decrease the quality of your picture manually. But when you crop the picture, the quality gets reduced which is why every time you upload a picture after cropping it or squaring it, you find it blurry and not as prominent as it was.

The picture has to have the square format to get fitted into the square and set as a DP. Therefore, when the picture is not exactly in the right square format, the quality gets reduced significantly when you crop it.

But there are some manual ways you can try to get rid of this problem of decreasing the quality of the picture.

These manual techniques can help you retain the quality of your picture even after WhatsApp asks you to crop it into the square.

1. Click an Image in Square:

The required format of the image that can be uploaded is to have a square layout.

When you try to upload an image that’s not in the ratio of 1:1 square you need to crop and make it fit into the 1:1 square.

This step of fitting the picture in the square decreases the quality, you need to do it to choose the square format while capturing or taking the picture. Thus the pictures taken are already in the square format which needs not be cropped to be fitted in the square box while uploading. As you’ll already find it in the square shape and thus fitted in the box.

You can just move ahead with uploading the picture without having to crop it again to make it adjust in the box. Therefore if you can perform this accordingly, you no longer need to fit or crop the picture in the square to fit it as that will be fitted automatically if it’s in the square format.

 Take an image in square

2. Don’t Crop the DP Heavily:

Cropping the picture heavily from a very large picture ruins the quality of the picture excessively. When you’re cropping the picture from a large picture to take just a part of it that fits in the square and zooming into it in order to set it as your DP, you’re ruining the picture yourself.

If you’re doing it heavily from a very large picture, the quality will decrease to the minimum. Therefore you need to avoid that by choosing a picture that doesn’t have a large layout to avoid the problem of cropping it heavily from the whole picture.

You can try making it square by editing the image into the square from your Photos app first then you can upload it on your DP.

3. WhatsApp DP without Cropping – SquareDroid

Another indirect way to set your WhatsApp display picture without losing quality is to use the SquareDroid app.

It has some amazing and advanced features to help users get rid of the limitations of cropping the picture which leads to losing the quality before uploading it as the profile picture.


This app is prepared with some advanced features:

  • It helps the user resize all their photos before uploading them on social media.
  • It has a simple and clear interface with a minimalistic approach. Therefore it’s easier to use.
  • It provides stylish and modern themes and designs following all the conditions and guidelines.
  • It helps in editing pictures with two-color gradient borders.
  • The application size is smaller so it doesn’t take up more space.

Steps to use the SquareDroid app:

STEP 1: For the first step, install SquareDroid on your device, to begin with, the process.

SquareDroid intaller

STEP 2: Next, open the application. You need to choose a picture by clicking on Pick a photo or you can take a new one and then start to edit it.

SquareDroid pick a photo

STEP 3: Then it would ask you to choose any of the three available backgrounds. You need to choose one among blur, plain, and gradient.

 Squaredroid backgrounds

STEP 4: After choosing, you’ll find the app automatically decreases the size of the picture without losing the quality of the photo.

STEP 5: Next, you need to click on the Save button and then click on Ok.

STEP 6: Now you need to open the WhatsApp application, then set the edited photo as your profile picture and you’re done.  

Infographic_Set WhatsApp DP without Losing Quality

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained all the techniques that you can follow to avoid lowering the picture quality of the WhatsApp profile picture. As the uploading standard needs to be fulfilled by squaring the image, you can click an image that is already in a square in order to avoid hard cropping.

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