How To Connect To Any WiFi Without Password iPhone

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To connect to the internet using any Wi-Fi network, you will need the key to enter that network.

If you find someone who is already connected to a wireless network that you want to connect also then the process becomes easier by sharing the password.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad device then you have multiple choices to connect to a secured Wi-Fi network without putting in a password. 

As you know that you have an option called the WPS button that connects to any wireless network instantly but this has a limitation.

Like, if you are connecting to someone else’s network or your neighbor’s wireless network, you don’t have that reach to push the WPS button there.

That is why the alternative method is either through apps or the iPhone settings that can be used for connecting to a Wi-Fi network without a password.

Let’s start with the details at first and we will provide a step-by-step guide that you can use to finally complete the process.

The iPhone is more secure and has a lot more features for Wi-Fi sharing.

Although, if you are trying to connect to a network that is unknown then you should use this third-party app a try.

🏷 What is a WiFi connection?

WiFi basically is a part of protocol technology. Users can get the saved password from other devices to be connected to the network.

Still, if you don’t know the procedure, here is an alternative way to do it:

How To Connect to Wi-Fi Network without Password on iOS:

You can see the browser-saved ones that can display all the passwords for saved networks. There is an app on the apple store named WiFi Passwords (4112kb).

Wi-Fi Network without Password on iOS

This is an amazing iOS application.

This app needs to be installed on other active clients’ mobile.

Once you install the app, you can see all available passwords which you can use to connect to the secured WiFi.

1. Decoding WPS Method:

WPS on your router is given to connect any devices to the network without any password. This is the default setup that all routers have. 

If you press the WPS button, it will give you quite a few seconds to connect to the network from any of your devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. 

Decoding WPS Method

WPS is the best option if your router is handy and stands nearby you. But the problem is, when it is far away, you cannot use that WPS button without the owner’s permission. 

You have to connect to that network within a certain period of time after you press the WPS button. You can do it multiple times for multiple devices.

2. Using Tools:

If you are using iPhone and forgot the password still it’s possible sometimes to connect to the WiFi using an app that displays all of the random passkeys to access and connect to WiFi without a password on the iPhone.

Using Tools

Note: Before installing such an app on your phone, check your local law if it is illegal to use such an app to access another person’s WiFi without permission. You will be responsible in any case if you break the privacy of someone. Please read this guide only as educational content.

To connect your iPhone to any WiFi without a password:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Just install ‘Instabridge – WiFi Passwords‘ on your iPhone device.

iPhone 1_connect wifi 1

Step 2: Then open the app from connected devices. This will display the passwords for all SSID networks.

iPhone 1_connect wifi 2

Step 3: Now use these keys (that show off in the list) to connect with new devices.

Primary concerns:

  • This also needs to have MAC whitelisted on that device.
  • You no need to do anything for the passwords. Once you install and open it, this app will show all of the networks along with the passwords.
  • This app does show all connected or disconnected networks and passwords.

How to Share WiFi from iPhone to MacBook:

This method describes how can you share your WiFi password from iPhone or iPad to MacBook.

If you are connected to a wireless network with your iPhone then you can share that password with other devices like MacBook or iPad.

From iPhone To MackBook

For doing this, you have to open the wireless network on your iPhone and tap onto the SSID. 

Now you will see the share option for the password, just you have to connect to that network using that shared password on your MacBook. 

Note: With the setup, you can connect all of your iOS devices easily. But remember, the more devices you connect, the internet speed will be decreased as this speed will be shared with all of the connected devices.

🏷 What Can I Do if the WiFi Does Not Work?

If your WiFi does not get connected, there might be several reasons behind this: 

The first thing you should do, is check out if the router range is enough to reach your device. If the WiFi range is less then your device will have an issue connecting to that network. 

What can I do if the WiFi does not work

Sometimes your device may have an issue connecting to the WiFi network. This needs resetting your adaptor, as soon as you reset it, you can connect to that wireless network seamlessly.

If you are trying to connect to a wireless network for the first time and you don’t know the password, you can check the router’s bottom portion to find out if the password is pasted there so that you can connect with that default password. 

🏷 Can You Connect your iPhone to a Wireless Network using Android?

Connecting to a WiFi network with the help of an Android device to your iPhone is quite easy.

 Wireless network using Android app

As you know, that Android device gets connected to a wireless network, and if sharable then you can share that network with a QR code. You just have to scan that QR code to connect to that wireless network from your iPhone or iPad.

Just make sure that the WiFi network you connect, should be secured.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the ways that you can take to connect to a WiFi network from your iPhone or iPad. The WPS is the best option but still, there are a few tools that you can take to connect to the wireless network.

Just make use of these methods carefully to connect to a WiFi network without using the password.

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