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How To Connect To WiFi Without Password Using WPS On iPhone

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can connect to WiFi without a password on an iPhone by sharing the password with someone already connected to the network or using the WPS button, although this has limitations.
» WPS button method may not be possible if you are connecting to someone else’s network, like a neighbor’s, where you can’t physically access the WPS button.

How To Connect To WiFi Without Password Using WPS On iPhone:

This is an amazing iOS application. This app needs to be installed on other active clients’ mobile.

Once you install the app, you can see all available passwords which you can use to connect to the secured WiFi.

1. WPS Method

WPS on your router is given to connect any devices to the network without any password. This is the default setup that all routers have. 

If you press the WPS button, it will give you quite a few seconds to connect to the network from any of your devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

WPS is the best option if your router is handy and stands nearby you. But the problem is, when it is far away, you cannot use that WPS button without the owner’s permission. 

You have to connect to that network within a certain period after you press the WPS button. You can do it multiple times for multiple devices.

2. Connect Manually to A WiFi (That has no security)

To connect manually to WiFi on your iPhone:

1. Open your phone’s home screen, go to the settings folder, select the WiFi option, turn it on, and wait for some time; it will show you the available WiFi networks.

2. Select the network of your choice and enter the password, and you will be connected to the WiFi network.

How To Connect To Friend’s WiFi Without Password:

You have to try the guest network if available.

🔯 Connect to Guest Network:

To connect to friends’ WiFi without a password, you can use the router’s guest mode, which is only designed to provide WiFi access to new users without entering a password. A network administrator can only set up a router guest profile which is very easy to create to set up the guest network on your routers; follow these steps:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Keep your administrator details along with you and open a web page on your PC or laptop, and on the search bar, enter the router’s IP address.

You can find the router’s IP address on their sticker or use the most common IP addresses, or

Step 2: Now use your administrator credentials to log in to your router’s account, and when the Home screen opens up, find the wireless settings option.

Enter password

Step 3: You will see the guest network option, click on it, and assign a network name to the guest network.

Click on enable

Step 4: Then in the password section, either set a straightforward password or leave it blank.

wifi settings

Step 5: You can set the router’s bandwidth limit if your router allows you to do so; it will help you not to use your network in excess. After saving the necessary changes, save it, and you are done.

How to Share WiFi from iPhone to MacBook:

This method describes how can you share your WiFi password from iPhone or iPad to MacBook.

If you are connected to a wireless network with your iPhone then you can share that password with other devices like MacBook or iPad.

To do this, you have to open the wireless network on your iPhone and tap on the SSID.

Now you will see the share option for the password, just you have to connect to that network using that shared password on your MacBook.

Note: With the setup, you can connect all of your iOS devices easily. But remember, the more devices you connect, the more your internet speed will be decreased as this speed will be shared with all of the connected devices.

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