Ways to Save WhatsApp photos to phone Gallery

WhatsApp normally saves the media files including videos or photos to phone memory and the disadvantages of this, when you uninstall your WhatsApp the media files also get deleted. ☛ You can read what you can lose if you uninstall WhatsApp or delete profile. Personally, I faced this situation when I just uninstalled my WhatsApp … Read more

Read WhatsApp Messages Without Sender Knowing [In Group]

WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted that restricts other users to see through the WhatsApp and even if you have been succeeded in reading, the person can know this easily. I just have searched on this topic a lot and finally got some amazing tools that can read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. Reading the messages from … Read more

Merge Two Instagram Accounts into One [WORKING]

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Best WhatsApp Mods Download 2021 – Hide Online

If you lack a lot more feature on your WhatsApp then these mod apps can add a handful of premium features to it. The mods in another way considered as dangerous for its unencrypted features, that means whatever you message someone can be read by the third-party. Remember: Whichever mods you are using you are … Read more

Longest Snapchat Streak Record [Reached 2099]

The most interesting feature brought by Snapchat introducing this streak is to continue staying with their platform and making Snapchat a daily habit.The reward: No.1 snap streak holder. You have to be a consistent snapper to get the longest Snapchat streak. This feature just shouts both of you and your friend’s name in the first … Read more