How Many Friends Can You Have On Snapchat

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If you want to know the friends limit on Snapchat, then you should know that Snapchat has increased the friends limit to 5000 for now.

The daily limit to add people to Snapchat is 150 to 200. If you reach your total limit of 5000 friends on Snapchat, you won’t be able to add other people anymore, you’ll also not be able to accept friend requests.

In the case of stories, when your Story privacy is set as Everyone, users who are not on your friend list can see your stories too. But if it’s set as My Friends, only the people on your friend list can view your stories on Snapchat.

There are also steps you can follow to know the number of friends someone has on his Snapchat account.

🔯 Does Snapchat Have a Friend Limit?

Yes, Snapchat does have a limit to how many friends an account can have at a time. The current limit on how many friends you can have on Snapchat has been increased to 5000 recently.

Earlier, the limit was 2500 but soon after the pandemic hit the earth, the numbers kept on rising at an increasing rate. Therefore, the limit was then increased to 5k for the sake of the users.

However, you need to know that although there’s a limit to how many friends you can have on Snapchat, there is no limit to how many people can add you to Snapchat.

Even after you hit 5k friends on Snapchat, other users can add you on Snapchat as there is no limit on the number of people who can add your Snapchat profile on Snapchat. But you can’t add them back to your profile.

After you reach 5k friends, Snapchat will send you a notification about it where you’ll be informed that you’re no longer allowed to add any more people on Snapchat.

How Many Friends Can You Have On Snapchat:

Adding friends on Snapchat is fun until you know the limit because Snapchat sets a daily limit on how many people you add in a day.

Although it’s unknown to almost all the users of Snapchat, the daily limit of Snapchat lies between 150 to 200.

Hence, you can only add up to 150 to 200 people in a day. However, no one is sure about the exact digits.

Some Snapchat users try to add as many people as they can to their profile without keeping in mind the daily limit or the friends limit. Therefore, to counter the action of adding random people on Snapchat, it has set the daily limit of adding people to 150- 200.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Here’s how you can add people on Snapchat from Quick Add: 

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2: Next, click on the Bitmoji icon that’s on the left side of the camera screen.

click on the Bitmoji icon

Step 3: After getting into the profile page, scroll down to find the option Add Friends. Click on it.

option Add Friends

Step 4: You’ll be able to go to the Quick Add page. There, you can click on the Add option next to the names of the people to add them on Snapchat.

lick on the Add

🔯 What Happens after You Add 5000 Friends on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the maximum number of friends you can have is 5000. Therefore, it often makes the users wonder about what would happen if they reach the limit of 5k friends on Snapchat.

After adding more and more friends on Snapchat, you might reach the limit of 5k which is when you will see or get a notification that you cannot add any more users.

If you find that Snapchat isn’t allowing you to add more users on Snapchat anymore, the most probable reason is that you’ve reached the 5000 friends limit on Snapchat.

There’s nothing you can do about it as it’s an official limit set by the Snapchat community. You can neither increase nor decrease it by requesting Snapchat.

However, you also need to keep in mind that other users can still add your profile on Snapchat even though you’ve reached the 5000 limits. But you won’t be able to accept their requests anymore.

If you want to add more friends, you won’t be able to do it after crossing the 5000 limits, therefore, you can try to open a second account.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your account getting blocked after reaching the limit because it doesn’t happen, but  Snapchat restricts you from adding people to your profile anymore.

🔯 Can Someone Follow You if not on Your Friend List?

If your Snapchat privacy setting is set as Everyone, then anyone on Snapchat can follow and see your stories even if he or she is not on your friend list.

However, if your privacy setting is set as My Friends then no one except for the users who are on your Snapchat friend list can follow you and see your stories.

Snapchat lets the account owner decide their audiences. If you want to keep your stories limited to Friends you can set Privacy as My Friends. In that case, if someone wants to see your stories and follows you, they need to first Add you on Snapchat. Only after you accept the user’s friend request, you two can become friends on Snapchat making the person eligible to view your Snapchat stories.

But if you don’t accept the friend request, he or she will not be added to your friend list and thus the person will not be able to see your stories until you accept the friend request.

However, if you want to make your Snapchat stories public to the world, you can set privacy for Everyone. This will enable anyone on Snapchat to see your Snapchat stories without adding you on Snapchat.

Here’s how you can make change your Story’s privacy to everyone:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2: Click on the Bitmoji icon.

Click on the Bitmoji icon

Step 3: Next, you’ll need to click on the Settings icon that’s at the top right corner of the profile page.

click on the Settings icon

Step 4: Scroll down the Settings page and click on View My Story.

 click on View My Story

Step 5: Click on Everyone to change your privacy.

 Click on Everyone

Now anyone on Snapchat can view your stories even if the user isn’t on your friend list.

More Ways to Add Friends on Snapchat:

Snapchat offers different ways to add friends, all of which have been explained below :

🔯 Contacts:

If you sync your phone’s contact book with the Snapchat application, the contacts will get uploaded to the app.  This method makes it easier to find the profiles of the people who are in your contact book provided they’ve added their phone numbers to their Snapchat accounts.

🔴 Steps To Find people from the contact list: 

Step 1: On Snapchat, you’ll need to head on to the profile page and then click on the  Add Friends option. 


Step 2: On the Quick Add page, click on All Contacts to find the users who are from your contact book.

click on All Contacts

Step 3: There, by clicking on Add you’ll be able to add those people on Snapchat.

clicking on Add

🔯 Snapcode:

On Snapchat, you can find profiles by scanning their snap code. In a snap code, there is information hidden in it about a person’s profile. Every snap code is different. Therefore, when you scan a snap code sent by someone, it will bring up the profile of the user immediately.

Even if you send your profile’s snap code to a person, he or she will be able to scan your snap code to search for your profile.

You’ll get your profile’s snap code by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the Bitmoji icon on the camera screen.


 Step 2: On the profile page, just beside your username, you’ll find a yellow card.

On the profile page

Step 3: Click on it and you’ll be able to see your snapcode.

Step 4: Click on Share Snapcode to send it to others.

Click on Share Snapcode

Here are the steps to scan a snap code to find others’ profiles:

Step 1: Open Snapchat.

Step 2: You’ll need to head on to the profile page by clicking on the Bitmoji icon.


Step 3: Then, you’ll need to click on the Add Friends option.

option Add Friends

Step 4: Next, on the Quick Add page, click on the little ghost icon that’s on the right side of the Find friends search box.

 Find friends search box

Click and select the snapcode you want to scan and the app will bring up the profile associated with it.

🔯 Quick Add:

You can also add people on Snapchat from the Quick Add section. It’s a feature of Snapchat that helps you find friends of friends on Snapchat. Snapchat displays the Quick Add section by finding mutual friends, and also by the assumption that you might know the user.

Step 1: To add someone from the Quick Add section, you’ll need to click on the search icon sighted as a magnifying glass icon on the camera screen.

 magnifying glass icon

Step 2: You’ll find a few names under the Quick Add section.

 Click on View More

Step 3: Click on View More to check out the whole list.

🔯 Mentions:

When you find that on a snap, there’s the mention of another person’s username, you need to swipe up on the snap to add that user. If you swipe on the snap, it will immediately bring up the Snapchat profile of the mentioned person on your screen.

From there, you can add the person.

The Bottom Lines:

On Snapchat, you can have up to 5000 friends after which you’ll no longer be able to add people. The daily limit of adding users is 150 to 200 on Snapchat.

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