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Snapchat Screenshot App – Best Apps To Take Screenshot

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You can use the Snapchat Screenshot Saver app to capture screenshots privately without letting the other person know about it. 

Many messaging platforms notify the user if a screenshot of their story or chats has been taken.

The best screenshot-saver apps for Android are Private Screenshots, SaveStory, and Screen Recorder Video Recorder.

On iOS devices, use the Snapkeep for Snapchat Save application.  You need to download the screenshot saver app on your device and then open the application.

Grant the necessary permission required to take a screenshot or capture a screen recording, then click on Start Now. It will present you with a floating capture button.

Snapchat Screenshot Apps:

Follow the details about the apps below:

1. Private Screenshots

Recently, users all around the globe are facing an annoying issue because many messaging apps are notifying the other person if the user takes a screenshot of their chats. 

However, as a solution to this issue, you can use screenshot-saving apps. This works to take screenshots privately and keeps them confidential without letting the messaging apps know about them.

πŸ”— Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shamanland.privatescreenshots

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You’ll need to first download the application from the Google Play Store.

Private Screenshots app

Step 2: After installation, you’ll need to open the application and grant the required permission.

 open the application and grant the required on app

Step 3: Next, on the top panel of the interface, you’ll be able to see a capture button. Click on it.

on the top panel private
see a capture button Click on it

Step 4: Then click on Start Now.

 click on Start Now private

Step 5: You’ll be displayed with an orange capture. 

displayed with an orange capture

Step 6: Open any application or page on which you want to take the screenshot.

Step 7: Click on the orange draggable capture button to take as well as save the screenshot.

2. Snapkeep for Snapchat Save

 Another screenshot-saving application that you can use is Snapkeep for Snapchat Save. The app is only supported on iOS devices. You can’t download or use it on Android devices.

⭐️ Features:

β—˜ It lets you save pictures and videos on Snapchat without letting the sender know about it.

β—˜ You can take screenshots of the stories and it would not display the screenshot sign to the user.

β—˜ It’s very easy to use and clears the cache data automatically.

β—˜ The application allows you to draw and edit the saved screenshots. You can add text editing to it too.

β—˜ It doesn’t require you to pay a buck or don’t operate on a coin system. 

β—˜ The app is protected by a password system. 

β—˜ It can take screenshots as well as record the whole screen’s content in a video format. 

β—˜ It allows you to share the saved screenshots to other platforms directly. 

β—˜ You can mark a story as viewed, replayed, or screenshot. 

πŸ”— Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/snapkeep-for-snapchat-save/id741575897

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, install the application on your iPhone.

Snapkeep for Snapchat Save

Step 2: Open the application.

Step 3: You’ll find the Snaps and Stories option. 

Step 4: You can open the Snaps section and then get to see the snap received by you. Click on the camera button to take a screenshot of the snap without letting the sender know about it.

Step 5: If you want to take screenshots of stories, get into the Stories section.

Step 6: Then, open a story, and click on the camera button to capture a screenshot of the story. 

3. SaveStory

SaveStory is another screenshot-saving application that allows you to take simple and fast screenshots without letting the owner of the story know about it. It can not only take screenshots but also record the screen with audio. You can also use it as an audio recording application too. 

⭐️ Features:

β—˜ It can take continuous screenshots.

β—˜ The app works on non-rooted devices too.

β—˜ It won’t send any notifications when a screenshot is taken of Snapchat stories.  

β—˜ It can take screenshots and screen recordings simultaneously.

β—˜ You can pause and resume the screen recording.

β—˜ The app works super fast and can also help in recording audio.

β—˜ It works on chat screens of Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 

β—˜ You don’t need to create an account or register on the application. 

β—˜ The screenshot taken in HD quality.

β—˜ It provides a High-Quality screen recorder. 

β—˜ It saves the files into the directory of the app itself. 

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the application from the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.galaxyapps.snapstory.

Download the application  on snap story

Step 2: Then open the application.

Step 3: You can either choose to take the tutorial on using it or not. 

Step 4: On the main interface, you’ll be able to see the red Screenshot option. 

Step 5: Below it, there’s a Tap to start button. Click on it.

 Tap to start button save story

Step 6: Grant the required permission by swiping the switches to the right.

Grant the required permission

Step 7: Again click on Tap to start.


Step 8: Then click on  Start now.

click on Β Start now on save story

Step 9: It will provide a draggable camera button to capture the screen. 

l provide a draggable camera button

Step 10: Now you can take a screenshot of any content on the screen by clicking on the camera button. 

Step 11: You’ll be able to see the screenshot in the app’s directory. 

4. Screen Recorder Video Recorder

Last of all the mentioned apps that can take screenshots privately is the Screen Recorder Video Recorder. It’s an app for Android and cannot be used on iOS devices. It’s available on the Google Play Store for free.

⭐️ Features:

It’s a free screenshot recording app that doesn’t send notifications when you take a screenshot of the chat screen or stories on Snapchat or other messaging apps. 

β—˜ The app can record the contents of the screen in a video format too.

β—˜ It can record an ongoing gaming session. 

β—˜ You are able to edit the recorded screenshots and screen recordings too.

β—˜ It doesn’t set a maximum time limit for the recording screen.

β—˜ You can record gameplay on YouTube, RTMP, etc.

β—˜ It allows you to export the screen recording in HD quality.

β—˜ It offers a floating or draggable capture button.

β—˜ It offers two kinds of storage units: SD Card and internal storage to save screenshots and screen recordings.

You can easily pause and resume recordings. 

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download and install the application from the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ezscreenrecorder.

Screen Recorder Video Recorder

Step 2: Next, open the application. 

Step 3: It will immediately provide you with a floating capture button.

Step 4: You can click on the capture button after opening any app to take a screenshot of the content on the screen.

Step 5: If you want to do a screen recording, you need to click on the RECORD SCREEN  option.

click on the RECORD SCREENΒ  option

Step 6: Then click on Allow on permission boxes.

click on Allow on permission
 permission boxes  app

Step 7: Next, click on Start now. It will start to record your screen at a countdown of 3. 

 click on Start now

Step 8: Save the recording by clicking on the timer icon and then clicking on the box icon.Β 

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