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What Does Circle On Instagram Story Mean: Blue, Black, Grey & Others

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» Instagram profiles are circled in color to indicate that the person recently posted stories on Instagram. There are several color rings and every ring indicates a different condition of anyone’s story.
» One is the rainbow ring which indicates that the person celebrates the pride of the month.
» The blue ring indicates that the person recently posted a story, and the green ring indicates that the person changed the story settings to ‘Close friends.
» A double ring indicates that the person adds borders to their profile picture, grey circle indicates that you have seen all the stories of the person. 
» The red circle indicates that the person has created a story but you have not seen the story.

Instagram Story Ring Color Meaning:

If you have any Instagram friends or accounts you follow, you’ll notice a colorful circle around their profile picture when they have a new Instagram Story. This circle is visible on the top of your home feed, indicating that there’s fresh content for you to explore.

This means that you can tap on their profile photo to instantly access their Story and view the photos or videos they’ve posted. You can swipe through the Story to see all the different segments they’ve added.

If you notice a colorful circle around someone’s profile picture, all you need to do is tap on their photo, and you’ll be redirected to their Story. From there, you can view the content they’ve posted and engage with it by sending direct messages or reacting with emojis.

1. Blue Circle Mean

The blue circle indicates that the profile recently posted a story on Instagram. You can see the story they posted by tapping it on their profile while it is circled in color. When you tap right into their story, they will be moved to the next story, and when you tap right into the previous story, they will be moved to the previous story.  

If you see a green circle on anyone’s post then it indicates that the person posts a story for close friends. 

2. What does Grey circle On Instagram Story mean:

Instagram also has a grey color ring feature available which indicates that there is content but you have already seen it.

If you touch a profile image that is in either grey, black, or faded, it means that you have watched all of the person’s stories. When someone posts a story on Instagram, their profile will be circled in color after you watched all of their stories, the color of the circle will turn grey.

But there is one condition: if you did not see all of the contents of anyone’s story then it will not turn grey, their profile will still be circled in color. Open their story and tap on the right side of your screen it will reach you to the next content.

Do the same for all contents otherwise, the circle will not turn grey. If a faded or grey ring profile color is again, it means that the person has posted a new story.

3. What Does Black Ring Around Instagram Profile Picture Mean:

If you have any Instagram friends whose profile pictures are surrounded by a black ring, it means they have posted a story, but you’re unable to view it. This issue can occur due to various reasons, such as a technical glitch or a temporary problem with the Instagram app.

If you notice the black ring around someone’s profile picture, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. Firstly, try refreshing your Instagram feed or closing and reopening the app to see if the issue resolves itself. If that doesn’t work, you can also try clearing the app cache or updating the Instagram app to the latest version.

4. Double circle on Instagram Mean

The double circle on Instagram is nothing but the borders that users can set on their profile pictures. Some Instagram users who want to reach more through this social media platform usually use this trick. It may somehow look like you posted a story but actually, that is not true it is the border.

Some people edit their profile picture on Instagram such that it has a colored border around it, so you can understand if you see a double circle on someone’s profile picture, that means they have manually added a border to it.

When they posted a story including the border, their Instagram profile picture will have three circles around it where two of the circles are the existing borders and one is the story circle. You can use an online tool like ‘UNILINK’ to add Instagram borders to your profile picture and download it and change your profile picture on the Instagram web or app. 

5. The Instagram Red circle On Profile picture Mean:

As already mentioned earlier, a colorful ring appears around your profile pic once you have created a story. These rings are indicating that there has been a new story created by this person.

If you are active on Instagram and see a red empty circle on Instagram around the person’s profile pic or next to his name, then it describes that the person posted a new story and is still not watched by you.

After posting the story the red ring around the profile will appear only for 24 hours because Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours after posting. After visiting their Instagram stories the red circle will turn into a grey circle.

What Does Purple Color Mean:

This means that the user has added something to the person’s Private Story and it will have a lock icon on it too.

Why are Some Instagram Profiles Circle in Color:

Instagram profiles are circles in color because they have recently posted a story. In case you are not seeing any kind of color ring then it means that the person didn’t post a story. When anyone’s profile is circled in color and you tap on their profile picture you can view the story that they have posted.

By tapping the right side of the screen you can go to the next content if available. You can also swipe the screen from right to left to go to the next person’s story. Instagram stories last for 24 hours so after that, the colored circle along with the story will vanish.

If you have finished watching all of the contents of someone’s story then the ring will turn grey. But still, you can re-watch it.

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