How to Confirm if Someone Blocked You on Gmail?

Did your friend block you on Gmail or Gmail chat? You are not able to see them in chat or not replying to your emails. You have sent many emails to their Gmail id but no response from them..! Then, how to know if that person blocked you on Gmail…

Let’s start a check what is inside of this doubt.

If you see that someone disappeared from your contact list, this is maybe he blocked you on Gmail. But, few more situations can produce this doubt to fit in your mind.

…just check more signals for that person in your Gmail account.

If there someone disappeared from your Gmail chat.


Showing a blank icon for that person in the contact list.

Those are not the ultimate investigation….

So, let’s start the powerful investigation–

I am going to share a very useful technique to identify this issue. As you know, Gmail does not have features for delivery reports for successful mail delivery. But they send mail-back if your emails failed to send.

If you want to ignore a person in Gmail who disturbs you by emails, then you can block that person’s email id.

But, if you send a mail to a person and if he has blocked you, neither you will get failed-report nor any successful or blocking related reports. Just you are blind now to track this.

But, do not worry. Here I will share a game-changing technique with that you can easily track their behaviour and also you will get reports for that email when Gmail users read it.

Yes, It is possible to know if someone blocked you on Gmail.

know if blocked infographics

You get an alert email back with all information when that person reads your email. If you don’t get that mail back, you can understand that your mail still in his inbox or spam folder and not read till now. But whenever it is read you will get surely a reply. The reader of that mail will have no control to stop that email alert from coming to you.

To track this you should use an extension which is Mailtrack. So, let’s start the step-by-step process below–

  1. At first, start and open chrome browser then go to settings.
    go to settings
  2. Then, go to Extensions and click get more extensions.
    get more extension
  3. There search for ”Mailtrack” and click + ADD TO CHROME. Check the info if it is offered by mailtrack.track by mailtrack
  4. Then, a pop-up will display. Just click Add extension and it will start downloading and will install automatically.
  5. After that, it will redirect to a link where you need to sign in to allow permission. Just sing in there with your google account.sign in google
  6. Now, to allow permission just click on Allow bottom.
  7. Now, it will come to Dashboard. Just keep the basic free plan and close the window.
  8. Now, login to your Gmail Standard mode. It will only work in standard mode of Gmail. Check there two symbols added for the newly added extension. Keep them as it is.
  9. Now, type an email to send that person whom you want to track on Gmail if he blocked you and to get read alert mail for that. send mail to know if you blocked
  10. Once you complete sending the mail you will get One Tick on that sent email. But when he reads you will receive an email and also this one tick will be two.
  11. Now, After he reads you will receive an email like this.alert mail Track successful
  12. Now, you will see double-tick on that sent mail when that person read that email. This also shows time and platform he used to read that email.tracked if Someone Blocked You on Gmail

So, that is amazing. Right?

Just follow this step-by-step guide above, and you can get a good reach to track if someone blocked you on Gmail. You will get instant notification whenever your sent email is read. It is very straightforward and efficient way to know if they are receiving your emails in their inbox or not.

Most of the people read their inbox emails in 1 to 2 days. So, you can expect read-alert-mails in a maximum of 2 days. If you don’t get email alerts for your sent emails, then it apparently means that the person blocked you.

Author: Pranab Sen

Pranab Sen is Co-Founder of He is a professional blogger since 2016. He mostly writes on Firewall, Router and Tech Tips Categories.

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