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How To Spot A Fake Profile On WhatsApp

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✎ Key Takes:

» You can identify a fake profile on WhatsApp by checking the country code associated with the phone number; if it doesn’t match your country, it’s likely fake.
» If a number sends messages about gifts or lottery prizes, scammers often use such tactics to lure individuals into their scams.

How to spot a fake profile on WhatsApp:

You can look at these things to spot a fake profile on WhatsApp:

1. Check the Country Code

You may get messages on WhatsApp that are from unknown numbers or unsaved numbers however, in the worst-case scenario, those messages happen to be from a fake WhatsApp profile that tries to steal or scam you. Therefore, you need to know how to spot fake WhatsApp profiles to save yourself from falling into the trap.

Check Country Code

The foremost thing that you need to notice when you get a message from an unknown number is its country code. Most of the time when a fake message is sent, the scammer doesn’t use a real number.

It uses disposable numbers or fake numbers from third-party apps to trick you. The number may have a country code of any other country. If you find that the country code is not the same as your country code, there is a good chance that it’s a fake account.

2. Offering Free Gifts on Chat

Another clear indication or way to find out if a WhatsApp is fake or real is by checking if the number is messaging you to tempt you about free gifts or not. It can also be a message about winning a big lottery or an easy way of earning money to lure you or grab your attention.

But at once by seeing this kind of WhatsApp messages you should know that they are a trick of trying to get you to fall into financial fraud. You should not reply to these kinds of unknown messages but immediately block them directly and report the number on WhatsApp so that WhatsApp authorities take action against them.

3. Person Adding you to Random Groups

If you ever find an unknown or unsaved WhatsApp number adding you to random WhatsApp groups, you have to know that the number is trying to trick you into falling into financial fraud.

Person Adding you

These groups are full of people who are scamming others. If you click on any random links on their group to install anything that the user has asked you to install, then there is a good chance that it could be spyware to steal your information.

Therefore, immediately leave the group and block the number which was adding you to random groups so that it cannot do it again. You can also change the privacy of who can add you to groups from Everyone to My contacts.

4. Asking for Personal Information

If you find that someone is asking you questions or information on WhatsApp which is very private or confidential information, then you should be able to get the hint that the user is trying to scam you.

Asking for Personal Information

If the user asks about your credit card information or your bank account details, you should never provide any kind of account details to him or her, as it can result in a massive loss of money from your account.

You should not install anything which the user asks you to install by clicking on links as it can get malware on your computer or device.  Immediately block and report the user on WhatsApp to avoid getting scammed.

5. Pretending to be someone else (close to you)

If you’re getting constant messages from an unsaved or unknown number claiming to be your old friend or old acquaintance then, you’ll need to clarify it by asking a few trick questions so that the scammer can fall into the trap and you can find out if he’s a scammer or not.

Once you find it out, report and block him on WhatsApp as well as file a cyber complaint so that you can be safe.

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