What Is Telegram Secret Chat

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To start a secret chat on Telegram, log in to your account and open the chat of the person with whom you want to have a secret conversation. 

Tap on his Profile name from the top of the screen and click the Three dots button from the top right corner.

Now tap Start Secret Chat and then tap START to make a secret conversation with your friend. To stop a secret conversation with someone, you need to log out of your account or delete his chat on Telegram.

According to the Telegram algorithm, you can not do secret chats on other devices; from where you start the conversation, you can only do it from this device.

If you log out of your account, your secret chats will be deleted, and the chat becomes a normal chat.

Secret chat is the special feature of Telegram, where your messages are end-to-end encrypted. You will also get other features like self destruct timer, delete messages from both sides, etc.

There are some apps you can try to recover Telegram chats.

What Is Telegram Secret Chat:

On Telegram, people’s normal chats are not end-to-end encrypted, so if you want more privacy in your chats, you should switch to secret chats. These chats are end-to-end encrypted, meaning only you and the person you send the message to can read this.

There are other features of secret chat if you delete messages from your side, Telegram will instruct you to delete the messages from the other side.

After the recipient has seen your messages, photos, and videos, you can self-destruct these chats in a set amount of time. You can not access the same secret chat with your friend on multiple devices, as it is a device-specific feature; you can not forward messages from secret chats.

How to Start a Secret Chat on Telegram:

To start secret chats, you need to open his Profile and tap the Three dots option. Then from the Start Secret Chat option, you can start a secret chat with that person.

In secret chats, you don’t have access to the cloud server; that’s why there is no backup of your files. You will get a self-destruct timer when you send them a photo at the bottom right. 

Step 1: Open Telegram App & Log In

To use the Telegram secret conversation feature, you must have the Telegram app and a Telegram account. If you have the Telegram app, then ignore this step; if you don’t have the app, then install it from Google Play Store (for Android users) / from App Store (for iOS users).

Open the Telegram App and Log In to Your Account

Now launch the app and tap Start Messaging; after that, you will enter another window where you have to enter your Phone number, and they will call you for Phone number verification (don’t accept the call); you can also request an SMS. If you already have a Telegram account, then ignore this step.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile Name

After logging in to your telegram account, you can see the chat list on your screen, and you can also search for others’ names from your contacts by tapping on the Search icon from the top right corner. Now open the chats of the person with whom you want to do secret chats. After opening it click on the person’s profile name from the top of the screen.

Tap on the Profile Name

Step 3: Click on the Three Dots

After entering his Profile, you can see his Phone number, Notification toggle bar, and the Media, Files, and Links sections, where the photo, video, and documents they sent to you and you sent to them are showing. You can also see the Video call, Normal phone call, and the Three dots options at the top. Click on the Three dots option from the top right corner. 

Click three dot

Step 4: Tap Start Secret Chat

After clicking on it, you can see many options like Auto-Delete, Share a contact, Block user, Edit contact, Delete contact, Start Secret Chat, and Add to Home Screen. If you want to start a secret conversation with the recipient, tap the Start Secret Chat option. 

Click on Start Secret Chat

Step 5: Tap START

After clicking on the Start Secret Chat option, a pop-up will come up containing two options START and CANCEL, tap START to start a secret conversation. 

Click on Start

Step 6: The Recipient’s Chat will be at the Top

After tapping the START option, you will head back to the messages page with the person, where you can see some instructions about secret chat like encryption, destruct timer, etc.

You also can not send a message to the person if he is not online at that time. The recipient’s chat will go to the top after turning on the feature (if there are any pin chats, then the secret chat will be below the pin chats).

After Secret chat enable

After turning on the secret chat feature, the security goes to the next level; in a normal case, when you close an app and send it to the recent tabs, you can see the last screen of the app.

But for the secret chat head, the last screen will be white; if you want to stop a secret conversation with that person, either log out of your account or delete his chat. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you see secret conversations on other devices?

No, according to the Telegram guidelines, you can not see your secret conversations with your friends on other devices. The secret conversation feature that Telegram provided is a device-specific feature, that’s why you can use this feature on other devices, but every time you log out, all of your secret messages will be deleted.

If you start your secret conversation with your friend on the Telegram app, you can not access it on the Telegram web; it is true for the reverse case. As your previous chats were deleted after you log out, you can create as many different secret chats as you like with the same person.

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