How To Fix Suspicious Login Attempt Instagram

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To fix the Suspicious Login Attempt on the Instagram issue, open Instagram on your phone and then get your verification code, and set a new password.

This situation can easily be resolved if you stop bots for artificial followers or stop sharing your data with third-party apps.

If you have by chance forgotten your password and trying to enter again and again, then, in that case, the app finds it suspicious, and then for precautions, it sends a warning mail saying, “Suspicious Login Attempt”.

In another case, it might be that you are trying to log in from another device or other location, not from the one you usually do. Then this might again create a problem, and then the app’s algorithm interprets this as suspicious activity.

If you are also trying to log in from a different location from your usual one, that again might create an issue, and the app might mail you regarding that.

How Does it Look Like: (see below image)

Suspicious Login Attempt on Instagram

Why Does it show Suspicious Login Attempt Instagram:

There are some reasons behind this issue, let’s follow these:

1. Tried the Old Password (Unknown Device)

Sometimes after you open the Instagram app on your device and try to log in, it might happen that you have forgotten your password or are making an error, or maybe you have put in a wrong email address or made an error there while typing. In those cases, when you try again and again, the app finds it suspicious, and then for taking precautions, it sends you a warning mail saying, “Suspicious Login Attempt”, in case it is not you. File a complaint immediately.

2. Logged in from a Different Device

When you are logging in on your Instagram account, and this time the device you are logging from is different from the device you usually or first started logging in or signing in from, this might again create a problem. Then the app’s algorithm again interprets this as another suspicious activity and sends mail to you. The app perceives that someone else pretending to be you are logging in from another device.

3. Tried Logging in from a Different Location

If you are logging in on your Instagram account and this time the location is different from the area you usually or first started this from, then this might again create a problem. This happens because login attempts from different locations make it look like not you, but someone else was trying to get into your account. Generally, this is how accounts start getting plagiarized.

How To Fix Suspicious Login Attempt Instagram:

There are some steps that you have to follow in order to fix the issue:

1. Open Instagram from your location

Now open your device and click on the Instagram app on your phone. Login with your id and password from where you usually do. With the same location, you usually log in from, if you are not present in that location, wait or use that location instead of in that place. Now, please wait for the home page to load; it might take a moment. Now once the page has loaded, go to your profile. To do that, click on your profile photo at the bottom right of your home page. Now you are on your profile page.

2. Turn off Two-factor Authentication

Now for the next step to remove a connected device from two-factor authentication:

Step 1: Tap your profile or profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.


Step 2: Then When you reach your profile, tap more options in the top right, then tap Settings.

tap more options

Step 3: Now in your settings. Tap Security, then tap Two-factor authentication; in this, tap more options to the right of the device you choose and would like to remove.

tap Two-factor authentication

Step 4: Now tap on Remove. But it would be best if you remembered that removing the connected device from two-factor authentication does not log it out from your account.

Now tap on Remove

You should know that Your Instagram key can also be used if you use more different authentication apps on the same device.

If you would like to do that, follow the steps above on the same device that you originally used for the above steps.

3. Set New Password:

Now for the last step, what can be done is you can change your password so that you can safely log in again without any errors. To change your password,

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and log in.

Step 2: Open your profile, touch your profile or profile picture at the bottom of the page and open your profile page.


Step 3: Wait for the page to load, and then click on the three horizontal bar icons at the top right corner of your profile page.

click on the three horizontal bar icons

Step 4: A panel slides up with many options; click on the topmost option, which reads “Settings”.

click on the topmost option

Step 5: After you open that, more options are visible on the page.

Step 6: Now scroll and click the fourth option reading “security”.

option reading security

Step 7: The login security page opens, and the first option we see is “password’.


Step 8: Click open that now to change your password. Put your old password first and then the new password you want to change.

change your password

For confirmation, you have to put it twice and then click on the blue tick on the top right of the page.

How to Avoid Such a Situation on Your Instagram:

You can avoid this situation on Instagram easily by ensuring that you use authentic and reliable sources and do not share any data with third-party apps. Letting such apps use your data or get access to your data might be dangerous for your account.

Also, you should not make use of bots and fake accounts just for the sake of increasing your follower count; this is a mistake most people make. This can lead to problems later, like the permanent deletion of the account.

The Bottom Lines:

You can also fix the problem on your PC, the first solution to fix the Suspicious Login Attempt is to log in to Instagram on a PC (It may be a desktop or laptop) in incognito mode and change your password there. Login to Instagram on a PC, turn on incognito mode, change your password, and log in on Instagram on your mobile device.

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