How to Switch Back to Classic Facebook Layout? – Extension

If you look at Facebook’s recent optimization on the settings then you will see this is completely switched to the new version and the option that Facebook gave its users to revert back is no longer is there.

That clearly means the new version is completely ready to use and all the classic features are added on the new Facebook layout. However, still, it may not be helpful for you to understand the core settings.

But, if you want to access the older Facebook layouts or want to revert back to the old classic layout then there are a few ways that you can use to do that.

To switch back to the classic Facebook layout, first, you have to create a group on Facebook and then will see the ‘Switch Now’ option, and once you tap on that, your whole Facebook will revert back to the classic. Also, there is an extension called ‘Old Layout for Facebook’ that you can use to revert your Facebook UI to the old classic version.

This article will explain the different reasons for not seeing the switch to the classic Facebook button and also read these ways that might help you to revert to classic Facebook and use that older interface.

Can you switch back to classic Mode on Facebook?

Facebook developed the recent UI for its users that lack some of the features or is not easy to understand for a few users.

That is why Facebook kept the switch to the classic option but now the option is gone as of 2021 and now you have to use the new Facebook interface but if you still need the classic version you can use the extension ‘Old Layout for Facebook’ to use the older version of Facebook.

There is another trick but that works only if you had a group adminship and with that, you will see the ‘Switch Now’ option, and by clicking on that you will be able to see the classic Facebook on your PC.

infographic_Switch Back to Classic Facebook

If you don’t have such a group on Facebook just create one and you will see the option to revert back to the classic layout of Facebook.

Why does Switch to Classic Facebook not Show up?

There might be several reasons that Facebook is no longer showing the ‘Switch to classic Facebook’ option on the settings,

1. Facebook wants you to use the new interface:

Facebook previously was proving the classic button to switch back to old version in just a click but recently you would not be able to view that option on the drop-down menu as now Facebook makes the new interface mandatory for all users as they think that the newer version is now familiar for all and have a good user experience.

2. You can use Tools:

The classic version is not permanently removed as there are some extensions that you can use on your Google Chrome in order to use that classic version of Facebook on your PC.

You can see the classic option if you have any Facebook group as it is already mentioned and there you can use that feature.

How to Switch back to the old Facebook Layout?

There are a few ways that you can use to switch back to older Facebook layout or classic layout.

Let’s look at those below,

1. Old Layout for Facebook Extension

If you want to switch the Facebook to classic then either you can take the manual ways or you can use any tools that can help you do the task.

There is a extension that you can use in order to switch back to classic Facebook layout and this can be done in a few simple steps.

To switch back to the classic layout on Facebook,

  1. First of all, install the ‘Old Layout for Facebook’ extension on your chrome PC.old layout for facebook
  2. Now make sure you are logged in on Facebook for PC.
  3. Just tap on the extension from the chrome top bar and it will switch your Facebook to a classic layout.

That’s all.

2. Switch back to classic Facebook Option

If you want to switch back to classic then you can use the easiest method that is by one-tap switching method on the classic button. Although, that was the more easiest way to switch to the old classic layout in just a click. But, recently this option is no longer there and for this you can take the other mentioned ways to switch back to classic Facebook.

To switch back to classic Facebook,

  • First of all, open your Facebook and look at the top bar on your chrome and click on the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the ‘Switch to Classic Facebook‘ & this will revert to the older version.switch to classic facebook
  • Once you tap on the button, the older version of Facebook will be available.

But, for now, you have to take the other alternatives to get back the classic Facebook.

3. Facebook Group creation Trick

If you want to view the Facebook classic option then you just have to create a group or if you’re an existing group admin then you can do this easily, you will see the option to do this only if you’re a group admin.

  1. First of all, go to the group or if you have not any then create one.
  2. Once the group is ready just open the group page on your browser.
  3. You will see the option below the group name and button link ‘Switch Now‘.switch now on fb group
  4. Once you tap on the option, your Facebook will be reverted to the classic option.

This task is possible for group admins only and if the group page converted to the classic mode, that the whole Facebook UI will be reverted to the classic version.

This will remain in classic mode for 48 hours after that it will be back to the normal new version and if you want to revert to classic again, just repeat these steps. Although the feature is gone now.

4. Ask Facebook from the Help section

This is another alternative that you can use to revert to classic Facebook using the Facebook Help section. In this method, you can just ask the Facebook team about the ‘Switch to Facebook Classic‘ button that is missing from your Facebook settings and give a screenshot of it, and the team might give you a solution within a few hours or let you know what to do next.

To let the Facebook team know about the classic button,

  • First of all, just go to your Facebook timeline on an app or PC.
  • Then tap on the drop-down icon and then the ‘Help & support‘ option.ask facebook help
  • Now you will see the option ‘Report a problem‘ on the list, just tap on that.
  • Just go with the option ‘Something is broken’ and describe the issue regarding the classic button.
  • Add the screenshot and submit the form.

Soon the Facebook team will contact you and will let you know about the issue resolution and what to do next in order to get the classic Facebook layout.

The Bottom Lines:

The article shows the methods to see the older Facebook or switch back to old classic Facebook and you can use any of the methods that might work for you.

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