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How To Tell If A Reddit Account Is Fake

✎ Key Takes:

» You can identify a fake Reddit account by checking its profile photo for authenticity and originality, as well as being wary of accounts promoting spam or unauthorized videos.
» If you suspect a Reddit account is fake, report it by flagging their posts or messages, as reporting through these channels is the most effective way to address potential fraudulent activity.

How to tell if a Reddit account is fake:

You have to look at these things:

1. No Real Profile Photo (used Stock Photo)

Fake accounts often use avatars and symbols instead of their photos as their profile images. They can also use stock photos if they use actual human photos, which will be low-resolution photos.

To be sure whether the Reddit account is fake or not, use the Google lens to search for the photo (if there is a human photo) to see if the image is linked to another account or has appeared elsewhere on the internet.

If there is no real photo, that means he deleted his account, or the account is fake.

2. If promoting Spam (Links or Other things)

An owner of social media profiles like Reddit and Quora always posts content to get suggestions from other users. But if you find any account promoting spam questions regularly through their account or posting about scam activities, you can say it is a fake account.

If promoting Spam

You can discriminate between a legit account and a fake account’s posts by seeing their content and questions. Always be aware of the scam messages and their sources; if the person repeatedly posts spam questions, it can create controversy in comments. 

3. No Real Question Thread

A fake Reddit user never posts a real question thread because they are not using Reddit for this. They will always try to promote something through their posts indirectly, and if you find this kind of post from someone’s account, you can say his account is fake.

No Real Question Thread

Instead of asking questions and sharing knowledge, they will offer various things through their posts to attract and demotivate users. 

4. Spreading Videos of Other Copyright Owners

Just like the other social media platforms, if you used copyrighted material on your Reddit posts and did not ask for the owner’s permission, then yes, you can get a copyright strike against you from Reddit posts.

Spreading Videos

If you get permission to use it, it will be okay; otherwise, your content will be removed from your profile, or your account may be suspended. 

5. Replied To Thread With Original Answer

Reddit is the platform where you can openly share your problem, and other users who have already faced it can give you a solution; mainly, it is used for discussion and content rating. Most Reddit users do the same thing, but if there is a fake user, he will not do the same.

Replied To Thread With Original Answer

He will divert the people to their paid product instead of giving him the original answer. If anyone replies to a thread with the original answer, the account is not fake; otherwise, there is a high chance that the account is fake. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you know if a Reddit account is legit?

If the person has no profile photo or if you provide something suspicious, you can say it is a fake account. It is a fake account if they send copyrighted content frequently and refrain from asking legit questions or giving you reasonable offers.

2. How do I report a fake Reddit account?

To report a fake Reddit account, report his posts, messages, or comments. To report his posts, open it and tap the Three dots, tap Report, and on the web, type the reason and send it.

To report a message, tap and hold on to it and select the Report message option. To report a private message, tap the Three dots next to the message, tap Report, and now on the web, click the Report link underneath the message. 

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