How to Tell if Instagram Account is Real?

If you just have noticed a profile on Instagram that you are not aware of either it’s a real or not then you can perform a certain things to check this out.

Although, you can look at a few things to tell if an account is fake.

The real Instagram account would have real posts, comments and large followers.

There are some steps to track IP address of an Instagram account.

Look at Comments on Posts, verified badges, Age of Instagram Account, Following Vs Followers count, See Posts Count, & Bio Section is the prominent methods to find & talk about any account’s reality.

In the article, let’s know some facts to prove the reality of any Instagram account, in detail.

How to Tell if an Instagram Account is Real?

There are several things that you have to look for to be sure if that account is a real Instagram account.

Info_How to tell if Instagram Account is real

1. Look at Comments on Posts

Comments are basically the views of the active viewer under the post or a video on Instagram. You will find a mix of types of comments under the posts of real accounts, such as good & bad comments, positive & negative, as well as trolls and jokes.

Similarly, under the posts of fake or bot accounts, you will get the feel of impersonation, as if the account user is trying to impersonate in a certain way.

This clearly concludes the fake and unreal account.

 Look at Comments on Posts

If the comments are relevant or if looks like real people are posting and interacting on the posts then you can tell it’s a real Instagram account.

2. Verified Badges

Verified badges are nothing but a ‘Blue Tick’ on profile, in front of the username of people possessing at least 10,000 followers.

The verified badges are given by the Instagram community based on the representation of the Instagram account, registered business or entity, public account with proper bio, profile picture, and good followers count, and should be a highly searched account on Instagram.

blue trick

All these factors collectively conclude that Instagram account user with Verified badge, is a real Instagram profile.

3. Age of Instagram Account

The age of the Instagram account means when it was first created. It is believed that an Instagram account that has been created on past and possesses a good number of followers, posts, and comments, may be real based on the popularity.

Also, if you see that its posts are all uploaded recently that too posted over the span of a short time, this can mean the account is fake. Thus, the dates of upload and age of Instagram account are clear and accurate indicators of real accounts on Instagram.

4. Following Vs Followers Count

Following is whom you follow and followers are who follow your account on Instagram.

Usually, the ratio between the followers and following lie on the same plain, in the case of real account. However, if the number of accounts followed is way higher than the number being followed by is a scenario of a fake account.

 Following Vs Followers count

Thus, if you see the account has a lot of followers and those accounts are active on Instagram then that could be the sign of being a real Instagram account.

Also, the unreal account owns a long list of random followers. You can clearly notice the fake account has a bunch of random followers with no consistent people commenting on their pictures.

5. See Posts Count

The count and consistency of posts on any Instagram account clearly states its existence. An account may carry a high number of posts per day which consist only of promotional material, suspicious give-aways, or discounts on items.

Whereas, a real profile uploads too many posts on the account as well but in an acceptable interval of time, and all had relevant comments and interactions.

 See Posts Count

6. Bio Section

The bio section as the name suggests is nothing but a introduction of the account. Reading the words written in the bio will automatically help you to smell the realness of the account.

Also, people who are creating fake accounts usually use a dozen or a hundred highly fabricated words in the bio. Since creativity and originality is not their main concern, their bios look so decorated and randomly designed.

The Bottom Lines:

This article is to make oneself aware of such accounts, one should know the factors that contribute to managing an account on Instagram. The above-mentioned symptoms on accounts are all the outcomes of studies that clarifies if the account is real.

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