How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat

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If someone blocked you on Snapchat, you could not see his profile, stories, etc.

If you are blocked, you can not find the person on the My Friends section or by searching his name using his Snap ID.

If you try to message him and it will not deliver, also if you can not see his stories, then you are blocked.

Search for the person’s name, and if you can not find his name, then use any of your friend’s profiles and search for his Snapchat account; if you can find his account, that means the person blocked you.

If a person deleted his Snapchat account, then you cannot see his stories and can not find him in your Friend list. 

What Would You See if Someone Blocks You on Snapchat:

There are a few things that you will notice when someone blocks you on Snapchat:

1. You Would not Find him on Snapchat:

You Would not Find him on Snapchat

If someone blocked you on Snapchat and you could not see his profile. Snapchat has the feature to block a person; blocking on Snapchat means you will not give the person any access to your account; if the person blocks you, not only his Snapchat story but also the person’s profile will be invisible to you.

For you, the person’s account will not exist on Snapchat. Everything you have done with his profile will become valueless. 

2. You would lose him from Friends List:

You would lose him from Friends List

If the person was on your Snapchat Friend list, check if his name is there; if it is not there, there is a high chance that you are blocked. 

As you can not see his stories and snaps and can’t find his profile on Snapchat, his profile will also be removed from your Snapchat Friend list. Open your Snapchat app, log in to your account and go to your Profile from the top left corner. On your Profile page, click on the My Friends section, and in this section, you will not find him in the list. Because after blocking your account, he will be removed from your Friend list. 

3. You can’t Search him with Snap ID:

You can't Search him with Snap ID

If someone deleted his Snapchat account, you would no longer be able to find the account through the Snapchat search option. You can find the Search button at the top left corner of the Snapchat app interface from where you can find a Snapchat profile, but in the case of any deleted account or if someone blocks you, you can not show anything about this profile. The person’s account will no longer be available on Snapchat for you.

Sometimes you can see some errors where you can find the person’s account, but it is temporary. Snapchat will remove the person’s account for you from your friend list and the search options. You also can not search him using his Snap ID. 

4. Your messages will not be delivered:

Your messages will not be delivered

You can also check if you are blocked or not from the Snapchat messages section. If you are using Android or iPhone, go to the Snapchat Chats section by swiping right on the Snapchat Home screen or clicking on the Chats option from the bottom bar. If you do not find his name, he may block you, and if you find his name, try to message the person. If the message is not delivered for a few days, he may have blocked or deleted his account.  

5. Can’t See his story on Snapchat:

Snapchat has the feature ‘Our Story’, from which users can share something for a certain period. If they have not blocked you, you can see your friend’s story from the ‘Our Story’ section. Snapchat stories last for 24 hours; during this time, you can see any of your friend’s stories (if they shared anything).

But if any of your friends blocked you on Snapchat, you can not see his story on Snapchat. So open your Snapchat app, log in to your account, and swipe left the screen, and you will enter the Stories section. There, find the person’s story, do some repeated searching for a few days, and if you can not see his story, that means you are blocked. 

How To Know If You’re Blocked on Snapchat:

Perform a few actions and notice changes on your profile to confirm if someone blocked you:

Action: Search or Open Person’s Profile

Check what changes you notice from both profiles:

1. Condition: You’re Blocked

You will notice these things below:

From Your profile:

You're Blocked

To check if you are blocked or not, you have to search for his name and open the person’s profile. Go to the Search option of Snapchat from the top left corner and search for the person’s name; if you can not find his name or profile, he blocked you. 

From Other’s profile: 

Click on Add

You can also check if you are blocked or not from others’ Snapchat amounts. First, check from your profile if you can see the person’s profile or not. Use any of your friend’s Snapchat profiles and search for the same person; if found, that means he blocked you on Snapchat.

2. Condition: You’re not Blocked:

You will notice the same things from both profiles:

From Your profile: 

You're not Blocked

If you are not blocked, go to the Search button of Snapchat from the top left corner and search for the person’s name; as you are not blocked, you can find his profile, see his stories, and message him again.

From Other’s profile: 

Click on Add

To check it from the other’s profile, search his name on your friend’s account and from your account. If the person’s account is present for you and your friend, you can say the person is active on Snapchat and did not delete his account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Know if Someone Deleted his Snapchat Account?

Snapchat has the deleting account feature, using which you can delete your Snapchat account. When a Snapchat user deletes his account, his account will not appear in the search bar and will allow Snapchat to remove his account from his friend’s Friend list. So to check whether a person deleted his Snapchat account or not, open your account and try to find him on Snapchat.

If you can’t find him or can’t see his stories, then there will be two chances he blocked you or deleted his account. Finally, to confirm it, use any of your friend’s  Snapchat accounts, and from his Snapchat account, search for the saved person’s profile. If the account is showing there, then his account is active, and he has blocked you, and if it is not showing there, then he deleted his account.

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