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To tell if someone hides his posts from you, then first look at the person’s profile if he is still on your friend list.

Then ask any mutual friend to check the person’s profile and match the posts if anything is hidden from your end.

If so, then the person might have restricted you from seeing his posts.

If the person unfriended you on Facebook it also hides posts and pictures of that person from you due to some privacy settings. Those would be visible on his wall until you are a friend of the person again.

There are a few settings that can enable the user to hide their posts, particularly for you and if you want to know if he had done it really then you can check it out seeing at a few factors.

For a quick check, if you can see his profile then you are not blocked totally, that you can be sure.

Facebook has some advanced privacy settings for users. Users now can control the entire profile privacy of their own.

So, this might be due to the person having set some lockup privacy settings which made the changes to their posts and photos.

How to Tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook:

To tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook, let’s check out the following parameters:

1. Check Friend’s Timeline vs Mutual Friend’s Timeline

The method described here will be enough to know the fact. Just go to your mutual friend’s profile wall posts and find if the person has any tagged stuff with the mutual one. Once found, check it on that person’s wall from your profile.

If you are not able to see the same stuff on that profile wall then this tells you he has restricted you from seeing his posts.

Check Friend’s Timeline

2. Ask a Mutual Friend to Check the Stuff for You

Also, another setup is here which helps users to particularly restrict only one user from seeing any stuff which is tagged or posted by other people. This thing is easily revealed if you can check his profile using a mutual friend ID or ask some other friends to check this for you. If some are not able like you that can mean he has restricted many others like you.

Just directly ask any mutual friend to check the profile stuff of the person if you can’t find it by using your own profile.

If the mutual friend can see those posts on the person’s profile that you can’t from your profile then this means that the person has restricted you from seeing the posts on his profile.

3. Check if He is on Your Friend List

If you can’t see anything on the person’s profile maybe you’re locked from seeing the stuff on his profile. This happens when someone unfriends you and then his locked profile is not accessible to any random users.

Check if He is on Your Friend List

As there are a few steps you can take to see pictures from locked profiles.

These checks are enough to get the inside fact out.

Facebook Post Privacy Checker:

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from a Facebook Post:

If you’re suspecting that someone has hidden his Facebook posts from you, you can find and confirm it quickly by applying a few tricks.

The user may have hidden his posts from you on Facebook as it can hurt your sentiment, or wanted you to not see the posts for other personal reasons.

There are three ways you can tell if the user has excluded you from seeing his Facebook posts.

◘ If the post is visible to your mutual friends but you’re not able to see it, it means that you’ve been excluded from seeing it. You can ask some of your mutual friends if they can see any new posts from that particular user or not to be sure about it.

◘ Even if the posts can be seen from your secondary or fake account, but not from your primary account, you must know that it has been hidden from your primary account. If you don’t have a second account, you can create one and then add the user to your friend list. Stalk his profile from the second account to find out his latest posts.

◘ When you’re unable to see any new posts from someone who’s a frequent uploader, it might indicate that the user has hidden his posts from you. If you’ve recently had any conflict with the user about any matter on Facebook, or have posted harsh comments on his past posts, there is a good chance that the user will hide his future posts from you even if he doesn’t block you permanently.

How to See Friends Hidden Posts on Facebook Timeline:

If you’re unable to see someone’s Facebook posts as they’ve hidden them from you, some tricks can help you check them out.

Facebook offers different privacy methods in the privacy settings section which allows users to set and select audiences for their Facebook posts.

Below you’ll be able to know some of the tricks that will help you see hidden Facebook posts:

1. Public and Friends

When the posts are set as public, they will be visible to all users on Facebook even if the person is not on the user’s friend list.

Public and Friends

However, when the post is set to be visible to the friend only, you must be a friend of the user on Facebook to be able to see his Facebook posts. Add the user to your friend list by sending a friend request so that his posts get visible to your feed.

2. Friends except

If the user wants to hide his Facebook posts from certain friends, he would have to select the names of those users from the list so that his future posts are not visible to the excluded friends.

Friends except

If you suspect that the user has excluded you, you can create a second or fake account and add the user to your friend list from it to see his posts.

3. Specific friends

If the user wants to direct his posts toward some specific friends from his Facebook friends list, he needs to select the names of those specific users so that his future Facebook posts are visible to these friends only.

Specific friends

In that case, the posts will not be visible to you if the user has not selected your name to be in the specific friend list.

There is a good chance that the user would select his close friends to be under the specific friend list. You can message some close friends of the user, if you know them, to send you a screenshot of the user’s latest posts and see if it helps or not.

4. Only Me

When someone posts stuff on his profile only to keep it saved on Facebook but not visible to any friends, the Only me privacy option comes to help.

Only Me

In that case, you need to take over the user’s device physically and check his Facebook profile to see his posts.

You can also ask the user to send you a screenshot of his Facebook posts and if he agrees to send it, you’ll be able to see it.

Apps To See Hidden posts on Facebook:

Try the following apps:

1. mSpy

You can use mSpy to spy on a user’s Facebook posts which the user has hidden from you. Facebook lets users choose their posts’ audience.


If the user has excluded you from seeing his Facebook posts, then you need to spy on the user’s device so all his Facebook activities including his Facebook posts and messages become visible to you.

You need to open a mSpy account and then install the mSpy app on the target user’s device physically. Connect the mSpy app with your mSpy account and monitor his Facebook posts from the mSpy control panel. 

2. Flexispy

You can also use the Flexispy tool to spy on someone’s Facebook posts to see when they’re not available to be seen from your Facebook account. You need to create a Flexispy account and install Flexispy on the target’s device.


Once you set up and connect it with your Flexispy account, you’ll be able to monitor the user’s Facebook posts on the Flexispy dashboard.

Is it Possible to Block Someone from Seeing Future Posts on Facebook?

It is possible as Facebook developed many privacy settings that control many things on your profile and the shared stuff. Let’s talk about the reasons for doing this.

There are some people who don’t like your posts to see and send unusual comments or you need someone to not show your stuff for a lifetime. Then, this step is beneficial in doing so automatically.

Here is the procedure on how to stop a friend from seeing your stuff: 

Step 1: Make sure you’re logged in and then Go to ‘Settings‘ and then click on ‘Privacy‘.

see posts restriction 1

Step 2: There you will see the option ‘Who can see your future posts?‘. Now select the ‘Friends except…‘ option from the list.

see posts restriction 2

Step 3: Now just type a few letters of the name and click the ‘Restrict’ icon beside the name that appears and then click ‘Save Changes‘.

see posts restriction 3

This is one of the best settings to restrict a person instead of blocking him permanently to hide your posts from him.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If someone restricts you on Facebook, what can you see?

When someone has restricted your account on Facebook, you’ll still be friends with the user on Facebook. But due to restrictions, you’ll only be able to see the public information of the account and the posts in which you’re tagged.

The new posts of the user will not be visible to your feed unless you’re tagged in it. The public posts will still be visible to you.

2. If someone restricts you on Facebook can they see your posts?

Yes, as restrictions don’t unfriend you or block you on Facebook, you’ll still be friends with the user and the person will be able to see your posts only if you haven’t restricted the user from seeing them.

But if you’ve excluded him, he will not be able to see your restricted posts too just like you’re only able to see the public posts of the user.

3. Blocked on Facebook but can still send messages – How?

Once you’ve been blocked by someone, you’ll not be able to send new messages to the user on Messenger anymore unless the user unblocks you but you’ll be able to see past chats.

The text box will no longer appear under the message as you’re not allowed to message anymore. Only if you delete the past conversations, the messages won’t be visible to you anymore.

4. What Can You See if You Are Restricted?

If you are set to see none then probably you will only see the mutual friend’s stuff on his timeline if that one also is not restricted. However, you cannot even see old posts that were posted before the settings changed.

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