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How To Fix If Instagram Action Blocked

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» You can see “Instagram Action Blocked” when the system detects rule violations, temporarily restricting your ability to like, comment, or follow. This is visible as a notification stating, “This action was blocked. Please try again later.”
» You should use Instagram carefully, avoiding excessive likes, comments, or follows, as these actions may trigger the temporary block. Additionally, be mindful of potential reports on your account activity, which could contribute to the restrictions.

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How To Fix If Instagram Action Blocked:

Now, let’s read the methods that will be helpful to reinstate your actions on Instagram by unblocking:

1. Stop Mentioning others

If you are mentioning other users while posting or commenting then this may also cause the situation of getting blocked on your Instagram account. So, when you comment on any posts don’t mention people too many times. Have a limit of once or twice a day while commenting on Instagram.

This irritates people if it’s not relevant to the user’s interests and if you do this continuously, Instagram will detect you & block your action accordingly. So, to get rid of this stop mentioning other people unnecessarily in your Instagram comments.

2. Stop all Activities for 48 Hours

If your action is blocked, there is no chance that you can like or comment on any posts. But, Instagram is always keeping an eye on its users who do spammy things on the site. If you’re one of those victims of this decision then you should stop all activities on Instagram for at least 48 hours.

This will help you get another chance by fixing all of the blocks on Instagram. It is advisable to stop trying to comment or like any Instagram stories or posts until the account is restored.

3. Report to Instagram

The first thing you should try to reinstate your Instagram by sending a request to Instagram. If you are not sure what actually happened with your account, then this process is really helpful.

Just report your problem through Instagram and your problem will be fixed according to your problem.

report a problem

To open the feature in Android:
Tap on the three-dots icon then from the Options, tap on ‘Report a Problem’ and submit the request.

For iPhone devices:
Tap on the gear icon and select ‘Report a Problem’ from the listed options. Now, choose ‘Report a Problem’ and send it.

The chances are there that Instagram will look into the issues and will take action on them positively.

4. Change IP to Use Instagram

The action is blocked due to your personal actions, this method is workable in this case. If someone has exceeded the limit of liking any posts or following too many people at a time then Instagram blocks the IP when they come to know that too many people using the same IP.

This happens when you’re on the same Wi-Fi network as others. Even if you have not done anything wrong, you may face that your action is blocked on Instagram.

The only fix to this solution is just to change your IP using a VPN or shifting to a different network. This method unblocks your Instagram for sure.

5. Link Instagram to other Social Sites

Linking your Instagram account to other sites increases the trust of your account. This helps when Instagram suspects your account of a fake identity.

If you’re popular on any site which clarifies that your identity is original the best thing to do is just link your Instagram with that social site and then fill out a request form to Instagram to reinstate your IG account.

Most probably Instagram will trust your ID & unblock your action. Linking your Instagram to many sites actually builds trust for your Instagram account. Thus this issue can be fixed well and will be stopped from happening again.

6. Wait 4 Weeks

If nothing works, just you have to keep patient. Mind that it might be like 4 weeks of the span and after that period of time, you can get back your account with all features reinstated.

Four weeks is the maximum time limit it takes to get rid of this blocking and the account is reinstated.

How To Solve If Instagram Blocked me for a Week:

To avoid blocking your Instagram account, you must follow a few factors discussed below:

1. Upload New Posts Daily on Instagram

If you have very limited posts on your Instagram account and you started massive actions excessively then, you must think about this matter. You should have enough posts on your Instagram and upload them daily if possible.

This actually verifies your original identity and unlocks the ways for your activity as you build trust in your account. So, increase more posts or events and stay away from repeating the same posts again and again.

2. Be calm for a While

If you have followed too many people in a day or liked too many Instagram posts in a shorter span of time, then it’s time to stop and sit with relaxing.

As you have been detected recently and blocked by Instagram, try to reduce your activity for a few months even don’t publish too many posts at a time.

3. Limit following people or liking Posts

Instagram has a set of limits for liking posts at a time or following people.

As you know Instagram has a limit of 7500 followers for an account. However, in an hour you can take 350 photos and videos in total, also it is advised to not follow more than 20 people in an hour or so.

4. Complete Your Instagram Profile

If you have an incomplete Instagram ID then this is a cause that Instagram marks your account as spam or suspects for abusing the network.

To avoid this from happening just fill out the profile as much as possible with original details. This will help Instagram and other users to recognize you more easily.

5. Follow Instagram Rules

If you’re using Instagram for the first time, you will understand the Instagram rules well.

Instagram prohibits its users from posting others’ images which you don’t have the right to do. This means, you can only post your own images, and always avoid posting offensive things on Instagram, as this may block your action.

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