How To Fix This Story Is No Longer Available On Instagram

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When stories expire after 24 hours and you have the shared link of the story then the message will show as This story is no longer available on Instagram.

Often users delete certain stories after a little while just uploading them. So it becomes no longer available to you to view it again even if you’ve opened it previously.

Sometimes Instagram removes and takes down stories that create conflict with its policies or violate it. This makes the story not available to be opened by the user or other followers.

To fix the error if the story is not available, you can try refreshing the feed to check if the story is still available to be opened or if it has gone probably because of the mentioned reasons.

However, you have a few Instagram story downloader tools you can try. There are some fixes you can try if Instagram stories don’t show on feed.

This Story Is No Longer Available – Mean:

This means that either the person who posted the story has deleted it, or it has been taken down by Instagram for violating their guidelines. Additionally, stories are automatically removed from the platform after being up for more than 24 hours.

If you notice that a story is no longer available, it’s important to consider these various causes before jumping to the conclusion that you have been blocked from viewing their stories. Blocking is often not the reason behind the unavailability of a story.

To address the issue, you can make an educated guess based on these reasons to understand what might have happened to their story.

However, it’s worth noting that there can be other reasons as well, such as technical glitches or temporary server issues. In such cases, waiting for a while or refreshing the app might help resolve the problem.

How To Fix This Story Is No Longer Available On Instagram:

You can try the techniques like clearing the cache, logging in after logging out, or refreshing the feed to fix it. These techniques will resolve the issue and let you know if the story is available to view, has expired, or is unavailable to you, particularly for other reasons:

1. Refreshing your Instagram feed

The issue of ‘This story is no longer available’ can be fixed quickly by refreshing the feed. If the story has expired but is still showing on your feed, then that will be modified after you refresh your feed. You can drag the page downward to refresh your feed and then check if you can open and view the story.

A refreshing feed will help you to find out if the story is still available to be viewed or if it has expired. If the story is no longer available in the stories section, it’s probably because the story has expired or you no longer have access to view it. Either way, you’ll be clear about the cause of the same by refreshing the feed.

2. Clear the Instagram app cache

You can also try to clear the Instagram cache from the Settings of your phone to fix this issue of this error on Instagram.

The steps below have all the details to clear the cache data of Instagram:

 Step 1: Open the Settings application on your device.


Step 2: Scroll down to find the option Application and Permission, and click on it.

Step 3: On the next page, you’ve to click on the option App Management.

App Management

Step 4: It will display to you all the applications that are available on your device. Scroll down to find the app Instagram. Tap on it.

Instagram app

Step 5: Next click on the option Internal Storage. You’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll find the option Clear cache in red. Click on it.

Instagram Storage

Step 6: Now that it’s done, open the Instagram app and check if the issue is fixed or not.

3. Log out or Log in to Instagram

Another effective technique to solve the issue of ‘This story is no longer available on
Instagram’s error, is by logging out of the account once and then again logging into it.

The points below will help you know about the steps to do it:

Step 1: Open the Instagram application.

Step 2: On the bottom right corner of your screen, you will find your profile picture, click on it.

Step 3: Now you’ll be taken to your profile page, on the top right corner click on the option sighted as three horizontal lines.

Instagram three dots line

Step 4: You’ll be displayed with a few options. Click on the first one i.e. Settings.

Instagram Setting

Step 5: You’ll be directed to the next page, scroll down the page to find the Logout option at the end. Click on it.

Instagram Logout Option

Step 6: You’ll be prompted with an option to confirm it. You can also checkmark the box that says Remember my login info to avoid entering all your details to log in and then click on Log out.

Remember Login Info

Step 7: Next, you’ll be directed to the Login/ Sign-up page. Your account will be displayed as an option to log in. Click on it.

Instagram Login

Step 8: Enter your username and password to login into your account (provided you’ve not ticked the Remember my login info).

Step 9: Now you can check and see if the story is available to you to be opened or not.

This technique will fix any issue of technical glitches. If the story isn’t available then it might be because it’s not accessible to be viewed anymore.

Why does it Show this Error on Instagram:

Instagram displays a message This story is no longer available on Instagram for stories that can’t be opened or seen anymore.

1. The story has expired (After 24 hours)

Instagram doesn’t allow you to open a story after it expires. It has a feature that makes any story disappear after twenty-four hours.

You can only open any story which was uploaded less than twenty-four hours ago. If you’ve viewed the story once within that time, but you can’t view it for the second time, it’s probably because the story has expired after 24 hours as it to be and is no longer available to be opened by others.

Therefore you’re displayed with the message This story is no longer available on Instagram when you’re trying to open the expired story either with a link or by tapping on it.

2. Instagram has removed the story

Another possible explanation for the message ‘This story is no longer available on Instagram’, is that Instagram has removed the story due to some violation of rules or guidelines.

Instagram deleted it

If any story violates the guidelines and rules of Instagram, it is immediately taken down by Instagram itself. Instagram has some strict policies to which you’ve agreed while opening your account. If you or anyone has shared or posted any inappropriate or forbidden content, picture, or messages on the Instagram story, it’s almost certain that the story has been removed from the account immediately by Instagram.

Sharing content on Instagram stories that conflict with the policies gets intervened by Instagram and ultimately they remove it so that it’s no longer available to be viewed by followers.

3. The Person deleted the story

If the user of the particular account has deleted the story he or she has uploaded a while ago, you won’t be able to open it anymore and that’s why you’re probably getting the message.

Even if you’ve viewed the story before, you won’t be able to open the same if the user has deleted it from Instagram.

When the story is deleted, you can’t view it anymore. That’s not any technical glitch but it’s simply because the story is no longer available on Instagram to be viewed by the followers as the account user has deleted it after uploading.

4. The person has blocked you

If the user has blocked you out from his or her account you won’t be able to see their story anymore. This is another possible reason why you’re being displayed with the message of ‘This story is no longer available‘.

If you’ve opened the same story before but now you can’t open it, you may have been blocked. If the person has blocked you, you’ll no longer be able to see her current and future stories besides not being able to message the account or even find the account on Instagram anymore.

A story that was available to you a while ago but not currently can mean that you’ve been blocked by the other person recently which is why you can no longer see the story.

If you’ve not refreshed your profile recently, it may appear that you can open the story by clicking on it, but when you do, it will display the message ‘This story is no longer available on Instagram’.

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