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To know if TikTok placed a shadowban on your account, you’ll need to search for your videos and try to find them on the search results. If you don’t find your content on the search result, your account is shadowban. 

If there’s a sudden drop in the number of views on your videos or you’re not gaining any new followers, it’s probably because of the shadowban issued on your account. 

If you notice that you’re not receiving likes and comments from your viewers on your videos, it’s because the shadowban in your account is restricting those actions. 

When your account is on shadowban, your videos won’t appear on the TikTok feed for others to see. 

To fix the issue of shadowban from your account, you’ll need to remove the inappropriate content and also avoid any spam behavior on your content. 

You can also take a gap from posting on TikTok during this shadowban phase and then start again when it’s lifted. 

You can also try to reinstall the application after uninstalling it to fix the issue by yourself. 

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TikTok Shadowban Checker:

There you must look for these indications below to find this out:

1. Find on search results:

Find on search results

If you want to check for shadowban of your account, then you should know that when an account is shadowbanned, its videos don’t occur in the results. Even your video won’t be visible to other users on the For You page of TikTok. If you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in your video’s engagement on TikTok or getting fewer views comparatively, then it must be because of shadowban. If there’s a shadowban in your account, you won’t get direct notifications for it from TikTok. Shadowban affects your account negativity to stunt your account’s growth and decreases your content’s engagement. Therefore, whenever your profile gets shadowban, you won’t find your content on searching for them on TikTok. 

2. New followers gain:

New followers gain

If you’re not gaining any new followers even though you’re posting daily content from your account on TikTok, it might be because of shadowban in your account. Shadowban is only imposed on your account in case you violate TikTok’s guidelines repeatedly. Once your account gets shadowban, your profile won’t be suggested to users who might want to follow you. You will not gain a single new follower when TikTok places a shadowban on your account. 

Shadowban often gets unnoticed by the users, but surely when the users are noticing the decrease in their views, not gaining new followers, etc, they get suspicious of the cause. 

Shadowban in your account can be triggered if some of your videos are offensive and your viewers have reported those videos on TikTok. 

3. You’ll not receive likes from others:

You'll not receive likes from others

Another prominent way to find out if your account has been shadowban is by seeing a drop in the number of likes you get on your videos. If your account gets shadowban, then you might not get a single like on your recent videos as TikTok is silently restricting your profile which is preventing users from viewing or liking your content. 

The concept of shadowban is still not known to many users, however, if you have engaged in spam behavior, hate speech to other creators, or have used graphic content on your account previously then TikTok may place a shadowban on your account secretly. Hence, if you want to avoid shadowbanning of your account, you should not violate the guidelines of your account.  

4. On TikTok feed:

On TikTok feed

If you get a shadowban of your account, your videos won’t be available on TikTok’s feed for other users to view. As TikTok is silently restricting your account, you will see a sudden drop in the number of views. Your followers won’t be able to find your latest uploaded content on the TikTok feed even if the latest video has not violated any guidelines. 

Your followers won’t be able to see your video on the For You feed of TikTok if your videos have been continuously reported by users and you’ve got a shadowban silently.

If you’ve engaged in circulating fake news, promoted nudity, or drugs, or have violated the copyright policies at any time on your account, your account will get shadowban by TikTok as it relies on high automatic moderation. 

5. Comments from others:

Comments from others

TikTok will limit and decrease the engagement of your content once you get a shadowban. You won’t get any new comments from viewers or followers of your account. The most annoying and confusing part of getting a shadowban is not getting informed about it. 

If you’re not getting likes, shares, or comments on your TikTok account recently, it’s most probably because TikTok has issued a shadowban on your account which is secretly causing the drastic drop in likes, comments, and engagement of your videos. 

Comments are a way to interact with the viewers and know their opinions about your content. But as your account is secretly restricted, neither your viewer would be able to see your videos on the feed nor comment on them. 

TikTok Shadowban Remover:

Follow the below points in order to use the TikTok shadowban remover:

1. Removing Inappropriate Content:

Removing Inappropriate Content

If you want to get the shadowban removed from your account, you need to remove the inappropriate content that you’ve posted from your account. Inappropriate content that’s offensive to certain sections of viewers can get you reported on TikTok. Reports can trigger the shadowban of your account. Therefore, to remove the shadowban, go to your TikTok account’s profile page and then check for the videos which are violating TikTok’s guidelines. Immediately delete them from your account. 

Inappropriate content is meant in the sense that if you’ve promoted harassment, violence, or nudity through any videos, delete them from your TikTok account as it’s clearly against the guidelines of TikTok’s community to post such content. 

2. Taking a gap before posting again:

Taking a gap before posting again

When you’re on shadowban on TikTok, you can utilize this time to take a break from TikTok and stock up on your videos and captions. As you’re on shadowban your videos will not get many likes, views, comments, or shares on TikTok until TikTok lifts it. Therefore, you can stop posting content on your TikTok account for a while and then start uploading again after the shadowban gets lifted. If your content is the cause of the shadowban, change its type and try to create the upcoming content following the guidelines of TikTok. 

During this shadowban phase, you can make more appropriate videos for later use on your account. But don’t post it until the shadowban gets lifted as it won’t reach the viewers. 

3. Reinstall TikTok App:

Reinstall TikTok App

You can try to remove shadowban from your TikTok account by uninstalling the application to reinstall it again. Shadowban of an account usually lasts for more than two weeks to a month. But it can also last more than a month if you don’t stop the activities leading to the shadowban of your account in the first place. 

You can’t know for sure if and when the shadowban would be removed from your account, therefore, you can try the manual technique of reinstalling the TikTok application. When you’re uninstalling the TikTok application, it’s actually restarting it all over again, which may help you in removing the shadowban of your account. 

By uninstalling the application, you’re not deleting your account, but simply restarting the app. 

You need to first uninstall the app from the app menu by clicking and holding the app to click on the Uninstall button. Then you need to head on to the Google Play Store and then install the TikTok application. After installing the app, log in to your TikTok account. 

4. Don’t show Spam Behavior on Contents:

Don't show Spam Behavior on Contents

When you’re on shadowban, you should not show any spam behavior on the content anymore so that you can avoid complicating the situation further. Although it’s tough to know the exact cause of getting a shadowban on your account, you’ll need to follow the guidelines of TikTok and not show any spam behavior on your content as violating terms repeatedly leads to shadowban. 

Refrain from using hate speech, violence, and offensive language from your account. But you don’t need to worry about your account getting permanently banned because shadowban does not last forever. It’s just a time-out phase after which you’ll get your account back on track. Till then, use your account following the guidelines of TikTok.

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