How To Find Deleted Instagram & Get Back Posts

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If your Instagram post is deleted you can see it on your mobile album or you can look it up in the ‘Archive’ section on your Instagram profile.

Whether there are many ways that you can apply to find out a deleted Instagram photo if this is important for you.

You can find that photo in that way also. Well, if that is not there don’t worry, you have a lot more ways to get a deleted post back from Instagram.

You have some ways that can help to find out those deleted Instagram posts in a few clicks.

You have some fixes to recover deleted Instagram messages in case you lost a few chats on Instagram DM.

Although, there are some direct ways to restore deleted Instagram posts.

How To Find Recently Deleted Instagram:

Instagram does not allow any third-party tools or any other sites to restore deleted posts including photos or videos, the only method you can do if this is present on the Instagram server you can just restore it to its place requesting Instagram support.

There are ways, you can find the Instagram direct post link. If you are looking for ways to find out the deleted Instagram post then this is definitely possible if you follow some simple steps and these methods are possible to execute either from your mobile or directly from the Instagram server.

As you know that Instagram has many options or features that allow users to restore deleted posts from their own Instagram accounts.

If you want to recover your Instagram post using any third-party tools then be careful that Instagram is not associated with any such tools that actually can recover the Instagram posts from its server.

The only way you can recover deleted Instagram photos is by using common methods like finding them from the archive section or you can find it on your mobile device under ‘albums’ where the deleted files will be saved under the folder named ‘Recently Deleted’.

How To Get Deleted Instagram Posts Back:

If you want to recover the deleted Instagram post directly from your mobile devices then this is possible by doing some simple tricks. Here in this article, you have some effective methods that actually work to restore your Instagram posts directly from your Instagram or from your mobile device.

These are the methods to restore the deleted Instagram post from your mobile albums or directly from the online backup i.e. iCloud.

1. From Instagram Archive

The Instagram archive option is the best way to recover any deleted Instagram post from any device.

In this case, that deleted Instagram post is still available on the Instagram server and this is why you will be able to find that out from your own Instagram account from the archive section.

Now let’s follow the steps to find out and restore that photo to its original place on Instagram:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, you have to go to your Instagram profile section and then tap on ‘Archive’ to open the archive section on Instagram.

instagram archive 1
instagram archive 2

Step 2: Next, from there just tap on the post option, this will open all the posts that actually archived on Instagram automatically. From the list of photos that you see in that archive section, open that image and tap on the three-dots icon.

Step 3: This will show you an option ‘Show on Profile’. Now once you tap on that option, your deleted Instagram post will be restored to your profile.

instagram archive 4

That’s all you have to do to restore and delete Instagram posts directly from your Instagram but remember to make this feature active on your Instagram settings.

2. From Albums

If you have self-deleted some of your Instagram posts from your Instagram profile then your mobile album still has those photos that you uploaded on Instagram.

Now, let’s follow this step-by-step guide for finding this deleted photo from mobile albums and then restoring that by reposting it on Instagram.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, go to the ‘File Manager’ option or to the Photos app on your iPhone.

he ‘File Manager’ option o

Step 2: Next, from there choose the option of photos album and look if any folder there named ‘Instagram’. If you can find this folder, don’t worry, you can get it directly from the photos album.

Instagram files app

Step 3: Now for your iOS device, you will see a folder ‘Recently Deleted’, from there you will find the images that you want to get back on your Instagram.

Note: Android users can find out those photos under the ‘My Files’ option whereas the iOS user will see those photos from the Photos app & under the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder.

3. From iCloud

You can restore your deleted Instagram post if you cannot find that on your mobile device then you can take the help of iCloud backup from your iPhone.

This is the simplest way that might help you restore your deleted Instagram posts if you have the iCloud backup is set up perfectly.

Your Instagram has the option to Save Original Photos directly on your device backup, if this is done for your Instagram account then follow the steps to recover the deleted posts:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Instagram provides you with the option to save your uploaded posts directly on your mobile album to turn on this, you have to go to Instagram features and then turn the switch on for ‘Save Original Photos‘.

Step 2: Now if you see the option is already turned on then you will definitely find the deleted Instagram posts from your iPhone or iPad under the Instagram folder on your mobile album.

Instagram icloud Restore

Step 3: You will see your deleted photo on that Instagram folder and if you cannot then you can restore the iCloud backup to look into the all posts that you have uploaded previously on your Instagram account.

4. Using Third-Party Tools

If you are planning to use third-party tools to recover deleted Instagram posts then remember that the third-party tools are not shared with Instagram through any API keys that don’t have the Instagram server access to restore your deleted Instagram post.

If you have deleted the Instagram post that you have uploaded from your mobile gallery and you treated the same from in mobile, these tools will help you recover from your mobile device storage. If the source of this Instagram post is mobile then the tools maybe succeed in 80% of the cases.

Note: If there is an online tool that claims to restore your Instagram account information or your Instagram deleted posts then always be careful by avoiding such online tools.

Now, for the best photo recovery software, you have to use those tools that can actually access the mobile storage to find out the deleted posts.

If you can run any software on your PC and then just connect to the mobile and you can easily find out the deleted storage on your mobile devices.

But, remember that these tools will help you recover the data from your mobile devices or the original source of that Instagram post. This does not mean that tool will recover the photo on your Instagram server.

⦿ The Good Part: These recovery tools actually work by finding the deleted photos directly from the mobile device and those photos uploaded on Instagram to actually help you to find the post from your mobile device. If the source is your mobile then you can find & restore using that tool.
⦿ The Flaw: Now in case, if the photo was never stored on mobile then you cannot restore it from your mobile device. Also to add, such tools can not actually have access to the Instagram server and restore it on your profile, so never dream of that.

Why did some of the saved Instagram Posts disappear:

If you see some of your Instagram saved posts disappeared, this is due to a policy violation. Instagram can delete the photos from its server and if you think that was an error you can request Instagram help to restore that back to its position.

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