How To Track Someone On Snapchat

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You can easily track someone’s location using the Snapchat app by clicking on the map icon at the bottom and then on “Friends”. Next, go to the search bar and type in a friend’s name whose location you want to see. 

You can also scroll on the map and find the location of all the people you’re friends with instead of searching for them.

First, enter the link in the text box you want to send to an individual. Then, when you tap on “Create URL”, you will reach the next page, where you will find a shortened link in the “New URL” section. 

Now copy the link, go to Snapchat’s chat section, and share it with your friend. 

Wait until they open the link. Then you have to go back to the page where you found the shortened URL and click on the Access Link, which will show you the number of people who opened the link and their IP address. Copy the IP address you see here. 

Go to and tap on “IP Tracker”. Next, paste the IP address you copied in the textbox here and tap on “Find IP info”. You will receive the location of the individual instantly in the form of the city and state they are currently in.

You can try the apps i.e. Snapchat account location tracker in order to find them out.

How to Track Someone on Snapchat:

There are a few methods that you can try to track someone on Snapchat:

1. Find in Snapchat Map

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the Map icon

Open the Snapchat app; you will be in the camera section. In the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, you will find a map icon on the screen’s complete left end.

Click on map icon

Step 2: Click on Friends

In the map section, you will see there is an option in the bottom right corner that says “Friends”. When you click on it, you can select which friend’s location you want to view. 

Click on Friends icon on snapchat

Step 3: Search for the Friend

Click on the search bar and type in the name of a friend whose location you want to know. As soon as you search, their name and bitmoji will pop up with their location beside it. 

Click on search icon

Note: Alternatively, you can scroll on the map – instead of searching – and you will be able to see the location of different friends, all in one place.

Click on location icon

2. Third-Party Tool: Grabify

You can use a third party to track someone:

Step 1: Open

To track people using, you have to go to your phone’s web browser and then to the search bar and type in the word “”. Once you tap Enter on your keyboard after typing, you will reach website.


You will have to scroll down a little until you can see a white text box( in which you will eventually have to type in a link) with two options under it. One option will help you shorten the link, and the other option will help you get the tracking code. 

Step 2. Enter a link to Short 

Once you are in homepage, and have scrolled further down to the text box, tap on the home menu icon and look for the video or article link you want to shorten. Once you find the file, copy the link used for sharing and return it to the text box and paste the link here.

Below the textbox where you pasted the link, you will notice two options: “Create URL” and “Tracking Code”. Your goal here is to shorten the link; this can be done only by clicking on “Create URL”.


Step 3: Send Shortened Link Snapchat Friends (in Chat)

As soon as you tap on “Create URL”, you will notice a prompt flash on your screen asking you for consent to create a shortened link you can use for tracking, click on “I Agree & Create URL”.

On the next page, in the section “New URL”, the shortened tracking link will be available. Long press on it to select the link and then tap on the “Copy” option. Now go to your Snapchat app’s chat section. Open the chat of the friend whose location you’d like to find out. Paste the shortened link you copied in the text box here and send it. 


Step 4: Wait Till He Clicks

Now that you have created a shortened link and shared it with someone whose location you wish to know via Snapchat, you have to wait patiently.

They have to see the message you sent and click on the link, which might take a minute or a day, depending on how busy the individual is or how active they are on social media.

Paste link on your friend's chat box

Therefore, it is advised to wait and perhaps busy oneself with other activities in the meantime and recheck Snapchat much later, to see if they’ve read the message. 

Step 5: Track the user with the Access Link of Grabify

Once you realize that they may have opened the link or they let you know that they have, go to the page where you found the shortened URL under “New URL”. You will notice a section called “Access Link” beside which you will find a link that will help you see who opened the link.

Copy Access Link of Grabify

Go ahead and click on this link. The web page in front of you will show the number of people who have viewed it. This case will show the number “1” since you shared the link with only one person. 

see all IP addresses 

Step 6: Find Details & IP 

In the same “Access Link”, you will find other details as you scroll down. You will find out who clicked on the link in the sense that you will find the date and time when they opened the link, which app they opened the link from, and the country they are from.

The most important thing you will find here, which will help you find their exact location, is their IP address. This will be found under the same “IP Address” name. Make sure to leave this webpage open.

Step 7: Open

Now you have to use the IP address to find out the location of the individual, this will happen with the help of First, you will have to create a new tab, and in the search bar, you must type in “”.

This will open the main page of, and you will find a list of their services. One of them will be called “IP Tracker”, and click on it. A new page will open wherein you will see a textbox beside which there will be an option that says “Find IP info”.

Click on IP Tracker

Step 8: Input the IP address and Get Location Info

Now, you need to go back to the “Access Link” page of that you kept open in another tab. Here long press on the IP address and copy it. Once that is done, come back to the “IP Tracker” page of In the text box present here, you have to paste the IP address you just copied and tap on “Find IP info”.

Click on IP find

This will show you where the person is from in the form of city and state as well as information such as the internet connection they are using and other related things. So now you know their location.

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