How to Track Someone’s Location on Facebook Messenger?

If you want to track someone’s location on Facebook messenger then you have many ways to do that, the best way you can ask the person using the Messenger location settings or otherwise you can use the techniques that will automatically track the Facebook user’s IP address and location.

Actually, on Messenger, you can only track someone’s location with his permission and if you want to do it without letting him know then you have to use the third-party services to track down the location of that Facebook user.

There are many online tools that you can use in order to shorten an article’s URL and then send it to someone and track the location and that you can do on any social media platform to track the user’s IP address location.

To track someone’s location on Facebook Messenger, first of all, you can do it by asking the location request by tapping on the ‘Location’ feature on your Messenger inbox, and then if someone allow the permissions to share his location then you can view his correct location from the Map.

Alternatively, you can just go to the IP logger website and send the article URL by shortening using that tool, and when someone clicks on that link his location and IP address will be automatically logged that you can see later on the IP logger website.

There are some ways that you can even use to trace a fake Facebook account.

In this article, I will explain many methods that you can implement in order to track someone’s location on Facebook.

Can you see someone’s location on the Facebook app or Messenger?

Yes, you can see the location and f people on Facebook or Messenger apps only if you are friends with the person whose location you want to know. You can do so by clicking on the four dots on opening up the chat window seen at the lower-left corner, and then share your location with that person.

1. Location Sharing on Messenger

Knowing the location of a person through Facebook Messenger is easy. But for that, the users need to be friends with each other on Facebook. If you are not friends then you will not be able to know the location of that person using Messenger. Users have to request their friends to share their live location. You can send any location to your friends by pinning it.

You can easily send your live location by pinning the location you’re at. Here are the steps that will make your task easier, and will help you as a guide to share your location with your friends using the Facebook Messenger app.

Step 1: Launch your Messenger app on your device.
Step 2: Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account.
Step 3: Open the chat window or the conversation of your friend with whom you want to share your location.
Step 4: Tap on the 4-dots icon which you can see down in the left corner. Tap on the ‘Location‘ feature.

Messenger location share

Step 5: Once you do this, tap on ‘Allow Location Access‘ and drag the map such that the red pin is at the location you are at.

location share messenger allow

Step 6: And finally, tap on the send pin to send your location. This is how you can share your live location with your friend and help them know your exact location.

Be sure that this method only works when both the people in a conversation have accepted the share location option.

2. Using IPlogger Logs Tracker

This IP logger logs Tracker is an online website that allows you to find the exact location of your friends, but yes of course with their permission for the same. Its website not just allows you to track the location of your friends but also share your location with them. It even allows users to share the links of the location where they have decided to meet one another, merely with the link shared.

You can share the short link of the location generated from this website through any platform be it Messenger of the Facebook app or even WhatsApp or Instagram. You can get to know the live location of the person with whom you have shared the link, the moment they tap the link. Follow the steps to start with the tracking activity of your friends.

To track someone’s location on Facebook Messenger,

  • Step 1: First of all, open the IP Logger Tracker tool on your browser.IP logger tracker with URL
  • Step 2: The next thing is to generate a link of the location that you have to share with your friends and for doing so you simply have to click on the ‘Create location Tracker link’ button.
  • Step 3: Once you click on the button, accept the terms and privacy policy, and then click on the ‘Next‘ button.
  • Step 4: The link will automatically be generated. You can share this link with your friends. To use it, make sure that the person you are sharing the link with has your GPS location with you.

That’s all you’ve to do.

3. Find for Location Hashtags

If you still did know the location of your friends on Messenger with the above methods, you can use this method for the same. You can easily get to know the location of your friends with the location Hashtags that they have used in their Facebook stories or posts. It is just a few clicks away. It Is the easiest and the most common method to track the location of your Facebook friends.

You can use the location Hashtags that your friends have used on the images or the videos that they have posted on Messenger as a story or as a post on the Facebook app.

  • The location of your friends that you acquire from the location hashtags may not necessarily be their current location. It may have been their location when they posted it a while ago.
  • This location used as a hashtag can also be used as a fake location just to confuse their friends.
  • Step 1: When you place the hashtag on the post or the messenger story of your friend, tap on the tag location.
  • Step 2: Tap on the ‘show location’ button, and get the location pulled up onto your mobile screen.
  • Step 3: You will be redirected to Google maps that will show you the location of your friend. However, this location may not be their exact location. It is the location when they posted that particular story or the video on the Messenger app.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained all of the methods that you can use generally or technically in order to track someone’s location from Facebook Messenger. You can choose whichever is suitable for your target people and then you can follow the steps to get their location details.

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