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WhatsApp IP Logger – Track Someone’s Location

✎ Key Takes:

» You can track someone’s location on WhatsApp by using a method involving a link-shortening tool like Grabify IP Logger, seen in various online platforms or forums.
» Also, using this technique responsibly and ethically, ensures compliance with legal and privacy standards, as unauthorized tracking may have legal consequences.
» If you’re concerned about privacy and security, it’s crucial to be cautious about clicking on any shortened links, and regularly update your privacy settings on messaging apps like WhatsApp to safeguard your online presence.

Best IP Logger For WhatsApp:

There are some methods to do this:

1. Grabify. link

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Open Grabify.link

If you want to track someone’s location on WhatsApp, you’ll need to do it secretly using a trick. Third-party tools like Grabify IP Logger can be used to perform such tricks.

This tool helps you find the IP address of the WhatsApp user and then you can input the IP address of the user in an IP tracker tool to find the location.


To begin with, you’ll need to find an article or video that’s of common interest or something that you know would interest that particular user to click and watch or read. Then copy the link of the video or the article on your clipboard so that it can be pasted later in the input box for shortening purposes.

Next, you’ll need to open Google Search and then enter Grabify IP Logger to search for the tool. From the results, get into the Grabify tool’s website or you can click on the link below to enter the Grabify IP Logger tool.

Step 2: Enter the Video link for Shortening

Now that you’ve entered the Grabify tool’s website, you’ll be able to see the input box on the page. This input box is provided over here so that you can paste the copied link into it. 

Remember and make sure that the link you’re pasting is not broken and is associated with something interesting so that if the link gets clicked, it can open a video or an article for the viewers. 


On the white input box that says Enter a  valid URL or tracking code, you’ll need to paste the link. Then click on the Create URL button on the page to shorten the link.  Immediately you’ll be displayed with an agreement box that asks you to provide your consent to the terms and conditions of the tool.

You’ll need to click on the I AGREE & Create URL button that’s on the box. Next, you’ll be displayed on the Link Information page. On the page, you’ll find the shortened link next to the New URL header. 

Step 3: Send Link to People on WhatsApp Chat

When the Link Information page is displayed, you’ll be able to see both the original link and the shortened link one after another. You don’t need the original link anymore but just the shortened one. The shortened one is displayed next to the New URL header and has a Copy button beside it. 


You’ll also find the Tracking Code which you need to note or keep in mind as you’ll need it later to know the IP addresses of the users who will click the link. 

You’ll need to copy the new or shortened link. It can be easily done by clicking on the Copy button that’s next to New URL.  The shortened link will be copied to your device’s clipboard. 

Now, you need to open the WhatsApp application and then send the shortened link to all those users whose locations you can track. It doesn’t have to be limited to very few. 

Paste on link and send it

Step 4: Wait to Get Clicks

After sending the shortened link to the users on Whatsapp, you’ll need to sit and wait patiently for the users to click on the link and open it.

As soon as the users will open the link, the Grabify tool will capture the IP address of the user’s device along with other different information and within a fraction of a second, it will redirect the user to the original content associated with the link. 

As it’s a hidden process, the user won’t be able to know that his IP address has been captured by the Grabify tool from clicking the link. WhatsApp doesn’t allow the direct tracking of its user which is why there’s this need to do this indirectly. 

You’ll need to ensure that the link you’ve sent to the user gets clicked and opened by the user or else the whole method would go in vain.   

Step 5: Access Link of Grabify

To see who clicked on it:

You need to check for the results to see the IP addresses of the users who have clicked the link. Clicking on the link is totally upon the user. Therefore, it’s best to use the links of the viral content to raise the chances of the link being clicked. 

To check the results, you’ll need to first go to the Grabify tool’s website and then enter the tracking code on the white input box that says Enter a valid URL or tracking code

Copy Access Link of Grabify

The tracking code should be the one that was displayed on the Link Information page. Only if you enter the tracking code correctly, you’ll be able to see the results. 

After inputting the code correctly, click on the Tracking Code button that’s below the Create URL button and it will take you to the Results page.

🔯 You will get all IP addresses and other details:

On the results page, you’ll be able to see the broad header of RESULTS and beside it, you’ll find the number of people or users that have clicked on the link, i.e the number of IP addresses that have been tracked. You need to scroll down a little and find the IP Address column. Under the IP Address column, you’ll find the IP address of all the users who have clicked on the link. 

see all IP addresses 

Not just the IP addresses, but you’ll be able to find them being displayed according to the time and date. Besides the IP address, you’ll be able to see information like Country, User Agent, Referring URL, Host Name, and ISP. If you want to get more information, you can just click on the green More button beside each row to find out more about the user.

2. IP Tracker

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Open https://www.ip-tracker.org/ 

IP addresses can help you find the location of any user. The IP address differs from device to device and there can be no two devices with the same IP address.

Therefore, once you’ve found the IP address of the user using the Grabify tool, you can very easily track the location of the user by using his IP address. 


The IP Tracker tool can help you find the location of an IP address. This tool is free and available online. As it’s web-based, you can use it on any device.

You need to just copy the IP address of the WhatsApp user from the Grabify tool’s results and then paste it into the input box of the IP Tracker tool to see by location of the user. 

Open the tool from the link above to use the tool for free. It’s very accurate and provides speedy results too. 

Step 2: Enter IP address and Get Location

You need to open the IP Tracker tool and then scroll down the page. You’ll find a red button that says TRACE IP WITH IP TRACKER. Above it, you’ll find a few digits, click on and it will turn into a red box.

You’ll need to paste or enter the IP address of the WhatsApp user into the red input box and then click on the TRACE IP WITH IP TRACKER button. On the next page, you’ll be able to see the location details of the user along with a geolocation map and basic tracking details. 

Click on Tracker

Under the Basic Tracking Info, you’ll be able to find the hostname, IP, etc. Under it, you’ll find the locational details that include the city, state, and country of the user. You’ll find the Postal code too. Other information about local time, time zone, etc will be displayed also. 

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