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How To Transfer Money From Venmo To Cash App

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✎ Key Takes:

» You can transfer money from Venmo to Cash App by obtaining your Cash App account number and routing number in the Direct Deposit area, then adding them manually in Venmo’s Payment Methods settings.
» You can go with the manual verification method on Venmo, entering the copied account details, and saving changes for 1-3 days until the details are verified. Afterward, transfer money from Venmo to Cash App through the Transfer to Bank or Transfer Money option.

How To Transfer Money From Venmo To Cash App:

There are a few methods to send money:

1. Transfer From Venmo to Cash App

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Routing And Account Number On Cash App

You have to go to your Cash App from your home screen. The application’s home page displays the balance of your account bank symbol at the bottom left corner of your screen (it appears as a currency sign followed by a number or as a bank icon, respectively). Tap on that icon and then on the Cash button.


You’ll then have to go to the Direct Deposit area and tap on “Get Account Number” This will lead to the account balance page, which shows the amount remaining in your bank account. A sequence of numbers with parts of it hidden appears above your balance amount near the top right part of the page; this is your account and routing numbers.

tap on Get Account Number

Next, go to the “Enable Account” option in the pop-up that appears. This action shows you your complete account and routing number details. Finally, tap on the copy option available next to the numbers as an icon to copy your Cash App account and routing numbers for the next step.

Click on Enable Account
Click on Copy Account Details

Step 2: Open Venmo & Transfer 

You have to now launch your Venmo app. Click on the three-line icon, called the hamburger icon, at the top of the home screen. Click on the Settings option next to a gear icon from the window that appears.

Click on Settings icon

Select the “Payment Methods” option from the settings page. You will see blue text that says, “Add bank or card…” tap on this text.

tap on payment methods
Click on Add bank or card

A pop-up will appear, which gives you the option to add a bank or to add a card; choose to add a bank. Multiple methods are provided to add a bank account. Select the manual method. This method takes a few days as Venmo needs to verify your bank account. 

Select bank option
tap on manual

Note: On some versions of Venmo, you need to go to the “Me” tab by clicking on your profile icon and then go to settings.

Step 3: Enter Cash App Account & Routing Number

After selecting the manual method of verification option for adding a bank account, a page containing text boxes loads. Copy your Cash App account number from Step 1 and paste it into its respective text box.

Next, do the same for your Cash App routing number. An option will be provided to save these changes. Select that option. You’ll have to wait until three business days for Venmo to verify your bank account details and form the link. Once the link has been created, Venmo now uses your Cash App as a bank, and transactions can be performed.

Step 4: Enter Amount & Send Money to Cash App

Launch the Venmo app and select the three-line icon at the top right or your Profile icon at the bottom right(depending on the device). Select the Transfer to Bank or Transfer Money option; some devices require you to choose a Manage Balance option before the option to transfer is provided.

Click on Manage Balance

Enter the amount you need to transfer. Choose the option to transfer it instantly or manually (in 1-3 business days). Once the money is sent to your account, go to the balance page of your Cash App, and select the option to “Add Money”.

Add Money

Enter the same amount as transferred from Venmo and click on the “Add Money” option; confirm your money transfer from the methods asked. Now you have transferred money from Venmo to Cash App!

Click on Add Money

2. Using Proxy Bank Between Cash App & Venmo

Follow the steps below:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, you have to go to the Chime bank website by typing in the same in the search bar of your web browser.

Step 2: At the top of the screen will be the option that says “Get Started”. You will be given a captcha code for security purposes. After successfully solving the captcha puzzle, you will be taken to the registration page. 

Click on Get Started

Step 3: You will then reach a page with text boxes. Type in your first and last name and email ID with which you would like to create a Chime account. 

Click on Next

Step 4: You will be asked to solve a puzzle again. You will then be taken to the “Date of birth” section, where you’ll type in the same.  

Step 5: You will then be asked to type in your mobile phone number. Type it in and click on the option below it that says “Next”. Next, you will be given another captcha puzzle to solve.

Step 6: Then type in your detailed home address. After this, you will be asked to create a strong password. Click on “Next” after that. 

Step 7: Type in your social security number. Solve another captcha. On the next page, answer some job and salary-related questions.

Step 8: You have to agree to all the terms and conditions shown. After you have answered all questions, Chime will take some time to review them, after which you can use it to receive and transfer money.

Step 9: After verification, you can use Venmo to send money to Chime and from Chime to Cash App.

Does Cash App Have A Routing And Account Number?

Venmo and Cash App are competitor apps that offer online transaction facilities. However, it is not possible to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App through direct means as neither app provides a straightforward feature to send money to the other.

Unfortunately, it is also impossible to make payments from your Cash App to the Venmo of another person. However, if you are an account holder on both apps, it is very much possible to send money from your Venmo to your Cash App through the below-mentioned means. These require your Cash App account number to pull the money into your Venmo.

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