If I Turn Off Message Requests On Instagram: Don’t Receive Request Meaning

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To turn off message requests on Instagram, log in to your Instagram account and go to your Profile Page.

Here, enter the followers and the other user’s section and change the settings to ‘Don’t receive requests’.

To avoid adding in a group by anyone on Instagram on the same page from the ‘Who can add you to Groups’ section, change the settings to ‘Only People You Follow on Instagram’. 

If you turn off message requests, you will not receive messages from those you do not follow.

After turning it off, no message requests will come in this message section; it will be empty.

There are some steps to follow to delete Instagram messages from both sides.

Don’t Receive Request Meaning:

If you see the option “Don’t receive requests” on Instagram, it means you can choose to stop receiving message requests from people you are not following, essentially from unknown individuals.

This means you have the power to control who can send you messages and filter out requests from strangers. It’s a useful feature to manage your inbox and reduce unwanted or spammy messages.

You can simply enable the “Don’t receive requests” option to no longer receive message requests from unknown people.

Also, as an alternative fix, you can manually decline message requests from unknown people, but this can be time-consuming and may not detect all incoming requests.

What Happens If I Turn Off Message Requests On Instagram:

There you will notice a few things if you just turn off the message requests:

1. You Will Not Receive Messages

On Instagram, when the users whom you do not follow but follow you, i.e., your Followers, send you any message, then the messages come in the Requests folder. Only the people you follow, i.e., those in your Following list, their messages come in the Messages section.

But if you turn off message requests from your Instagram settings, you will not receive messages from anyone on Instagram once you turn the option off fully. 

2. No More Message Requests

Once you turn off the message requests, then you will not receive any message requests. Instead of the people you follow, when the other people message you anything, it will come as a message request as you don’t follow them. But when you turn off the message requests option, the requested messages do not come into the folder.

Two types of turning off messages you can perform: one is to turn off your follower’s message requests, and the other one is to turn off the message requests for others on Instagram. If you turn it off means if you do not receive any messages, the other person will not be notified about it. They can still message you, but the messages will not come into your chat feed or message requests folder. 

How to turn off message requests on Instagram:

If you feel irritated and bored from getting unnecessary and irrelevant messages on Instagram, don’t worry; turn off the message requests feature. Follow the below steps to turn off message requests on Instagram.

Step 1: Tap on Profile icon

To turn off the message requests on Instagram, open the Instagram app and log in with your credentials. If you do not have the application, open your Google Play Store and download the application. Instagram needs your username and password as credentials, then click on the ‘Login’ option.

After that, you will be navigated to the Instagram Home Page. Here, in the bottom panel, you can see the ‘Profile icon’ option at the extreme right. Click on your profile icon, and then enter into the Profile Page.

Step 2: Tap Three lines icon and Open Settings

After entering your Instagram profile page, you can see that on the upper right side of the bar, there is one ‘+’ sign icon and one Three parallel lines icon.


The ‘+’ icon is to send posts, reels, etc, and to go to Settings, tap on the Three parallel icons, and then you can see a pop-up will come containing a lot of options, like ‘Settings’, ‘Archive’, ‘Your activity, ‘QR code’, ‘Saved’ etc. Tap on ‘Settings’ and enter the page.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Privacy’ and Open ‘Messages’ Section

After entering the Settings section, you can see the general Instagram settings like ‘Notifications’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Security’, ‘Adds’, ‘Account’ etc. Click on the ‘Privacy’ option and scroll down the page, and under the ‘Interactions’ section, you can see the option ‘Messages’, open it. 


Step 4: Change Message Settings

Inside this section, you can see the first set for your followers’ messages, the second settings for others than the followers on Instagram, and the third settings for adding you to a group. 

First, open the ‘Your followers on Instagram’ option and change the Deliver requests settings to ‘Don’t receive requests’. In this case, the messages your followers will send you won’t come in your message request folder because you will not receive any messages.

Your followers on Instagram
 'Don't receive requests

In the second case, open the ‘Others on Instagram’ option and select ‘Don’t receive requests’ to receive messages from other users. 

'Others on Instagram
'Don't receive requests on app

For the third case, you can change the group settings, who can add you to a group, and who can’t. 

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