GBWhatsApp to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp

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  1. To unblock yourself on WhatsApp If you’re blocked on WhatsApp you can use the Twilio App and use API to run WhatsApp behind a hidden number.
  2. GBWhatsApp is another option that is MOD of actual WhatsApp and you can get unblocked with it.
  3. To unblock yourself from the WhatsApp block list of someone else, you can enter the common WhatsApp group for you & that person or use any cloning apps like an alternative to the Parallel Space for a new WhatsApp account to chat.

You can try the unblocking hack without account deletion, but here in this article, will be explained all alternatives to unblock yourself.


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I just contacted the WhatsApp developer team to ask for a working answer to such a situation and I found Antonia from the WhatsApp support team:

developer-answer- whatsapp

According to WhatsApp, as you see in the image WhatsApp had sent to me just indicates that you can see others’ messages and reply to that person in a WhatsApp group if you and the person who blocked you, are present there.

Note if WhatsApp blocks your account due to some suspicious activity, you will not be able to access WhatsApp your profile. However, if you want to unblock yourself on the latest WhatsApp version in other ways, you can do this with a few simple steps which you will learn in this article. This unblocks your WhatsApp 100% guaranteed. The process can be performed on both PC (WhatsApp web) and mobile.

You have the mod for WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp that can do such things easily.

If you’re getting blocked on WhatsApp business, here is the best solution for you.

Video on How to Unblock Yourself from WhatsApp:

Watch the video below to unblock yourself from WhatsApp,

Get Unblocked On WhatsApp from Someone

First of all, you must identify if you’re blocked and then proceed with these unblocking methods.

How to perform this action: If you are blocked on WhatsApp and you want to unblock yourself that the person blocked you or just he has deleted his profile, you have to find out at first. Now the process starts by identifying if the person blocked you, then you have multiple ways to unlock yourself.

MethodsPriorityUnblock Rate
Third-party Installer1100%
Re-Installing WhatsApp32.9%

How To Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp from Others?

If you are not able to chat with the blocked person through the WhatsApp group then you can use the method instead.

Does not matter whether you are on iPhone or Android, this method will work 100% guaranteed keeping both WhatsApp accounts active on the same mobile.

Dual Space: Unblock Yourself on iPhone

Dual space is available on Apple Store for iPhone devices that can clone up to 24 apps.

Follow the steps to use Dual Space on iPhone for Unblocking yourself,

  • Step I: Go to the Apple app store and install: Dual Space.
  • Step II: Register on Dual space and clone WhatsApp.
  • Step III: Register with a new number on that WhatsApp.
  • Step IV: Send a message to that person and wait till the message get a double tick.
  • Step V: Once you get double-tick on sent messages, you are unblocked on WhatsApp.
dual space lite

That’s all you have to do to unlock yourself from WhatsApp on your iPhone.

You can use a type of free number anytime you need to register for an alternative. This same will unblock your WhatsApp for sure. You can use any local or international numbers for registering your new WhatsApp.

The Bottom Lines:

The WhatsApp registration using the Parallel space or Dual space on your mobile whether it is iPhone or Android, you can perform this action. While you are on a PC through the WhatsApp web option, you don’t need to revert back to the mobile because you can take the help of a WhatsApp group by adding that person who has blocked you.

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  1. From the internet, I looked upon many ways and finally, this one helped me. This is better than sitting and wishing to get unblocked rather should try this. Thank you a lot.

  2. Thanks for introducing Twilio in this case, WhatsApp blocks such number for MASS messaging-by detecting spam there. Twilio is best when someone on WhatsApp Business and obviously for professional purposes. Thank for the info Pranab.


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