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How To Know If Someone Deleted Their WhatsApp

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can tell if someone uninstalled WhatsApp by observing their absence from group chats and the disappearance of their last seen status.
» You can try reaching out through calls to confirm the absence, as the profile picture and status may still be visible even after uninstallation.
» If you guess someone uninstalled WhatsApp, ask directly or use other communication channels to ensure accurate information.

How To Know If Someone Deleted Their WhatsApp:

If you want to know whether someone uninstalled WhatsApp or not, without getting confused, take a look at three central matters below:

🔯 Checking the Profile Details

Most importantly, look at the profile picture. We realize that uninstalling WhatsApp doesn’t influence the profile picture but rather explains that the individual has not deleted his WhatsApp. If you can see the profile picture is there, you are on the right track.

Next, look at the last seen timestamp either opening the chat or just from the profile. If you can’t see any or a very old timestamp there, it’s an indication that the individual has uninstalled WhatsApp or no longer using it.

What Happens When You Uninstall WhatsApp or Delete Profile:

Let’s look at the points which describe the topic in detail:

1. WhatsApp Groups [Stay on or Not]

If you are confused about what happens to the WhatsApp group, then you should know that once you uninstall WhatsApp, you will still be on that group.

WhatsApp Groups

This means, that if you uninstall WhatsApp, you will not be removed from groups. But, if you delete your WhatsApp profile, then you will get auto-removed from all groups.

Remember, when you uninstall WhatsApp, you can be added to a new WhatsApp group by the group admin as you are registered on WhatsApp. As soon as you reinstall WhatsApp, you will notice the blocked contact list will remain the same as previously.

2. WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp

If your friend’s chat is no longer showing active status but just the last seen. You got another sign of uninstalling WhatsApp.

If you try to contact the person but cannot see him online and shows the time when the last conversation happened then this is an indication that tells the person has uninstalled his WhatsApp. But, that’s just an assumption.

Note that, until he reinstalls and opens the chat the last seen would not be changed to new. Till then, be sure that he is not using WhatsApp.

3. For New Messages or Calls

Once you see the chat last seen does not change and the reply does not come, just send a new message to that person. In the case of the uninstallation of WhatsApp, you will notice a single tick on sent messages.

WhatsApp Groups

For more accuracy, just make a WhatsApp call, if the call mode does not change from ‘Calling’ to ‘Ringing’ then you can say that the person has uninstalled his WhatsApp.

However, for the messages you send now in a group, WhatsApp will try to deliver those once the person reinstalls WhatsApp.

4. Contact List Visibility

The next thing you need to observe is the contact list appearance for that person. Just delete the chat from your WhatsApp and open your contact list and find the person. You have to open the contact and look for the WhatsApp tag on that contact.

If you can see the WhatsApp logo on that contact then you can tell the person has not deleted his WhatsApp profile but just uninstalled WhatsApp.

However, if you see no WhatsApp tag or logo appear on that contact or you cannot create a new chat with that contact then be sure that the account is deleted.

5. Look at the Profile Picture

To understand if a contact uninstalled WhatsApp or deleted his profile, looking at the profile does the job easily.

Just watch if the profile picture has gone missing, this is an indication the person may have disabled his WhatsApp profile. However, in the case of uninstallation, the profile picture will be still visible.

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