How To Update My Email Or Phone Number On Zelle

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To update your email or phone number on Zelle, open the app, go to the “Account & Feature Settings” option, open Zelle Settings, and update your mail and phone number.

To verify your phone number, go to the Activity screen, select the method via text or call, and get the verification code.

To verify email, open the Activity screen, select Verify under Pending Activity and get the code.

Go to the Unregister section from your account settings and remove old numbers.

You can have 2 phone numbers on Zelle with two bank accounts.

You can verify your identity with a One-Time Password (OTP) secure authorization.

How To Update Email or Phone number on Zelle:

Try the following steps:

Step 1: Open Zelle App and Login

Open the app and sign in for your Zelle account with your credentials. If you do not have this app, open the App Store or Play Store on your phone, search for Zelle, and install the application but if you have this app, then ignore this step.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon to go to Settings

After logging in to your Zelle account, you will be landed on the Homepage of your account; there, at the bottom of the screen, you can see three options: “Home”, “Help”, and “Profile”. Click on the “Profile” option to enter your Profile settings page.

Profile icon to go to Settings

Step 3: Tap on ‘Account & Feature Settings’

After entering your Profile page, you can see a lot of options there, like “Personal Info”, “Security”, “Account & Feature Settings”, “Browser Financial Products”, etc. Click on the “Account & Feature Settings” option from the list, and you will be redirected to a new screen.

Account & Feature Settings

Step 4: Next, Tap on Zelle Settings

You can see three subsections on that new page: General Account Settings, Credit Card Account Settings, and Feature Settings. Under Feature Settings, you can see one option called Zelle Settings; click on it.

 Tap on Zelle Settings

Step 5: Find Linked Email Address or Phone Number

On the Zelle Settings page, you can find your added or existing Gmail and phone number linked with that account, find the email address or phone number and make sure it is still active. You can unlink your email address or phone number from this section and add a new one.

Step 6: Tap on the unlink option and Add New Number or Email ID

On the Zelle Settings page, you can see the option “Unlink” next to the email or phone number you added earlier.

 click on the Unlink option,

If you click on the “Unlink” option, your linked email and phone number will be removed from the account, and choose the option “Add New Number or Email ID”.

Ensure both are active because you will receive a verification code on your mobile number and email ID. You have to verify your account then the process will be completed.

How To Verify Phone number Zelle:

To verify your Zelle account’s phone number, you must first log in to your account, so using your credentials, log in to your account. If using Zelle for the first time, sign up for an account and verify your phone number.

Step 1: Go To Activity screen

After logging in to your account, navigate to the “Send Money with Zelle” section, click on it and the “Activity” option, and enter the Activity screen.

 click on it and the Activity option

Step 2: Select Method to get verification code

Here on the “Activity” screen, you must select the method to get the verification code.

To verify your account using your phone number, you can click either the Text Me option to receive a code via text message or click Call Me to receive a code via a phone call.

Step 3: Enter Code & Verify

After selecting the method, they will send you a verification code via this method; get the code and on the website, enter the code that you got and verify your Zelle account.

Enter Code & Verify

How To Verify Email On Zelle:

After creating and logging in to your account, link your email address with your Zelle account from the Zelle Settings section, then verify it.

Step 1: Go to the Activity screen

To verify your email address on Zelle, log in to your account and go to the “Send Money with Zelle” section, click on it, and the “Activity” option; from there, you can verify your Zelle account.

 click on it and the Activity option

Step 2: Tap on Verify under Pending Activity

On the “Activity” screen, you can see a section “Pending Activity” (if your email address is not connected with your Zelle account, you can see it.). Under the “Pending Activity” section, you can see the option “Verify”; click on it.

Step 3: Zelle will send a one-time code

After clicking on that, Zelle will send you a one-time code to your linked Gmail account. Check the inbox of your email or the spam folder of your email to receive and get the code.

Step 4: Enter Code & Verify

Copy the code from your Gmail account and paste it over the given box on the website and verify your Gmail account.

Enter Code & Verify

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How To Remove Numbers From An Old Zelle Account?

To remove an old Zelle account, open the app and go to Settings; here, you will find a section called “Your Account” and tap “Unregister”. You will be asked to provide confirmation information for unregistering your number.

After providing this information, your number will be unregistered from the app. You can also contact the customer service of Zelle to get further information.

2. Can You Have 2 Phone Numbers Linked to Zelle?

You can have 2 phone numbers linked to your Zelle account but using one bank account, and you can not do so.

You need at least two different bank accounts to connect 2 phone numbers with your Zelle account because one single bank can not have two numbers.

3. How Do I Verify My Identity on Zelle?

Your identity on Zelle will be verified through your existing Zelle password-protected account and a One-Time Password (OTP) secure authorization. Your identity also will be verified by matching certain personal information provided by you with personal information maintained by us.

They may ask for additional information to verify your identity or to understand the scope of your request; provide this information and submit the forms.

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